Adriana was surrounded by three pirates; two were abusing the breasts, biting, slapping. The other one was between her legs. They were not on the ocean or even outside but in a large warehouse the headquarters of Castle Entertainment. Adriana was moaning and pretending to struggle against her attackers. Trent got between her legs and pulled down his pants. Adriana screamed from the onslaught. She was an excellent moaner and screamer. He appeared to be going in and out of her but there was no penetration. This was the soft-porn version. Trent was wearing a flesh-colored brief that made it look like he was naked.

            Danny was standing next to the camera with a stop watch needing three minutes of the pirates ravishing her body. He was writer, producer, and director. When he had the minutes, he yelled, “Cut, hold your places.” He went to the back and looked at the replay on the monitor.

            Adriana held up her hand and Gillian quickly went to her with water, towel, and mirror.

            “How do I look?”

            “You look fantastic,” Gillian replied.

            Adriana checked her makeup, took a drink of water, and wiped her forehead and underarms with the towel. They didn’t have the new low light cameras so the area was flooded with hot light. The temperature was about ninety on the set. Green screens were around them so a pirate ship, and ocean could be superimposed.

            “Ok it looks good, let’s go for the money shot. These costumes have to be returned tomorrow so we need to get it done today.”

            It was already two in the morning. Danny was a night person never got up before noon and would work through the night.

            “How are you feeling Trent?”

            “I’m good.”

            “Are you ready?”

            “I will be,” he replied and then took off the briefs and started stroking his cock. The money shot as Danny liked to call it was actual penetration that would be used for the hard porn version. The soft version would reach a larger audience, but the hard version would sell for more. One of the camera operators stood at the ready with a much smaller camera, so he could move in for an extreme close-up of the cock making penetration.