Katie and David were a young married couple in their late-twenties. The well-endowed and 100% gorgeous woman stood 5’6” tall, with light brown shoulder length hair, and innocent looking brown eyes, who was without a doubt, a beautiful all-American young woman. He, at 5’ 11” tall, sported very short brown hair with a pair of sexy and seductive eyes. A very handsome man with a slender athletic body that displayed a prominent set of six-pack abs and more, he was every woman’s secret sexual fantasy.

Soon arriving at the steps that extended from the barn’s walkway to the deck, Katie and David began to walk up the stairs as their thick hobble chains clanked along the wooden treads with each step. Slowly laboring up the steps in their bondage and the heavy chains between their ankles, the couple was quickly led by their leashes to the waiting wooden posts positioned quite close to the table where Katelyn and Jackson were sitting and watching their meticulous arrival.

As was common for most mornings at the ranch when it wasn’t storming outside, the dedicated servant maneuvered them to the waiting posts and attached their collars to the clasps mounted fairly high on the pillars. Stretched tall by their collars now, the couple glanced downward at the Shackels, whose eyes were lit up with excitement as they took in the awesome sight of their helpless sex-slaves being held tight, steady, and tall by their wide collars.

Made to stand up tall against the wooden posts with their arms bound behind them, their bodies were seductively exposed and quite vulnerable to anyone nearby. With Katie’s remarkable breasts contained in the tight loops of her leather cupless bra harness, and David’s impressive manhood snugly encased in the thin leather strap, their most delectable and sensitive sex organs were on full display for maximum effect.

“Good morning slaves,” said Katelyn as she raised her coffee cup to her lips and took a sip.

Straining slightly against the leather collar pulling at her slender neck, Katie managed to respond as was required every morning, “Good morning Mistress, we’re honored to be able to serve you and Master Jackson today.” 

“Yes Mistress, it’s a pleasure to serve you both,” commented David as he worked to find a comfortable position against the worn wooden mast.

Very pleased with their slaves’ routine response to being in their presence, the Shackel’s watched the bound couple shift about in an attempt to get comfortable in their bondage while stretched tall by their collars.  Just the sight of their lovely straining bodies was an obvious treat for their dominant captors. Even though this morning ritual had become routine over the past few weeks, the young married couple still struggled with the embarrassment of being so exposed and vulnerable to the Shackel’s gawking eyes, which were always filled with excitement as they watched their property struggle against their exposure and enslavement.

Maintained nearly hairless, except for the hair on their heads, the young couple’s silky smooth bodies were near perfect works of human art in their current positions. Clearly under some level of influence by the awful nanites that were still infused in their bloodstreams, their bodies displayed some subtle telltale signs of sexual excitement, including large rock hard nipples and slightly elevated breathing, regardless of their humiliation and mental torment.

Nanites are microscopic, fully programmable, robotic devices that are injected directly into ones blood, which are then controlled by a wireless signal from a simple hand held PDA device. Originally designed to cure countless diseases and greatly accelerate the body’s healing power, Katie and David’s former captors found other unintended and diabolical uses for the extremely advanced technology. Now used to inflict unrelenting sexual excitement in the host’s body, these highly manipulative devices could ensure anyone’s submissive compliance. 

Whether used to bring a slave’s body to a razor’s thin edge of orgasm and then hold them there for countless minutes or even hours, or to bring a slave to climax over and over again until their helpless body can’t take any more, they were found to be an incredibly effective tool for interrogation, control and behavior modification.  Under the spell of properly programed nanites, an otherwise faithful and dutiful wife could be made to do unimaginable things while right in front of her watching husband.

“Thank you Sofia,” said Katelyn to the domestic servant who just finished mounting Katie and David to the deck posts. “Mr. Shackel and I would like some fresh fruit... And Sofia, bring two bananas for the slaves.”

“Yes Ma’am,” the adorable South American girl replied as she smirked and turned for the house.

Sofia was an adorable 19-year old girl who came to America from Brazil for a better life. Living in poverty like many common Brazilians, she worked hard to get to America were she found good work and pay at the Shackel’s ranch. While already considering herself very fortunate to be a gainfully employed servant for the wealthy and powerful Shackles under the new world order, the 5’ 3” tall, 110 lbs., black haired cutie found her new duties with the sex-slaves unexpectedly fun and exciting.

 Still sipping on their coffees, the Shackel’s were enjoying the incredible view of their sex-slaves when Jackson’s cell phone rang. Looking down at the phone’s caller ID screen, his eyes widened as he sat up taller in his chair in preparation to take the call. Clearly startled and a bit uneasy by the caller, he pressed the answer button and raised the phone to his ear as Katelyn looked on with a quizzical look on her pretty face.

“Good morning your highness, it’s an honor to hear from you Sir. What can I do for you today?” said Jackson.

After a moment, Katelyn could hear the Sultan’s unmistakable voice on the other end of the call. And while she couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, just the sound of his distinct voice ran a chill up her spine. There was just something about the Sultan that made her uncharacteristically nervous.

“Yes Sir, it is a fine day here at the ranch as well… And yes, we are enjoying Katie and David immensely, thank you very much Sir.”

Listening to the Sultan speak, Jackson was clearly becoming more at ease as the mostly one-way conversation continued.

Nodding his head as a smile began to overtake his eyes and face, he eventually responded, “Yes Sir, thank you Sir, we are forever in your debt.”

Sill nodding his head while making eye contact with Katelyn now, he took a deep breath and said, “Thank you very much your highness. We’re honored to have your blessing, and we will be certain to compensate you accordingly.”

With a big smile overwhelming his face now, he let the Sultan finish before he responded, “And we hope you can come by and visit the ranch soon your highness, it would be our privilege to have you visit with us Sir…

“Yes Sir, you have a fabulous day too Sir,” he said as he pulled the phone away from his ear and ended the call.

Pumping his fist once in the air with excitement, Jackson exclaimed jubilantly, “We just got the Sultan’s blessing to start our own pony-slave stable!”

Jumping up from her chair, Katelyn darted past the two slaves standing against the posts and jumped on Jackson’s lap. Then, wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled him close and said, “Oh my god, this is going to be fantastic Jackson,” before she laid a long passionate kiss on him.

Within seconds, the sliding door to the house opened and out rang their daughters’ lovely voices, “Good morning love birds. What’s got you two so excited this morning?”

Pulling her sexy lips back from Jackson’s, she got off her husband’s lap and strolled back to her seat with an evil smile of excitement on her face, while making sure her slinky nighty kept her properly covered in front of her daughters.

“Dad has some exciting news,” she giggled excitedly as she made herself comfortable again in her chair.

The Shackel’s enchanting 22-year old daughters were identical twins. Danielle and Michelle stood 5’ 5” tall and weighed about 115 lbs.  Aside from looking more like high school seniors than recent college graduates they certainly didn’t lack for sex appeal with their flowing sandy blonde-hair, deep blue eyes and pretty smiles that perfectly complimented their impressive bodies, which sported firm D-cup breasts that were pushing DDs and projected majestically from their slender and sexy frames.

Looking on from the posts with a renewed concern over the Sultan’s call and Jackson’s subsequent comment, Katie and David had a bad feeling washing over them, as they stood so exposed before them.

Strolling over to Katie, Danielle reached out and cradled her firm breasts with both hands as she stroked her soft thumbs across her hard and sensitive nipples several times, causing Katie to gasp and exhale. As expected, the sensation of the soft rubbing thumbs shot through her breasts and directly to her clit.

“Mmmm, I never get bored playing with these perky nubs,” Danielle spoke softly.

“Ohhhhhh god… thank you Mistress,” Katie exhaled as her body shivered under the effects of her soft gliding thumbs.

It wasn’t long after the couples’ arrival at the ranch that the twins began to take a keen interest in their vulnerable bodies. Seemingly sanctioning their youthful and promiscuous sexual exploration by allowing them unrestricted access to the sex-slaves, the young women wasted no time in satisfying their innate curiosities. And to Katie’s chagrin, it didn’t take long for Danielle to discover her interest in females, just like her mother!

Shifting to David now, Danielle reached down to stroke his bound and increasingly swollen manhood with her hand, as she leaned in close to him and whispered.

“I’m looking forward to having this fine shaft inside me later today.”

Exhaling gently across David’s cheek, she continued, “I woke up in quite the mood this morning, and only a cock like this will appease me… Do you think your lovely wife will enjoy guiding your cock into my wet pussy and watching us fuck until you beg to explode inside me?”

Groaning under her stroking touch now, David replied anxiously, “Yes Mistress… I’m sure she will…”

Winking and smiling at him, she quipped, “I would agree my pet, but we’ll just have to see,” as she gently kissed him on the cheek before releasing her gentle stroking grip on his stiffening shaft, and joining her sister at the table with her parents.


“Marla, you’re running late sweetie, Lexi will be here any minute now,” called out Michael.

“I know, I know, I’m almost ready. Ahhhhggg, I can’t fit all my stuff in this carry-on bag.”

“You’re only going away for three days baby. How much stuff do you need to take?”

“Ya, ya, ya, I know, you always think I pack too heavy. But a girl needs her stuff honey!”

Finally walking out of the bedroom, the beautiful 23-year old woman looked extraordinary as always. Standing 5’ 3” tall without her typical heels and weighing about 110 lbs., her nicely shaped body was a portrait of feminine perfection. With a slender yet firm torso, her large firm breasts and slightly rounded ass looked stunning in her summery sundress, while her beautiful thick Auburn hair and large brown eyes seemed to light the way for the gorgeous woman as she entered the front room where her husband was waiting.

“Wow, holly geezers, you look great honey! I hope you and Lexi have fun on this quick business trip, but not too much fun dressed like that, yikes… Should I start getting jealous sweetie?”

Chuckling, she kissed Michael on the cheek, smiled and said, “You know better than that my love, I’m all yours and always will be… I just hope you’re gonna be ready for me when I get back. You know how horny I can get after spending a couple of days away with Lexi!”

Inhaling deeply in response to his wife’s sexy and provocative tone, “Ohhhhhh, don’t you worry, I’ll be ready and waiting for you honey, you know that.”

“I’m counting on it!” she snickered.

“In all seriousness Marla, are you sure this trip to Brazil is such a good idea? I mean with everything going on in this new world order these days, is Brazil a safe place to be going?”

“Michael, you know Lexi’s modeling work takes her to many unique and exotic places, and as her assistant, I don’t have much say in where the work will take us. Besides, we’ve been there a number of times, and the Brazilian government has assured us we’ll be well taken care of. So don’t worry honey, it’s just another routine trip for us.”

“Ya, I suppose, but it doesn’t mean I won’t worry about you two until you’re both back home, safe and sound. I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to you on one of these fast and furious trips.”

“Stop, don’t talk like that, we’ll be fine… I’ll be home and in your favorite sexy nightie before you know it,” she said, as she planted a wet passionate kiss on her husband.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Gently pushing herself away from Michael, she quipped, “That must be Lexi.”

Seeing her reach for her typically overfilled and heavy bag, he jumped forward and said, “Here, let me help you into the limo honey.”

Smiling and winking at Michael, she turned for the front door and opened it, to see Lexi standing on the other side, sporting her trademark pearly white smile, and penetrating blue eyes.

“Morning girlfriend!” exclaimed Lexi, “and good morning to you too Michael,” as she stole a quick moment to scan the man’s sexy body from head to toe with her bright blues.

“Thank you Lexi, it’s always a treat to see you too sweetie.”

“You know, every time I see you two together I can’t help but think, you two make such a great couple.”

“Thank you Lexi,” replied Marla. “Between the four of us, we’re all very lucky people,” she said as she ran her hand over Michael’s cheek and gave him another quick kiss.

“Are we ready to go darling?” asked Lexi. “You know, if all goes to plan, we’ll have an afternoon to ourselves, and I plan to spend it on one of these spectacular beaches down there. Did you pack your bathing suit?”


Arriving at their destination, the private jet taxied to the foreign arrivals gate, and as usual, the girls exited the plane for customs like any other international arrival they made.

Once inside, they found it a little unusual to have their luggage inspected so thoroughly. While it wasn’t unheard of for the customs officials to look through the main areas of their baggage, today was different. They opened every zipper and seemed to be looking for hidden compartments. And when they were done with that, the duty officers separated them some before asking the lovely women some highly unusual questions.

Glancing back and forth several times between Marla’s passport photo and her face, the male officer asked, “Mrs. Waters, you are Mrs. Waters correct?

“Yes, I’m Mrs. Waters,” she replied in an annoyed tone.

“What’s the purpose of your trip here today Ma’am?”

“Lexi Santos has a scheduled photo shoot here and I’m her assistant.”

“I see,” more focused on her passport details now, he continued, “Are you married Ma’am?”

Caught off guard by the weird question, she replied a bit awkwardly, “Yes, yes I am.”

“And his name Ma’am?”

Still unsure what was going on, she replied tentatively, “Michael, his name is Michael Waters.”

“Do you have any children Ma’am?”

Stunned by the continuing personal questions, she stuttered a bit, “N-no we don’t. W-why do you ask? W-what’s this all a-about?”

“Please Ma’am, this won’t take much longer and you’ll be on your way. Do you or your husband have any family in Brazil?”

“No, No we don’t,” she responded in a slightly combative tone.

“Very well Ma’am, and thank you for your patience.”

Then, smiling big as if to lighten the mood and lower her defenses, he continued, “Just curious Ma’am, do you and your husband have much family back home?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but no, we don’t. It’s just he and I for the most part.”

Quickly glancing over to Lexi who was standing about 20-feet away with her arms crossed over her chest and talking to another customs officer, she could tell Lexi was being peppered very similar questions.

Still smiling, the officer reached out with her passport in his hand and said, “Thank you Mrs. Waters, and my apologies for any delays. You’re free to go now. Please enjoy your stay in Brazil Ma’am!”

Taking her passport back from the man, she looked over to see Lexi getting her passport back too. Then, meeting up with her just past the custom’s gate, she could see Lexi was clearly annoyed.

“That was really strange. I’ve never been asked those kinds of personal questions before. What the hell was that all about?”

“I don’t know Lexi. They didn’t tell me anything either. I think they’re looking for someone or something?”

Exhaling loudly, Lexi continued, “Perhaps, but my husband and family are no concern of theirs. Come, let’s get out of here, it just feels creepy.”

“No argument from me,” she said, as the two sexy and provocatively dressed women quickly made their way to the terminal’s exit doors, while under the leering eyes of any nearby man as they strutted along in their loudly clacking heels.

Exiting the airport terminal, they were quickly met by the car service hired to take them to their layout location on set.

“When will we meet up with Linda?” asked Marla.

“I’m told this afternoon. Hopefully she’ll be on-time. Maybe she’ll be waiting for us when we get there? I’m actually not sure of her exact itinerary”

“I wonder if she’ll be grilled at customs too?”

“Ohh, she’ll be fine. It didn’t really slow us down too much,” replied Lexi.

With the car loaded and ready to go, Lexi tapped on the window between the driver and them and said, “We’re ready driver, and we’re running a bit behind so no detours please.”

“Yes Ma’am,” he quipped as he quickly pulled away from the terminal’s curb.

About fifteen miles from the airport on what appeared to be a back-road of sorts; the car suddenly came upon an apparent checkpoint blocking the road.

As the car slowed to a stop, Lexi commented, “There must be something going on. I’ve never had this much trouble traveling about down here.”

With only two cars ahead of them, it took about 10-minutes to reach the roadblock’s gates, with the handful of heavily armed soldiers standing guard.

Opening the car’s window, the driver spoke to one of the soldiers in a Spanish dialect that Lexi didn’t understand, while Marla didn’t understand much Spanish at all.

After a short exchange of words, two dogs suddenly appeared from a nearby military van and began to aggressively sniff all around the car. Within a minute, they began to bark and carry-on behind the car before the soldiers pulled the excited dogs back from the vehicle.

Returning to the driver’s window, one of the soldiers asked the driver to exit the car and open the trunk.

While they couldn’t see what was going on back there, the girls could feel the soldiers working about in the trunk, just before they heard the soldiers begin to jabber about rather excitedly.

Next, the rear door to the car opened quickly as the apparent soldier in-charge leaned inside and said, “Ladies, please exit the vehicle slowly,” in a surprisingly fluent English tone.

Concerned and confused, they immediately slid their sexy legs out the door and carefully maneuvered themselves out and stood up, while desperately trying to keep their crotches well covered under their tiny dresses. With their hearts now thumping wildly in their chests, they immediately regretted the outfits they were wearing.

“W-what’s the m-matter officers?” Lexi stuttered in a nervous tone.

“Turn around both of you, and place your hands behind your backs!”

Suddenly staring down the barrels of several automatic weapons, the frightened girls were too overwhelmed to do anything but comply. Looking into each other’s frantic eyes, they slowly turned around to face the car and placed their hands behind their backs, without fully understanding the ramifications of doing so.

Next, the sound of handcuffs clicking closed around their wrists echoed out as their arms were roughly secured behind them.

“WHAT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Marla yelled out in a broken voice.

Still stunned by the events unfolding; the soldiers then led the scared girls around to the car’s trunk before revealing anything else.

Looking down into the car’s open trunk, Lexi and Marla immediately spotted the trunk’s interior side panels pulled loose, and two large clear bags of a white powdery substance setting in the center of the large trunk.

Mortified by what they suspected they were looking at, they heard the soldier in-charge speak out again before they could muster up any words.

“Ladies, you are under arrest for the transportation and intent to distribute illegal drugs.”


“So you admit to hiring this service to transport these drugs?”

“NO, NO, we had nothing to do with this, nothing! We’re here for a photo shoot. We just got here a ½ hour ago. PLEASE, LET US GO!” yelled Lexi.

Laughing, the soldier responded, “That’s not what the evidence shows ladies… But you can try and explain it to the judge at your trial.”

“TRIAL, what do you mean trial, we haven’t done anything.” called out Marla in a broken and excited voice.

“No, stop, don’t do this…..” the terrified girls cried out, as they were roughly pulled around to and loaded into the back of canvas covered military truck that was waiting alongside the road. Unceremoniously seated in the back of the no-frills transport vehicle, they were quickly whisked away.

Sitting in the back of the vintage military truck on a hard bench seat, the girls bounced around uncomfortably as they tried to maintain their balance with their arms cuffed behind them. Left to the mercy of the rough riding truck that was traveling faster and faster along the twisting and turning road, they had little choice but to widen their stance if they wanted to stay upright under the strain of the rocking truck. But this led to all new problems for the terrified girls as their already short dresses were beginning to ride higher and higher up their outer thighs, until their dresses no longer covered their feminine treasures. 

For Marla it wasn’t so bad, but for Lexi it was utterly humiliating and nerve racking. While Marla’s precious patch stayed covered for the most part under her silky thong, Lexi’s naked sex was on full display to the guards sitting opposite them in the truck. Unable to do anything about it, the helpless girls watched the well-armed guards’ eyes light up as they stared down between the attractive women’s sexy legs.

Starting to feel faint under the intense stress of being whisked away to an unknown destination while in handcuffs, in the back of an old musty truck, and for only god knows what, the girls began to whimper as their shoulders bounced off one another. Fortunately, it was only a few miles before the truck slowed to around 10 mph.

Looking out the back between the canvas flaps, which was the only place that they could see outside, they watched in horror as the truck passed through a set of 12-foot tall chain-link gates with rows of curly barbed wire running along the top rail. And as the truck drove deeper into the facility, they could see that the grounds were surrounded by three rows of 12-foot high chain-link fence with row after row of curly barbed wire snaking across the tops of each fence line.

With her imagination running wild now, Lexi suddenly realized that the driver of the car was not in the truck with them. If they were innocent, that meant the driver had to be the guilty party, but where was he, and why wasn’t he arrested? Frantic now by their unfolding ordeal, she had a really bad feeling about his ominous absence in the back of the truck.

Finally arriving at the designated drop off point, the truck jerked to a stop. Within seconds, two more well-armed guards arrived at the back of the vehicle and motioned for the girls to stand and approach the rear.

“Come on ladies, let’s go! Out, Out, Out,” exclaimed the seemingly young and clearly good-looking soldier, as he waved his scary gun at the girls.

Reluctantly, they rose from the benches in a hunched over pose while desperately trying to pull at their dresses as they wiggled their asses about in a futile attempt to reposition their tight dresses. Unable to properly conceal themselves, the girls were quickly grabbed and pulled from the back of the truck.

Pointing toward an open door in the side of a cement block structure, the guard said, “Inside ladies, we need to get you processed.”

“Processed…what do you mean processed,” Marla asked in a quivering voice as she began to slowly step forward.

“You both need to be booked into the prison accordingly, and checked for concealed contraband and etc.”

“But we’re innocent. We didn’t do anything! We don’t know anything about any drugs in the car. PLEASE, you have to believe us,” pleaded Lexi.

“That’s not my call babe. But don’t worry; you’ll get a chance to explain yourselves at your trial!”

“Trial, you can’t put us trial? Where’s the driver of the car, why isn’t he here? He must be the one you want, not us! We want to speak with the American consulate…” said Lexi as they entered the open door to the building.

Well lit in some places and eerily dark in others, it was a warm and humid place inside, which also had an odd yet strangely familiar smell to it. While neither one of the frantic girls wanted to believe it or accept it, it smelled like sex in the awful place!

Led to a service window of sorts, which was clearly made of bulletproof glass with a small document passage opening in it, the girls were stood before the thick window while the man sitting behind it appeared to already have their passports in his hands.

Just barely able to hear the man behind the glass, they heard him say, “Mrs. Lexi Santos and Mrs. Marla Waters, correct?”

Nodding their heads gently, they both responded, “Yes.”

“Ladies, you’re being charged with 2nd degree aggravated drug trafficking.”

“NO, NO, it’s not us I’m telling you! It must have been the driver, where is he!” yelled out Lexi.

“These charges against you are very serious ladies. I suggest you consider your legal representation before you worry about anything else, like blaming someone else for your crimes… Now ladies, inside the processing cell so we can remove your cuffs and conduct the cavity searches.”

“Cavity searches?” Marla exhaled in a whimper as she began to tremble. Next, her and Lexi were quickly pulled back from the window and led to an open barred cell door that led into to a large open cell.

Looking through the bars as they approached, they could see several stainless steel tables, some empty while others had sets of shackles and chains on them, and other odd looking equipment too. Located near the center of the large room, they spotted six sets of stocks set-up under some lights, and four exam tables that had menacing looking stirrups and head restraints mounted to them. These devices immediately struck panic into the women’s hearts as they approached. Clearly, the awful room was capable of ‘processing’ more than just two new arrivals.

Beginning to protest their entry into the processing cell, it took some additional effort to get the women deeper inside as they now protested every step. With a tight grip on their elbows behind their backs, the women could not prevent their delivery into the medieval looking room as cell door clanked shut behind them.

“Welcome to Prison Facility 4-69 ladies!” exclaimed the guard. “If you fight us, we’ll gladly place each of you in the stocks for processing. Now, you can cooperate with us, which will be much easier on you, or you can resist us and we’ll utilize the restraint systems, it’s your call.”

Locked in a stare with the lead guard, he finally barked out, “So what’s it gonna be ladies? he asked as he paused for them to respond.

Recognizing that a response was required if they wanted to escape the awful looking bondage devices, first Marla responded in a soft and broken voice, “I-I’ll cooperate,” followed quickly by Lexi, “Me t-too.”

“Good choice,” he responded with a smirk, as he and his compadres circled behind them and began to release their metal handcuffs. With their arms free now, they instinctively began to rub their sore wrists as the guard’s next command rang out.

“Remove all your clothing, fold it neatly, and place it on the table.”

Seeing the girls hesitating to comply, the guard chirped out, “Have we changed our minds ladies?” as he glanced over to the stocks.

Gently shaking their heads ‘No,’ the sniffling women began to remove their clothing with their trembling hands.