I struck again, just below the first, and again initiated little reaction. After two more straight across, I landed one diagonally across the others, creating the classic 5 Bar Gate pattern in red stripes. She sniffed and wriggled a little, jiggling her breasts, but otherwise remained unmoved.

I gestured to the first soldier to continue treatment on her rear, while I went round to the front to start the attention to her breasts, pussy and thighs. I gestured the still slightly hesitant guys forward and set them groping her tits and pussy, rubbing themselves up against her, as two of them steadily cropped her arse and the backs of her legs.

One of the guys was now pushing his cock between her thighs, sliding it along her pussy lips as she thrust her hips forward with each strike of the crops. Her breathing was heavier, interspersed with louder grunts as the crops did their work. She was panting and close to her first climax as she thrust against his cock, trying to get it deeper inside her but restrained by the ropes holding her back. He, egged on by his mates, was enjoying the game, pulling back his now hugely swollen cock just as it reached her entrance. The strain of pain and frustration was showing on her face as she screwed her eyes up and creased her brow, trying amid the strikes of the crops and the groping hands all over her, to get that cock just a little inside her. Just a little. “Oh Please” she uttered, almost sobbing. “Oh Please. Fuck Me, Fuck Me Please.”