Chapter 1


Late Friday night, after a long day working at their business, Mark and Julie enjoyed dinner in the Greenwich Country Club restaurant. As Mark finished his coffee he said, “Would you like to stop in the lounge? We can and relax and enjoy a drink, before we drive home.”

Julie brushed back her long dark hair. Her eyes seemed to flash her excitement while she smiled. “I think that would be a wonderful way to end the day.”

“Did you enjoy yourself modeling the new line of fall clothes in the store today, while those photographers took your pictures?”

“Yes, I did.” The attractive woman sat upright. She kissed her husband. “I really got off on all of the attention the photographers gave me. I’ll thank you later tonight when I get you home. I’ll suck your cock and stroke it until that shaft is hard, before you fuck my tight pussy.”

“Being the company president, and being married to the company’s gorgeous model, does have some perks!”

“I’ll thank you by sucking your cock during our ride home to get you hard, darling. Julie smiled.

“You’re a beautiful woman. Those clothes you modeled today will sell when our in-store and on-line customers see them on your perfect hard body.” Mark stood. He took his wife’s hand, before he led her into another area of the exclusive country club.

Inside the lounge, they were surprised to see Mark’s sister-in-law seated at the bar. They whispered to one another, discussing the revealing short red dress the attractive wore. They also remarked to one another about the large group of men congregating around Becca, while they flirted with the attractive woman.

“Watch out what you say now, Mark and Julie are here,” Becca said, after she saw the couple looking at her. She laughed, before sipping a drink from a tall glass. “They come here, and they watch and judge everything I do and, say. I’m still part of their prominent family. They don’t want me to do anything to jeopardize that important family name! Isn’t that right, Mark?”

“Hello Becca, how are you?” Mark said appeared to be humiliated after her remarks. He watched the men smiling at him. Others were laughing.

“I won’t embarrass your family name too much tonight Mark.” Becca said, before laughed with some of the men flirting with her.

“Why don’t you sit with us for a few minutes Becca, so we can talk?” Mark motioned toward the tables in the lounge.

“You’re both much too boring for a woman like me.” Becca laughed again. He tossed back her long blonde hair. “I love the life of pleasures, and partying, with these fine young gentlemen.”

“I can see that.” Mark became angry. “Let’s talk for a few. It’s about money!”

“Why not? That’s one of my favorite subjects.” The petite woman made a comical face while sliding off the barstool. Her short red dress slid up, to expose her long and slender legs. “I’ll be right back gentlemen. Someone buy me another drink, and have it waiting for me”

Mark pulled out chairs at a table for Julie and Becca, before he sat with the women. He looked at Becca, “I had a meeting with my personal banker today.”

“Oh really?” Becca nodded to a handsome older man walking through the lounge. She then said sarcastically, “Did he talk about me?”

“Yes he did.”

Becca became serious, after she looked at Mark. “What did he say about me?”

“The bank told me you stopped making the monthly mortgage payment on the mansion, more than a year ago.”

“Why would he say that to you?” Becca became upset. “That’s my personal business! You have no right knowing what I’m doing with my life.”

“Calm down, and relax.” Mark leaned forward, elbows on the table, and lowered his voice. “My brother George and I were co-signers for each other’s mortgage. That’s how we financed the two mansions.”

“I don’t understand why the bank contacted.” Becca adjusted the low-cut dress so it exposed more of her large, surgically enhanced, perfect breasts. “You know I’m not good with money things.”

“You’ve defaulted on the mortgage, and that’s why the bank contacted me.”

Becca began playing with the red plastic stirrer in her drink. “Actually, I don’t care about the house.” She nodded to another man as he walked past the table.

“You’re going to lose the mansion George built for you.”

“I don’t care. I’m alone in it.”

Mark became upset. “I’m sure my brother George never intended to die so young, and make you a widow.”

Becca pushed the drink aside. Tears uncharacteristically welled in the young woman’s eyes. “I don’t have any money left in the bank, Mark.”

“How can that be?” Mark looked his wife, and saw the confusion on her face. “Tell me what’s going on with you?”

Becca wiped away the tears that began streaming down her cheeks. “I’m living month to month on the money you send me from the clothing store chain you and your brother owned together.”

Mark frowned. He felt confused as he looked at Julie again, and then back Becca. “We need to talk about this Becca. Can you come to our house Saturday night for dinner?”

“No. I don’t want to go to your house.” Becca crossed her arms defiantly. She looked down at the table while shaking her head. “I know you two don’t care for me. You don’t want anything to do with me.”

“That’s nonsense,” Julie said. “You’ll always be part of our family.”

“I don’t have any family that cares about me, and I don’t feel like I’m part of your family after George died.”

“We’ll always be here to help you,” Julie said. “If you lose the house to the bank, and have no money, you’ll need to go back to your bartending job at night.”

“Don’t say that, please.” Becca tugged down her dress, to expose more of her cleavage.

“If you lose the house, this lifestyle will end.”

“That can’t happen.” Becca felt her body trembling from growing apprehension. “Not ever!”

Julie knew she had the attractive woman’s attention. “Your life with the rich and famous in Greenwich, Connecticut, will come crashing down around you. Is that what you want in life?”

Becca frowned after listening to her possible future. “God no! I love this life.”

“Then come to our house so we can sit down and talk about a plan to help you.” Julie nodded, as her face mirrored her compassion. “We’ll work something out together. I promise.”

Becca paused, while taking a deep breath. “Alright, I’ll be at your house tomorrow night about six.” She stood and nodded to the couple, before she walked back to men waiting to party with her.

While they were driving home, Mark smiled before he said, “We have Becca right where we want her now.”

Julie smiled, in the glow of the Porsche dashboard lights. “Um, I was just thinking the same thing.” She took Mark’s hand.

“Now we can have some fun with the little naive princess.”

Julie’s smiled widened. “Our darkest fantasies are about to become reality!” She gently placed Mark’s hand onto her slender thigh. Her body shuddered as she felt him slid his hand under to skirt. She smiled when he realized she was not wearing panties.

“You’re thinking about all of the ways you can use, and abuse, that fucking slut whore Becca,” Mark said, after he felt the wetness of excitement flowing from his wife’s pussy. “Your pussy is wet. You’re thinking about fucking that slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am.” Julie’s head fell back against the seat, after she felt Mark probing her tight pussy with his long thick fingers. An image, and brief fantasy filled her mind, where Becca was naked and in tight rope bondage, while Julie fingered her pussy until she forced her to cum. Moments later Julie’s body began shuddering as she moaned, during a powerful orgasm where she fucked her pussy on Mark’s fingers.

“I know what you need, and when you need to be treated like a slut.” Mark pulled his fingers from under his wife’s skirt. He began licking the juices from her pussy, from his fingers.

“You always know what I need.” Julie smiled. “I’m determined to make all of my fantasies a reality, with your help, sweetheart.”