Any fleeting hope she had had that the pair would treat her gently, seeing as she was a girl, was quickly disabused. Two horrendous-feeling blows landed across her back in rapid succession. “Thwack!” – “Thwack!”

“Argh!” – “Argh!” she howled, quivering with fear.

“Thwack!” – “Thwack!” Two more blows jarred her frame.

“Argh!” – “Argh!”

Frantically twisting and turning, she glimpsed Janus and Raleigh hand their whips to Mitch and Lyndon. Quickly, she deduced that all twelve of the fiendish men intended to whip her. Her brain calculated that therefore she had the prospect of having to endure another twenty lashes. Certain she would be dead by the completion of such punishment; she could not stop herself from dribbling a little fear-induced urine.

“Look at the skank, she’s already pissing herself and you guys have hardly started!” Helena trumpeted. “Skank, you broke your vows so you’ve gotta pay! By the time the guys are finished you’re gonna be calling them master and each of us girls in the cheerleader squad, mistress. And, you’ll be begging to suck their cocks and lick out our sweet pussies every fuckin’ day!”

No she wouldn’t, she momentarily thought.

“Thwack!” – “Thwack!”

“Argh!” – “Argh!” Pain raced up and down her spine, causing her to have a change of heart. Perhaps she would do as Helena said, grovel like some poor unfortunate wretch. “Please! Please! No more!” she begged.

“Thwack!” – “Thwack!”

“Argh!” – “Argh!”

“Of course, you can always accept you’re a slave and see if that’ll save you from too much punishment!” Helena yelled.

Felicity doubted that anything would spare her from the spiteful bitches, so, trying to put on a brave face, she retorted, “Fuck you!”

Her bravado however merely lasted until the completion of the next pair of double hits. “Thwack! – “Thwack!” – “Thwack!” – “Thwack!”

“Argh!” – “Argh!” – “Argh!” – “Argh!” She simply urinated uncontrollably. “Please! Please! I’ll suck your cocks! I’ll lick your pussies! I’ll call you masters! I’ll call you mistresses! But stop! Please!”

It did her no good, the evil fiends simply sniggering and laughing, joking how she had pissed herself so easily.

The males carried on whipping her. By the time it came for the last pair to unleash their deliveries she was a juddering jelly, convinced her back must surely be cut open. It was not possible for her to tell whether it was profuse sweat or blood that she sensed was running down the channel of her spine and between her ass-cheeks.

“Please! Please! Masters stop! I beg you!” Felicity shrieked, she certain that she would do absolutely anything to avoid receiving further agonies.

Her pleas fell on patently-deaf ears.

“Thwack!” – “Thwack!” Two blows struck against her rear in quick succession.

Aaarrrggghhh!” she continuously wailed.

“Thwack!” – “Thwack!”

“AAAAAARRRGGGHHH!” she screeched, before fainting.