Jessica Drew woke to feel a hard male cock being thrust vigorously up into her pussy.

She tried to scream but there was a rubber ball plugging her mouth so she could only gurgle.  She tried to move, to pull herself off the shaft, but she could not.  She was strapped from head to toe to some kind of metal frame that held her in a sitting posture but tilted half way onto her back with her legs spread wide.  And she was totally naked!

Her eyes swivelled about wildly.  Where was she?

It was a windowless room with banks of computer servers and cooling fans arrayed about its walls.  In one corner, standing upright on its end on a wooden base set on castors, was an old iron bed frame with loose straps hanging from it.  Next to this was a desk and chair with a kind of elaborate wired-up crash helmet fixed to its back.  She realized the same kind of helmet dangled from wire ropes and cables above her chair.

Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw a video camera on a tripod focused upon her and beside it a monitor screen displaying her own restrained body.  Every detail of her ordeal was being recorded. 

Jessica was twenty-six years old with curly brunette hair, a bright oval face, bold eyebrows and deep brown eyes and a slightly fleshy tip-tilted nose.  Her body was currently well tanned highlighting strong bikini lines.  Her full breasts showed up pale by contrast, tipped with large pink brown nipples.  She had good hips and deep cleft pink buttocks and lean legs.  A pouting pubic mound crowned by brown curls and wet pink inner lips was exposed between her splayed thighs, where it was being so energetically cloven.

On the screen, Jessica also saw her copulator properly.  He was a skinny, balding, beak-nosed man dressed in a white lab coat open down the front to expose his bare body. He was standing between her spread thighs ramming his cock up into her.

The skeletal chair to which Jessica was bound was supported between low side posts by swivel joints at the back of its hollow seat, allowing it to be tipped forward or backwards.  A headrest pressed against the back of her head held the ends of straps going across her neck and forehead, keeping her looking up at the ceiling while she was screwed. 

Who was he?  Where was she?  How had she got here?  Why couldn’t she remember?

Even as she squirmed, she felt her pussy responding to its vigorous reaming out, engorging and dripping, almost as if it enjoyed being used by this nameless man.  Her cheeks burned with shame as well as fear.

Then the man in the lab coat grunted and hunched over and she felt the jet of his hot sperm being discharged inside her.  He stood between her legs for a few moments, panting from his exertions.  Then he pulled his cock out of her and buttoned his lab coat across his pale skinny body.  His sperm began to drip out of her sore gash.

He did something to the chair and it swivelled upright once more so that she faced him.

He took off his glasses and huffed on them and wiped them with a tissue and put them back on again and then grinned at her.

‘Hallo Jessica,’ he said brightly.  Of course you’re wondering what’s going on and how you got here.  Well, I’m Felix Howard and my hobby is searching for pretty women and stealing their memories.’

Jessica gaped at him in horror, whimpering and tugging on the straps that restrained her.

Howard grinned.  ‘How do I do that, you wonder?  Well I flash them in the eyes with a little handheld neural stimulator device I carry.  It temporarily makes them highly suggestible and they tell me everything.   You don’t remember, but I used it on you a week ago to find out your routine and arrange for you to come to me when you would not be missed for a day.  Then I got you to strip and get in the chair of my cerebrator machine. It can record intimate sexual memories and play them back later.  It’s like a dream but it’s perfect in every detail and indistinguishable from reality.  There is, as you can imagine, a highly specialised and lucrative market for such things.

By then she was gaping at him with bulging, horrified eyes.

He continued.  ‘You are probably wondering why I’m telling you all this and letting you see my face after what I’ve done to you.  That’s because my recorder is also a mind-wiper.  You won’t remember any of this after I’m finished with you.  Now, I’ve had my own fun and got you warmed up so it’s time to make a recording.’

He freed the strap across her forehead so she could bend her head forward, and pulled the strange helmet hanging above her down over her chair.  She gurgled threats and pleas about her gag and twisted her head aside, trying to resist, but she could not stop him fitting it to her.  She could feel the tips of electrodes on its inside pressing into her skin.

Howard took his place at the desk console and pulled its helmet down over his head.

‘I can monitor your memories through this as I record them.  I’ll see and hear and feel exactly what you did.’  He began tapping at the keyboard.  The computer banks behind him began to flicker with lights.  The helmet enclosing her head began to tingle.

‘Now I want you to think about some intense sexual experience you have had.  Don’t be shy.  The more unusual the better…’

She tried to resist, but already she felt a memory welling up inside her…