With a hammering heart, she grabbed the first black dildo she saw. It looked large enough, but she wasn’t sure if it was the largest since she wasn’t lingering any longer. She wasn't doing a size comparison. In fact, she should have grabbed the dildo immediately and left without looking at all the delicious toys. She’d followed the blackmailer’s instructions, not to the letter, but close enough, and she was leaving with this dildo.

She took another aisle to the front of the store to avoid the hungry, wild stranger. She could only imagine what was behind that curtain. She had no knowledge of these places at all, so her imagination ran on its own crazy track. There could be naked women back there, naked men, movies, live sex shows with animals… she had no idea. The horrors wouldn’t stop running on a silent loop in her head as she walked as quickly as possible to the cashier.

She’d entered with a tinge of curiosity accompanying her underlying fear. She'd been sucked into a world of sexual exploration, and it had been delightful to see the equipment the actors used in her favorite video. To be able to touch them had created an undercurrent of sizzling thrill. Now, she wanted to run out the door with or without the dildo. It was starting to feel like every time she opened herself to the possibility of exploring and learning about kinky sex, something bad happened.

The first man she’d encountered was standing at the cashier ringing up his purchases. Her instinct was to lower her head, make eye contact with no one, and leave the store quickly. Becoming a lawyer had taught her that confidence even if it was false, was the best way to get through any situation. She’d forgotten that since the call from the blackmailer. This was completely foreign to her and out of her comfort zone, but the lesson about confidence flooded back to her, and she held her head high.

Her breathing was still labored and nervous sweat was gathering under her breasts. She’d been comfortable outside in the jacket, but now, she was unbearably hot.

“Lady, you going to buy that dildo or stand there stroking it?”

Fiona flinched as the cashier laughed at his joke. She released her tight, sweaty grip on the dildo and slid it onto the counter. Behind her, she felt the presence and warmth of someone standing very close. She whipped her head around to see who it was, although the dread in her stomach told her she knew who it was. The hungry man from behind the curtain. His eyes seemed to pin her where she stood. She'd thought them full of hunger before, but she realized they were dead eyes, no hint of warmth, or humanity. Nothing but cruelty there.

She had to get out of this store.

Reaching for the strap of her purse, she trembled as a terrible thought hit her. Had she brought any cash for this dildo? She had her credit cards, but there was no way she was paying for a dildo with her credit card especially from this store. There would be a record of this humiliating purchase forever on her credit. Her husband might see the charges since they shared one account for their credit cards. She handled paying most of the bills, including the charge card, but she couldn't risk him seeing a large, black dildo on the itemized bill.

Her mind numb with panic, she dug frantically in her purse. All she had was loose change at the bottom. She hadn’t checked the price of the dildo but she was pretty sure it didn’t cost sixty-four cents. She would have to leave and return later with cash. The thought filled her with dread. She didn't want to have a repeat of this whole situation, but it couldn't be avoided.

It took her a moment to realize that she was being crowded into the counter by the man behind her. That snapped her out of her panic. She almost failed to notice the hand slowly caressing her ass.

She swiped at the hand. With an angry glare, she turned, and said, “Don’t touch me.”

A small nasty smile curled the corner of his lips, but he didn’t respond.

The cashier was ringing up her purchase with agonizing slowness. He was an older man with gray strands in his jet black hair. His fingers were gnarled like he’d done hard labor his entire life. For a moment, she wondered how he’d come to work there.

“I’m going to have to come back. Please, stop ringing up my item.”

“You mean, you don’t want the Black Thunder Realistic Penis?”

She felt lightheaded with embarrassment. Her face grew extremely hot and a flash of heat through her body made her want to run for the door.

Her voice cracked, “N-no-o. I can’t… I don’t have money with me…to uh… pay for it.”

The cashier's eyes narrowed. “What do you mean you don’t have money for it? Why would you come in here with no money?” He eyed her with growing suspicion and anger. “Why are you wearing that wig and long coat? Did you plan on shoplifting from me?”

Fiona’s eyes widened, and quickly she spit out, “I’m not a thief!”

“You look like a thief, and you don’t even have money to pay for anything in this store.” He rounded the counter and grabbed her arm before she could even consider moving.

Fiona panicked. “I didn’t steal from you. I forgot to bring cash with me.”

“How am I supposed to know that? I’ll have to call the police and have them search you to make sure you don’t have any of my shit in your pockets,” He flicked the opening of her jacket, “or under that flimsy coat.”