"No shit? She fucked a hundred year old man? You of a mind to share the goodies?" Man asked.  All the while he had not stopped staring at me.

"Sure," Bobby said. "Ain't no way to wear out a cunt. Let me know when you want some pussy."

"Fuck, Bobby," Man said. "I've been in the fucking jail for damned near a year.  I want some now."

"What's going on, Bobby?" I said. "You can't just give me away to your friends."

"Sure I can, babe," he said. "What's the use of having something good if you can't share it?"

"Are you talking about me or about you?" I asked.

"Both, sugar," Bobby said. "You have some fine pussy and I have you. Wouldn't you like to fuck a brother that hasn't fucked a woman in a year?" I wasn't so sure about that. Drake was a mean looking man and a bit scary. "Be like fucking a virgin," Bobby continued. Again, I wasn't so sure. "Got to share the wealth, Gloria. Come on, let's get away from that damned racket."

Manfred Drake got in Bobby's backseat and Bobby pushed me in the back. I stopped at the door but Bobby pushed me on in.

"Swap a little spit while I take you to get fucked, Gloria," Sweet said. I didn't even want to be in the same car with Man the man, let alone kiss him. Man pulled me over to him and lifted my face to his. He planted his lips on mine and grabbed my boob with his hand.  He was rough but not painfully so and I was surprised to find myself kissing him back.

Before Bobby parked in my driveway Man, the man with octopus hands had both my tits out and a fat finger in my pussy.

Bobby opened the back door and told Man to stop with the stink finger and come on in. Inside I found out that Manfred Drake was a man on a mission and that was to get me naked and on my back as fast as humanly possible.

He had apparently gotten behind while in jail but he was bound and determined to get caught up in one night.  He also had stored up a lot of cum.  He filled my pussy with his goo in less than thirty minutes but hadn't stopped fucking me.

The first half hour of constant fucking was fast and furious but he eventually slowed the pace down. He did me in every possible position and we ended up with me on top of him.

Bobby was waiting with cold beer and an order for me to go shower. Man, said he wasn't finished with me but Bobby told him to recharge and drink some beer.

For me it was a welcome break. I showered and got most of Man's cum off of me. When I emerged from the shower Man was still on my bed and he had a hard-on that he was stroking.