Chapter 1


At that time I was living with my two cousins, Monica and Ursula.  They were a bit older than me and tended to treat me in a somewhat domineering fashion as a poor relation whom necessity had landed in their lives, for my parents had long since suffered an early death in a road accident, leaving me not yet fully fledged into the world.

 The cousins had taken me into the feminine atmosphere of their dominant personalities and over the years I had become more and more subservient to their will, giving in to them in everything.  During my early years they had engaged and put me under the tutelage of a governess, a Miss Harriet Marwood.  Whether by design or accident I never discovered, but for my supervision the cousins had chosen a woman of a severe authoritarian and dominant personality, who immediately set about subjecting me to a strict and harsh discipline, under which all the feminine traits in my nature were encouraged and nurtured, and displays of masculinity severely curbed and restrained.

It was this woman who unwittingly developed in me a liking for rubber and bondage, for her favourite punishment, to which she frequently subjected me, was to bind me hand and foot, whereupon she would cane me; this painful ordeal was not the end however, for leaving me trussed up, she would go to her room and return with her waterproof cape over her arm.  I was then buttoned tightly into it, the hood drawn over my head and the draw string pulled tight and tied under my chin.  She would leave me ties up and enshrouded in this cape for an hour or so before she eventually released me after I had apologised for my misdemeanour and promised not to do it again.  It was during these solitary hours of waterproofed helplessness that I came to actually enjoy such treatment, to find it strangely and sensually exciting and with it I associated the rubbery smell of the cape and the luxurious feel of its smooth rubberised lining all around me, swishing and slithering as I struggled and strained against my bonds.

This straining and struggling heightened my sensation of helplessness, which I came to enjoy more and more all the time Harriet continued to punish me in this fashion, and with it I soon discovered a voluptuous sensation invading my loins.  Harriet was not stupid and it did not take her long to notice my pleasurable addiction to being tied up in her cape.  Sadly Harriet found a more lucrative post and left; as a parting gift she gave me her cape!

After Harriet's departure my love for rubber and bondage became a secret passion and I began to amass rubber garments of every description, from women's mackintoshes to rubber corsets and knickers and with them leather straps with which I would bind myself as best I could in imitation of Harriet's punishment, dressed in my feminine rubber gear and with her cape around me.  In spite of her severity I missed her badly for years afterwards.  My life became split in two with my secret life in my bedroom becoming the dominant part, until the night when the cousins invited their friend Hilda to dinner.

We were waiting for her in the lounge.  She was late and Ursula started complaining that the dinner would be spoiled, when the front door bell rang.

"That will be her now," she sighed with relief.  "James, let her in will you."  It was more of a command than a request, but I had accepted long ago to be treated as inferior to them.

Opening the door I was confronted by a tall Slavonic looking woman wearing a beautiful calf-length satin rubberised mackintosh.  She swept in past me, took off the mackintosh which filled the hall with the loudness of its rustling susurration and handed it to me before continuing towards the lounge.  The removal of her mackintosh revealed her clad in a tight fitting black satin dress, high collared long sleeved, and a corseted waist relieved only by a wide white patent leather belt.  As the high heels of her leather boots tapped loudly on the parquet floor she left behind her the tang of an expensive perfume, which mingled with the strong rubbery odour of the mackintosh in my hands and suddenly awoke all my longing to be tied up.  I buried my face in the smooth rubber while I thought of Harriet, wishing she was still my governess.

"Hilda is a sex therapist," Ursula told me as we were introduced.

Over coffee the conversation turned to Hilda's profession, and it was not long before the subject of bondage was reached.  I listened fascinated as she described some of her case histories.  It seemed to me that my two cousins were also showing an avid interest in the subject, pressing Hilda to describe fully every bizarre detail.  She had just finished telling us about a man kept in bondage for a week by two women, when she turned to me with a curious smile on her lips and startled me by saying;

"What would you say if Monica and Ursula did that to you, James?"  Before I could answer, Ursula, to my utter dismay and confusion, blurted out excitedly: "James has a passion for rubber!"  As I began to protest she stopped me.  "It's no good you denying it James, Monica and I know all about your rubber clothes, sheets even, which you keep hidden in your room, and don't think we haven't noticed the way you look at us when we wear our mackintoshes."

Hilda was smiling and looking at me with interest now.  "Yes, I noticed that too when he opened the door to me.  So James! your secret is out, although it seems it never was a secret," and turning her attention to my cousins, who, so it seemed to me, now hung upon her every word, she went on: "the interesting thing about rubber is that a passion for it goes hand in hand with a strong desire to be in bondage, a craving to be helpless in the hands of a woman, to be swathed in rubber and forced to smell its peculiar odour, even to taste it with a rubber teat strapped into the mouth.  Indeed I have known cases where a man of suitable temperament and nurture has been completely transformed into a totally obedient slave by submitting him to the constant wearing of rubber garments of all kinds, by constant restraint in every conceivable manner, augmented by suitable punishments during his training."  Her final remarks were addressed to me and said in such a manner as to send a shiver of fright up my spine: "I even know a woman who has a clinic devoted exclusively to such training, and very successful she is too."

"But how absolutely fascinating!"  Ursula's eyes were open wide with excitement.

"We could do with a slave around here," Monica laughed. "How about it James?"  I felt a sense of alarm, the atmosphere of the room had changed and I became acutely conscious of the three women on one side and myself on the other.  Hilda was looking at me intently.  "I should say you two have a very promising subject in James," she said, serious now and no longer smiling.

"This has gone far enough," I said: but I heard my voice quaver a little.

"Now don't pretend that the idea doesn't excite you," she replied, and as she turned to my cousins I knew that she had judged my essential nature precisely.

"I have a suggestion to make." She paused for just a moment to give me a strange look and then continued: "We will put James into rubber bondage for the rest of the evening, for I have seen how each of you in your own way has been excited by our conversation, James especially has been shivering with increasing desire ... No, do not attempt to deny it James, I can read you like a book, and as for you two, I have known you long enough to make a shrewd guess at your propensities, so James will spend the sort of evening he has dreamt about, and afterwards you can decide whether or not you want to train him properly.  If you do, I shall of course be happy to help and advise you."

The alacrity with which this alarming proposal was accepted by my cousins frightened me and I made as if to get up from my chair, but Hilda forestalled me and prevented me from rising by resting her hands on my shoulders with surprising strength.

"Sit where you are James," she said, "it will be better not to oppose us, for we can easily overpower you.  Monica, will you go and fetch some of his things, I am sure you know where he hides them.  Let me see, we shall need rubber knickers, and some kind of rubber suit or coverall, and a rubber face mask if he has one."  Still holding me down into my chair, she bent over and asked, "You do have a face mask James?"

"Yes I do," I replied, and my voice sounded soft and weak.

"I'll fetch some straps," Ursula offered, "but why don't we take him up to his room and tie him up there?"

"Yes of course."  Hilda released the pressure on my shoulders.  "Get up James!  Now are you going to be a good boy and not give us any trouble or do we have to take you up forcibly ... we can you know."

I stood up; the three women gathered around me; I felt menaced by their presence; I became scared all of a sudden and gathered myself to break away out of the room.  Suddenly, from behind me, Hilda seized my arm, drew my wrist into the small of my back, twisted it and savagely jerked my arm up between my shoulder blades.  A fierce spasm of pain shot into my shoulder ...

"Stop!  You're hurting!" I cried.

"Yes I know, and I shall continue to hurt you if I have to," Hilda's cold even voice warned me, "are you coming quietly with us ... or - "  She gave my arm another hitch up my back ...

"Yes, yes!" I cried out with pain.  My arm was released at once.  Monica led the way, and I was taken to my bedroom, each wrist held securely under Hilda's and Ursula's arms.

Inside the bedroom Ursula locked the door and took the key.  Monica opened the cupboard containing my rubber gear, and while we waited, Hilda made a thorough inspection of it all.  At length she turned round,

"There seems to be enough here for you to begin his training with very little addition, did you know that he even has some rubber corsets in there?"

"Yes, we've known for ages," Monica replied, "but we've never been able to decide what to do about it."

"Well we know now."