The day felt like it was dragging on forever.  Every time she looked at the clock, it was only minutes later than the last time she looked at it.  All she could think about was the mystery surrounding tonight’s trip to the city.  She just couldn’t seem to focus on much else.  Nervously pacing about; picking up around the house and doing other menial tasks was the only release she had for her nervous energy.

Finally, the antique grandfather clock in the foyer struck 4 o’clock with four resounding gongs.  Attentively counting the gongs in her head, her heart fluttered when the fourth one rung out.  She knew that meant it was time to get ready for Charles.  Springing up the stairs, she slipped out of her sundress and went back into the bathroom.  Sitting at her custom-built make-up table, with its perfect lighting and multi-angled mirrors, she went to work getting ready.  Her naturally beautiful complexion needed very little make-up.  After applying some eyeliner, a faint touch of blush and some bright lipstick, which she took great care to apply perfectly, she was very pleased with her reflection in the mirror.

Next, she went to work styling her gorgeous hair.  Using a few damp-set curlers and a fat curling iron, she had no trouble making her thick hair look even fuller and sexier than it already did.  Finally finished with her beauty preparations, it was time to put on the ‘outfit’.  Walking back into the bedroom, she retrieved the dress, shoes and thong from the closet and carefully laid them on the bed.  With her heart beginning to beat a bit faster now, she lowered her panties to the floor and tossed them aside.  Next, she retrieved the tiny silk thong from atop the bedspread and slid the dainty black cover and strings up her long sexy legs, before carefully maneuvering the tiny triangle into position.  Just barely big enough to cover her freshly shaven mound, the silky patch looked incredibly sexy.

Staring down at the tiny dress now, she took a deep breath before she released her bra, tossed it onto the bed, and then leaned forward to pick up the dress.  The tiny black cocktail dress was very light and thin.  While she knew it would look very sexy on her, she also knew it would be VERY revealing without a bra.  After carefully slipping it on, she tried to make several adjustments to get it just right.  It was a perfect fit for her remarkable body, and it really did accentuate her large and firm breasts exactly as she expected it would.  Her repeated attempts to make small adjustments to slightly reduce the visual impact of her spectacular globes just didn’t work.  There was just no way to do that and keep the hem below her tiny thong.  The dress was clearly intended to fit and perform such that it revealed her most sexy bodily assets.  From her large projecting breasts to her long sexy legs, she was a sight to behold for sure.

Walking back into her large closet to use the full-length mirror on the back wall, her heart began to flutter again when she saw her reflection.  She knew she looked absolutely stunning!  Her long legged frame was certainly a perfect fit for the sleek dress, and she just couldn’t take her eyes off her impressive breasts.  Unsupported, although she really didn’t need any when standing still, she knew her large globes would put on a spectacular show when she walked, especially in the stilettos Charles had provided.

She was very aware that her chest was the focal point of the outfit as the thin fabric clung to every sexy curve of her slender and fit body.  Leaving nothing to the imagination, she felt fortunate that her ‘girls’ sat so nicely on her chest.  She knew that most women with breasts the size of hers couldn’t even come close to pulling this off!

Still scanning herself in the mirror as she rotated side-to-side to get a better view, it began to happen…  Just as she knew they were destined to all evening long, her impressive nipples began to stiffen and extend.  With her unusually long nipples pressing outward through the thin fabric, not even the little bumps on her areolas were concealed by the sexy material.  

While doing her best to control her building anxiety over being seen in public like this, she suddenly heard Charles’ voice ring out from the bottom of the nearby stairs. “Maryann, I’ll be waiting for you in my den!”

His voice startled her, as she hadn’t heard him return home. Glancing over to the clock, she could see it was 4:55 p.m., nearly the appointed time for Charles to inspect her in the outfit.

Quickly returning to the bed, she retrieved the high-heel shoes and slipped them onto her sexy manicured feet.  Regaining her balance atop the tall pencil thin heels, she strolled over to her dresser and applied some of Charles’ favorite perfume to her neck and wrists.  Taking a deep breath, with an increasing level of uncertainty, she started for the bedroom door.

Immediately her eyes were drawn down to her slightly swaying breasts as she stepped across the bedroom’s carpeted floor in the unfamiliar shoes.  Trying to find a pace that minimized the effects on her unsupported breasts, the gorgeous woman found her groove, until she made it to the stone tiled hallway outside the bedroom.

With her next steps, she heard the amplified effects of the heels on the hard surface, and felt the movement of her unencumbered breasts.  Immediately, the sound of her narrow heels clacking on the stone floor echoed loudly with each step she took.  With her weight now focused on the tiny surfaces of the shoes’ heels, it was a highly distinctive sound.  She knew how that sound attracted a man’s attention, and she figured Charles could certainly hear her approaching.  Now taking her first step down the hardwood stairs, there would be no hiding her advance as she clunked her way down the many steps.  Glancing down over her bobbling breasts to be sure she didn’t miss a step, her heart was now beating at a more rapid pace.

Holding on tightly to the handrail, she finally made it to the bottom, not far from the door to Charles’ den.  Regaining herself, she tugged gently on the hem to re-adjust her dress, which had ridden up some while walking down the stairs.  Stepping forward once again, she did her best to walk in a sexy stepping motion as she approached the den’s open door.  Knowing that Charles would be focused on her entrance, she wanted it to be a memorable one.

As she approached the threshold, she smiled and walked in.  Glancing about, she quickly spotted him sitting at the furthest point from the door. Clearly, he wanted to see her cross the entire space.  Noticing his smirking and excited eyes scanning her sexy body, she could feel her nipples tingling once again in response to her husband’s gleaming eyes.  Helpless against the highly sensitive response of her lively pleasure buds, she knew it was going to be a long night.  She loved it when Charles soaked in her natural beauty and form, but she wasn’t sure how comfortable she would be when others began to take in the sight of her gorgeous body underneath the highly revealing dress.

Noticing that she had begun to slow her pace as she drew closer, he spoke out. “Come, come close, my pet.  I want to get a better look at you.”

Stepping to within three feet of his chair, she stopped and posed rather sexily for him, and quipped. “Do you like what you see?  Have I met all your expectations, honey?”

With a slightly sterner look in his smirking eyes, he responded, “Yes, yes I do like it very much, Maryann.  However, I’m not happy with your rather casual response to me.  I thought you understood this evening’s formalities!”

A little taken aback by her husband’s blunt comment, her eyes widened as she replied in a stutter, “I-I’m s-sorry, Sir. P-Please forgive m-me.”

Smiling once again, he said, “Yes, I will, this ONE time.  But do not forget our new protocols for the remainder of the evening!”

With her already stiff nipples tingling with excitement, she lowered her eyes slightly and replied, “No, no, Sir, I won’t.”

“Good!  Now cross your wrists behind your back and turn around slowly for me.”

Performing exactly as she was instructed, she knew that Charles’ assertive and demanding behavior was beginning to have an effect on her.  Feeling as if she was living out one of her most secret fantasies, she could feel the moisture between her legs begin to build. 

For Charles, the vision of his gorgeous wife was remarkable.  She had an age defying body and that little black dress brought it out in all its glory.  Her long slender legs were so smooth and shapely; there was never a need for her to wear stockings.  In his opinion, not even a pair of sexy fishnets could make her spectacular legs look any better.  Before she finished her full turn, he was pulling at the front of his button-fly jeans to make room for his expanding cock. 

Coming to a stop and facing him, she waited for him to speak before she did anything further.

“Hmmmm, very, very, nice!  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you look quite so sexy.  I expect you’ll be a big hit tonight.”

Staring down across her jutting bust line, she replied nervously, “Thank you, Sir.”

She had no idea what ‘big hit’ truly meant, but for some strange reason it sounded good to her.

Motioning her closer with two fingers, Charles said, “Come… kneel before me.”

After taking another step forward, she carefully lowered herself to her knees between his.  Glancing downward, she couldn’t miss the impressive bulge in his pants.  Shaped to accommodate the impressive outline if his man-pole, she could see his excitement continuing to build as she stared at it.

“Don’t be shy.  Unbutton my fly and coax it out!”

“Yes Sir.  Thank you, Sir,” she replied rather enthusiastically.  

She loved the look and feel of Charles’ perfectly shaped penis.  Working quickly to release the buttons on the front of his pants, she was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing any underwear.  That was unusual for Charles, but she was quite pleased.  It didn’t take long for her to release his expanding beast from its confines.  Springing outward and quickly engorging to its full width and length, her eyes lit up as she began to stroke his ribbed cock with her soft hand.

Stroking and twisting her hand around his shaft just the way he liked it done, it soon felt like a piece of pipe in her hand.  Wanting desperately to slip her mouth over his smooth bulbous crown, she began to lower her open mouth to engulf his knob, when he suddenly called out. “Did I ask you, or give you permission; to place your mouth on my cock?”

Suddenly feeling deprived of something she enjoyed so much, she froze then slowly rolled her head and eyes upward as she said, “N-No Sir.”

After a prolonged pause, while she continued to stroke his man-pole, she eventually asked her husband rather sheepishly, “May I take your cock into my mouth, Sir?”

“No, you may not!  We need to leave for the city; we don’t have time for that right now… Besides, we have a long night ahead of us; you’ll have your opportunities!”

“I understand, Sir.  Thank you, Sir.”

As he began to shift in his seat in preparation to stand up, she released his cock, slid back some, and watched him tuck it away before re-buttoning his fly, only several inches from her wide glaring eyes.  And the fact that he said ‘opportunities’, as in plural, did not go unnoticed by Maryann.

Charles was dressed in expensive black jeans, a gray silk button-down shirt with a white collar, and a pair of imported Italian loafers.  He was certainly dressed very differently from his typical attire for an event in the city, which made her feel somewhat overdressed.

“Follow me; Patrick is waiting out front for us with the limo.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said as she rose to her feet.

“And, you WILL cross your wrists behind your back whenever you’re walking or standing this evening. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand,” she replied as she immediately placed her arms behind her back and crossed her wrists.  In ways she hadn’t expected, the command that her husband now took over her was quite thrilling.