She didn't seem to have noticed the van as she began to walk along the edge of the car park.

I let her get as close as possible then Mr T started up and dazzled her with the headlights. Rapidly he roared the van along beside her as she froze in genuine shock, like a rabbit in the headlights. I jumped out of the side door, bedspread in hand, dropped it over her head, wrapped my arms around her pinning her arms to her sides, and bundled her into the van, slamming the door as Mr T gunned it away.

She struggled but had no chance as I sat on her, pulled her arms behind her and cuffed her. I then did the same with her ankles, wrapped the blindfold around her eyes and mouth and there we had her!

I shone a torch in her face to make quite sure we had the right captive, then unceremoniously dragged her top up over her tits to have a look at them. She squeaked and squirmed as her tits were exposed but was helpless to prevent it. They were nice! Soft, white globes tipped with pale pink. Quivering with the movement of the van, warm and malleable to the touch, smelling of shower gel and perfume.


Now for the rest!

Tipping her onto her back I yanked down her trackie bottoms to find, to my surprise, nothing underneath them! No knickers! All sweet and fresh from the shower, warm and moist, a soft downy cushion of fluffy blond hair proving she was not a bottle blond!

I rolled her onto the mattress, gagged her to stop the sounds she was making, and set about stripping her completely.