Angelina was hanging upside down, naked. Her entire body was exposed. She was hanging from a bar that was supported by two tripods. The whole thing was made of steel and could support two women hanging at the same time. Sarah spread her legs farther apart. She chewed on her thighs slowly moving closer to Angelina’s wetness. She ran her tongue up and down making the pussy wetter and opening it up.

            “Is that all you are going to do?” Angelina barked. They both knew this was just a tease before the onslaught. Sarah sucked in her outer pussy and chewed on it, and Angelina moaned. She chewed on the shaved sides and then drove her tongue in working it all around until she thought the orgasm was close. Sarah went over and picked up the whip. It had three strands of leather; two hit the pussy and one hit the ass which was already slightly deformed from all the whipping from belts and canes. The whip hit her again and Angelina twisted and yelped from the pain. The whip hit her five more times and then Sarah inspected the pussy to make sure it was nice and red.

            “I wish we had more time to abuse your pussy.”

            “Yes, I want it for hours.”

            Last time Sarah had shoved tacks into her pussy and whipped her ass, and every movement made the points poke the inside. Sometimes it would be the staple gun, hard wooden sticks, spiky dog toys, or whip the pussy until it was red and then smear hot pepper cream on it for a nice burning sensation. Sarah went around to the front. Angelina’s breasts were so small she couldn’t use the clothes pins like she did on her own full breasts. She just attached clamps to the nipples. She used the whip again and then ate the wounded pussy.