Degrading Lady Adelaide



A general atmosphere of debauchery began to pervade the house extending to the servants.  Late one evening, when I judged that Adelaide was in an aroused state as happened now with increased frequency, I left her bedroom door unlocked, being determined to follow her without her knowledge. 

It was not long before the door opened and Adelaide appeared barefoot in the grubby shift she was accustomed to wearing (otherwise she went naked) with unkempt hair and wild eyes, carrying a candle.  She went down the staircase to the servants’ hall where John was polishing shoes and Agnes was ironing.  I peered round the doorway to see what happened.  Both stopped their work, John bowing respectfully and Agnes curtseying. 

Adelaide flung off her chemise and sat naked on the table.

The two servants were shocked to see their mistress open her legs wide and begin to masturbate vigorously, her head thrown back in ecstasy, her mouth giving vent to a string of obscenities.  The two servants were covered in embarrassment and could do nothing other than resume their work. 

Eventually, Adelaide summoned John to stand before her where she rubbed the front of his breeches with the sole of her bare foot.   He did not pull away, not knowing how to handle a situation where his mistress was naked and behaving so outrageously.  Adelaide unbuttoned him at the front and pulled down his breeches so far, his balls were out.  His belly and privates were covered in a forest of black hair from which protruded his purple tipped member, growing stiffer every second. 

‘I will fetch Mary,’ said Agnes. 

‘She is in bed with Margaret,’ said Adelaide.  ‘She will be licking the nurse’s quim.’

But Agnes flew past me, hardly noticing I was there.

Adelaide lay back on the table with her legs splayed and, taking John’s hand, she pulled him towards her.

‘Fuck me, John,’ she said.  ‘You know y want to!’

Even with her bad skin and haunted look, I could tell John was trying to keep his desire under control but the temptation was too great; by this time his member was as rigid as a piece of carved wood.  Adelaide clutched him round his neck and drew him down, his hands sliding under her to seize her arse cheeks as he sheathed his weapon up to the hilt.

John’s face suggested that he could not believe he was having sex with his mistress although his lust was now fully aroused.   He was a big man who rode her like a stallion, his hairy arse dimpling with every hard thrust of his loins while his mistress urged him on.

Her cries brought Albert and an elderly servant called Neville to the scene while Agnes and Mary appeared from upstairs, followed by the long-striding Margaret.  I could no longer conceal myself so joined the other spectators who were watching open-mouthed, especially the men.

‘This is her illness,’ I informed them.  ‘John is blameless.  She will have her way with anyone she can find, man or woman.’

All the servants were aroused by what they were witnessing and I saw the opportunity to orchestrate more fun and strengthen my power over them.

When John was spent, Adelaide called out to be fucked again and I told Albert to give her what she craved.  He was quick to shed his clothes and ram his cock into the dripping gash between Adelaide’s thighs so recently vacated by his fellow footman, finding it well lubricated by John’s plentiful ejaculation.  Meanwhile, Margaret undressed Mary and told Agnes to remove all her clothes so they were soon fondling each other and kissing passionately.

Seeing everyone naked except for me, Neville undressed and stood behind Albert in the hope of replacing him when Albert was finished. The older servant played with his prick in the hope of maintaining his erection for fear of missing his turn with the mistress of the house.

Looking round, I decided the young maid Agnes was most worthy of my attentions.  She had a slim body, boyishly short hair, and small breasts; attractive to me nevertheless because of her firm, shapely, and no doubt virginal, arse.  She was so heavily engaged with Mary that I came to the view that she was a natural lesbian and not merely swept away by events; so more of a challenge to me.

I added my clothes to the heap on the floor and detached Agnes from the other two girls, Margaret looking daggers but not daring to challenge me.  Agnes was sweating all over and nearly slipped from my grasp.  I took her to a couch, sat down, and impaled her tight little ring on my swollen member, causing her to squeal and attempt to wrestle herself free.  I sat her facing me so that I could kiss her and fondle her budding breasts while I bounced her up and down on my balls.

Her face was screwed up in disgust.  It must have been a dreadful experience to be fucked by a man (and in her arsehole too) if only other girls appealed to her.

I was able to entertain myself further by watching Albert finish fucking Adelaide and add his torrent of semen to that already oozing from her quim and see the bony figure of Neville climb aboard to take his turn to ride his mistress with determination if less vigour.

By this time John’s tool was up-standing again and he was waited for a second helping of Adelaide’s honey pot once the old man had done his worst.  If Adelaide was less satisfied with the old retainer, she gave no sign, legs spread wide like a frog’s, as she drooled and dribbled in her ecstasy and swore to herself or anyone who would listen.

This orgy continued for another hour before I became bored and ready for a new challenge, which led me back to thinking about Sophie.