Walking in Monkshead Woods near her home, successful horror writer and new parent Victoria Redmond realizes that she is being stalked by half-seen figures…


Victoria turned and ran, dashing around the bole of a dead tree and almost colliding with a frightening figure that rose up in front of her.  She got the impression of dark robes and a hooded cowl so deep no face was visible with in it, all swathed in thick strands of ivy.  Big gloved hands reached out and caught hold of her arms.

As she drew in her breath to scream she heard a rapid rustle and swish behind her and then a heavy sack was rammed down over her head to her waist.  A draw string was pulled tight, pinning her arms at her sides.  Now she screamed and shouted but the sack was thickly lined with what might have been a heavy duvet quilt and it muffled her voice.   She felt herself lifted up by strong arms and carried, kicking and struggling away into the woods.

She was only transported in this manner for two or three minutes, but that was quite enough for Victoria to come near to total panic.  The interior of the sack was stifling and she had to stop screaming as she began to fear she would suffocate, even as all the terrors she could imagine filled her mind.  Her rough handling had also squeezed her breasts, soaking her bra with her milk.  An absurd dash of embarrassment was added to her fear by the thought that when the sack was pulled off her there would be two wet stains on her front.

Then she was laid down on her back on what felt like a bed of rough poles.  While one pair of unseen hands held her body down, others pulled the boots off her frantically kicking legs.  Then they fumbled at the belt of her jeans.  Oh God no! 

But kick as she might her jeans and panties were stripped off, leaving her bare from the waist down.  Her legs were pulled painfully wide and she felt coarse ropes being tied about her ankles and knees, binding them to the poles under her.  She sobbed and tried to pull them together but it was impossible.  More rope went about her waist, cutting into her flesh as it was also secured. 

The sack was pulled up her body, freeing her arms, until only her head was wrapped in its hot stifling folds, muffling her sobs and moans of fear and anger.  She punched out and scratched blindly at her assailants but they grasped her wrists and pulled her arms wide.  Then the sack came off her head.  Three menacing, faceless, dark hooded ivy-caped figures were bent over her.  She sucked in a wonderful gulp of clean fresh air to fill her lungs to scream but one of them rammed a rag wad into her mouth, muting her again.

They pulled her arms above her head and pulled first her chunky jumper and then her shirt, with two dark breast-milk stains on its front, off her.  They fumbled at her bra hooks with their gloved hands and then popped it free.  Its sticky clinging cups were pulled away, revealing her shiny milk-wet breasts.  They spread her arms wide along the line of a pole that crossed under her head and bound her arms to it at the wrists and elbows.  Another length of rough rope went around her chest in a cross between her bare breasts and about her neck.

And then she was spread-eagled and totally helpless, shivering from fear and from the cool air that washed over her body.  The three terrible figures stood over her, looking down at her naked form for a moment in hushed silence…