FULL CRY – Extract

© DrkFetyshNyghts 2018


“You want to cum, don’t you? I know you do but you can’t, not yet. I want to show you something first.” Nicole was pretty much on the edge of madness. At the very least she was teetering on the edge. She was looking over it into the abyss. And yet at the same time those words would have hit home. They would have hit home like a freight train. In her mind she would have been screaming ‘no, no you can’t do this to me! I want to cum, I need to cum and I need to cum NOW you fucking bitch!’ Of course those words didn’t come out of her mouth. No words came out of her mouth. Her ability to form single words, let alone comprehensible sentences would have deserted her by this point. She had been in the same ‘pose’ for a period that was not known. The toll on her mind and body was something that could not be imagined, not really. And now after all of that she was being denied orgasm. And that had been the only thing that had kept her going, the thought that she would get that intense pleasure that Hayley gave her. Now she was not going to get it.

“I know. I know you’re disappointed. But you know girl, I still need to be impressed by you. And you need to remember that. That I need to be impressed regardless of whether you get pleasured by me. Being pleasured by me is a privilege. It's not a ‘right’ of yours girl. Actually you need to get used to having ‘no rights’. Girls like you don’t have rights.” It had been like Hayley had read Nicole’s mind and that she was addressing that. But not just that she was addressing it, but that she was taking it a few steps further. Speaking about the constant need for Nicole to impress her. Speaking about the pleasure that she gave being a privilege and not a right. Indeed, intimating that Nicole’s rights, as such did not exist.

And now singling Nicole out as though she was not like a normal girl - ‘girls like you’, and girls like her not having rights. This was a woman who knew what she was doing. She knew how and when to drip this stuff into Nicole’s mind because that was what her own mother had done to her all those years ago. She knew that to drip a little bit more in each time the girl was at the end of her tether was the way to go - was the only way to go. This was a woman who was working to an agenda. She was working to a formula but she was also working to an end result. That end result was Full Cry. But the mystery, the enigma that was Full Cry was just getting bigger and bigger.

“I’m going to show you the ‘third floor’. I’m going to take you up there now and you can see it. You need to see it because you are going to spend some time up there. In fact you are going to spend a lot of time up there.” That registered with Nicole. It registered with her for a number of reasons, not least, at the very least she would be able to get up from that squat. She would be able to stand up at last. But there was more than that that registered with her. It had been Hayley’s words before that. About the pleasure that she received and about girls like her having no rights. And it was making sense to her. There was no hatred or dislike of Hayley for what she was doing or saying. If anything the respect levels were higher. The feelings of herself being a lucky girl, and being privileged were higher as well. It was like everything that was being done to her body and her mind was having a reverse effect. Instead of dislike and hate being installed, there was like a Stockholm Syndrome of respect, love and need being deeply seated into Nicole’s psyche. She was feeling the need for this woman and what she was doing with her. She was feeling that need and she was being led deeper and deeper in the direction that Hayley wanted to take her.