Reaching back he brought a water bottle from the shadows pressing it to her parched lips. Julie drank like it was liquid gold in the bottle. Once her thirst was sated he sat back looking at her.

“Well I want to welcome you to your new home for the next couple of weeks. This is a soundproofed room underground, you can yell, scream, do anything you want and no one will come to help. It would be my recommendation that you learn to enjoy your surroundings. Now I am very tired so it is time to get you ready for bed.”

Hakeem produced a rope tying it into Julie’s hair. Next came a chrome plated hook. The hook was large and rounded at the end with an eyelet at the top. He threaded the rope through the eyelet and greased the end of the hook.

Julie felt the hook slide directly into her asshole gasping at the intrusion. Hakeem took up the slack in the rope pulling her hair until Julie’s neck was stretched back as far as it would go. He tied the rope tight removing all but the tiniest bit of slack. Any movement in her head caused a terrible pressure on her anus.

Next he moved a board in front of her that was about two foot by two foot in size. On the board were a series of wooden pegs about one inch in length secured to the board. The end of each one of the pegs was rounded at the end. Julie breathed a sigh of relief that they weren’t sharp but that idea was short lived

He lifted her body placing the board directly under her tits before lowering her back to rest on the pegs. Hakeem retrieved two similar boards from the corner whose pegs were very sharp placing them right next to the board Julie was currently resting on. One more rope attaching her ankles to her wrists completed the scene.

Julie immediately began feeling her predicament as Hakeem stepped back to admire his handiwork.