"Oh, not again!" Carol cried to herself as she lay in her bed. For the second night in a row her body woke her up due to the tingling sensations in her lower body. For the second night in a row Carol woke up with a large, throbbing cock pressing up between her ass cheeks. Although she wore pajama shorts and so did the owner of the cock she could still feel it move with each breath.

Normally she wouldn't mind having an erect penis in her bed, at 18 she was always horny, it was one of the things her boyfriend loved about her, but this cock didn't belong to him, it belonged to her stepfather...

It was the holidays and Carol's parents had invited her aunt and uncle down. There were no spare rooms in the Johnson household, so Aunt Linda and Uncle Charlie used Carol's room, while she shared with her parents in their king-sized double bed. It had never really been a problem before, but that was because last time they shared a room Carol was a lot younger and problems like the one occurring now didn't come up.

Carol sighed and tried to get back to sleep, but her stepfather, Bill, shifted his position digging his rigid cock harder up her ass. Without thinking, as if by reflex, Carol pressed her ass back into her stepfather's crotch. Bill let out a moan in his sleep and Carol suddenly realized what she did.

"Oh shit!" she whispered, "what am I doing?" She got out of bed and practically ran to the bathroom down the hall. Once in she locked the door and splashed her face with cold water. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her short auburn hair framed her cute face. Her pink string strap vest clung tightly to her pert, c-cup breasts, turning see through where the water from her face dripped down.

Carol stared deep into her green eyes. "It's your stepfather, what are you doing?" she kept asking herself. It had now been four days since she had been with Derek, her boyfriend, and it would be at least a week before she would get to see him again. Carol's parents knew she dated, but if they found out she was screwing Derek every moment possible they would throw her out of the house for sure!

She looked at the clock in the bathroom, 8.10am. No one was really an early riser during the holidays, but she felt wide awake now and decided to run a bath. Pulling off her shorts and top she slid into the hot soapy water and rubbed her body down getting it used to the temperature. Carol enjoyed the feel of her soft smooth skin and before she knew it her hands were sliding up her inner thighs and her fingertips brushing her young pussy.

It was only when she let out an involuntary moan she realized exactly what she was doing. Carol couldn't remember the last time she had touched herself. As soon as she had discovered boys she found it easy to get them to do things for her. She had no need to get herself off with boys so easy to control, and once she started going out with Derek they fooled around and fucked each other whenever possible. She had forgotten how good it felt to stroke her pussy in the bath.

Carol kept herself clean shaven, she found guys were more willing to go down on her with no hair in the way and she did like to get eaten out, but it was also when she got wet she really got wet and she loved the feeling of hands sliding all over her pussy lips when slick with her juices. Carol leant back against the bath and spread her legs, bending them so her knees stuck out of the water. With two fingers she pressed them between her two lips easily sliding them deeper and deeper, until on her long strokes she found her tight hole. It was extremely hot, hotter than the water of the bath and Carol felt her pussy almost suck her two fingers inside her.

It wasn't long before she was sliding them in and out all the way up to her knuckle and about to add a third finger, stretching herself as she finger fucked her pussy. Her free hand went from tugging and pinching her erect nipples to playing with her clit. Carol was moaning and panting as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh, Derek!" she moaned as she plunged her fingers as deep as she could, curving them to brush her g-spot. She smiled to herself as the image of her boyfriend fucking her drove her to pump her fingers harder and faster, imagining they were Derek's hard cock.

Any worries of waking up the rest of the house were forgotten as the water was splashed about. She bit her lower lip as she felt her orgasm approaching trying to stifle her screams. Faster and faster she pumped, in her mind looking down her tight body seeing that wonderful cock sliding in and out. Eventually she had to bite down on her fist to quiet her screams as her whole body started to shake. Carol let her eyes wander up the body of the guy fucking her, loving the feelings rushing through her body, but when she got to the face it wasn't that of Derek smiling back at her, but that of her stepfather, Bill.

"Oh god no!" she cried, but she was too far gone, and it felt so good. Her orgasm rushed through her as the image of her stepfather leaning over her thrusting his large cock into her pussy was front of her mind.

Carol felt a stream of juices flow from her used pussy and the familiar muscle spasms that followed any extreme cum that had her squirt. She didn't squirt every time she came, but when she did it was the most exhilarating experience.

"Oh god, oh god." She murmured again and again. "My own stepfather... No, it was just in my imagination, it doesn't mean anything!"

Carol let out a sigh and sunk lower into the bath, planning on staying until kicked out. A short while after a knock came at the bathroom door.

"Are you almost done in there?"

It was Carol's uncle. "Yeah I'll be right out" she called back. Wrapping a towel around herself she unlocked the door and walked past him. He was standing a little too close for comfort and he pressed into her as she passed.

"Was he checking me out?" Carol asked herself as she walked into her room totally forgetting to knock. What she saw when she looked inside made her gasp out loud. Her stepfather in his sleep had kicked off the covers and was now lying on his back. Carol could easily see the large rod that was his cock outlined by his shorts, but it wasn't that which had made her gasp. It was so long that it was poking out over the top of the waist band, almost reaching his belly button.

Carol felt her mouth begin to water, then cursing herself for thinking that way about her stepfather she silently left the room before knocking loudly and waiting for her parents to wake up.

"Yeah come in its ok" they mumbled. This time as she entered Carol saw that her stepfather had pulled the covers up hiding himself from her view and her mother was sitting up too.

"You're gonna have to leave Bill, I want to get dressed."

"What? Oh, yeah fine."

Carol watched smiling a little, as her stepfather tried to get out of the bed and grab a towel without showing off his arousal. Carol wasn't sure whether it was her that was having this effect on her stepdad or if it was just his lack of sex too, she knew her mom didn't put out anymore. She intended to find out before things got carried away...

That night before bed Carol's mom, had said she felt she was coming down with something. Not wanting to pass on an illness to her husband and daughter she went to sleep on the sofa leaving Carol and her stepdad in the bed alone. They were in bed both lying on their backs, Carol in shorts and t-shirt, her stepdad in just his shorts again waiting for sleep to hit Carol brought up the subject,

"So, is it me?"

"What?" Bill asked a little uneasily

"Is it me that gets you hard or just the fact you're missing sex?"

"I...I... I'm not hard, baby I don't think you know what you're talking about!" Bill turned away from her signaling the end of the conversation.

Carol just sighed and rolled over too deciding to wait until the inevitable happened. Sure, enough a couple of hours later she awoke from her nice dream feeling the throb of her stepfather's cock against her lower back.

"Oh god it feels even bigger!" she moaned to herself torn between enjoying the feeling of the huge cock pressed against her and waking up her stepfather to talk about the cause. Morality won over and she shook her stepdad awake rolling him onto his back.

"What? What is it?" he moaned

"This" Carol replied patting the large tent in the duvet, ignoring the twinge of excitement from her pussy as she did so. She pulled the duvet away from them both so there was no hiding Bill's arousal. "Now is this because of me or not?"

"NO!" her stepdad almost shouted, noticing for the first time how good his stepdaughter looked in the dim lighting. "I just haven't... you know... for a while."

"You can say wank you know, we both know all guys do it Bill."

Bill was shocked at his stepdaughter's use of language and his cock gave an involuntary twitch. "OK, well I haven't been able to wank recently what with all the family being here and you obviously know your mother and I haven't... for a while and I'm now sharing a room with you." Bill didn't notice how his stepdaughter's eyes hadn't left his crotch since the duvet had been pulled away.

"Well you're gonna have to do something cos we can't share a bed with that thing!"