And that was the thing - in her mind, in DDís mind there was this thing happening. This dirty thing happening with Angel. She was obsessed but she didnít know it yet. And because she was obsessed she had all of these visions going round inside her mind. Dirty visions, dirty images that were getting dirtier, and that were getting more and more taboo. Always in these visions and fantasies that DD was having as she pleasured herself, was the knowledge that this girl was so young. And for some reason that was the one thing that was driving the fantasies. That was the one thing that made the pleasure she was giving herself more intense. It was like the thrill of the unobtainable. That was it, maybe in her mind DD was free to have these images and these visions and fantasies because they were not only wrong but unattainable.

In her mind Angel was sitting between her wide open legs and she was playing with DDís cunt. She was twirling her fingers around in the slippery wet, hot swamp but at the same time she was bringing her dripping fingers up to her mouth and she was letting DD see her - she was letting Double D see her slip her fingers into her own mouth so that she could taste her. And in her mind she was watching this girl consume her off her fingers. In her mind this was the epitome of her fantasies at this time. It was the peak. It was the one vision in her mind that made her get closer to her nipple with the wand. But this didnít happen consciously rather it happened subconsciously. It was something that was driven from the inside of her sexual brain. Inside her physical sexuality.

And then there was that Ďtouchí. Just the slightest touch on one nipple and then the other with the tip of the wand, and there was that orgasm. That pure, very pure and very sweet undiluted sexual pleasure. She had let it build and build and build and now with the swipe of the wand she was in orgasm. And as she orgasmed she tightened up, and arched her neck back. Her eyes rolled as she rode the orgasm all the way through to as close to the other side as she could. As she orgasmed her free hand was plundering her sexuality. She was plundering her sexuality deep. Or rather in her mind, Angel was plundering her sexuality deep. And very soon the young girl would take her fingers out of her and slip them into her mouth so that she could taste the orgasmic juices in as fresh a state as they could be.