That morning Allison had put on black lace bra and panties, stockings and suspenders, but he wanted her naked.  She needn’t have bothered.  Perhaps this was part of trying to deflate her ego, to thwart her from the beginning. 

When she returned, he gestured that she should parade round the room. 

She didn’t sashay, fearing he would make some sarcastic comment, just trotted round naturally, horribly conscious of her big bouncing boobs.  She felt his eyes boring into her but he made no comment. 

‘Carry on,’ he said, then disappeared into the bedroom.

Allison felt a spasm of fear, realizing how vulnerable she was.

She walked to the door and tried to turn the knob.  He must have locked it when she was undressing.  She was trapped- her mobile phone was in the bedroom with her clothes.

When Courtney came back he was wearing just his boxer shorts.  There was a big bulge in the front but she doubted if he could be as well hung as Marcus.  Why hadn’t she stayed loyal to him.

Courtney was carrying something and Allison’s heart rate quickened still more.

He told her to get on her hands and knees, then showed her a silicone butt plug, penis shaped with a flared base.  He explained it was controlled by an app on his iPhone and was designed for training on the principle of rewards and punishments, different settings delivered pleasant vibrations if she pleased him and electric shocks if she was disobedient.  It was a sophisticated (and expensive) piece of kit based on the principle of the shock collar used for training dogs.  She’d asked for obedience training and she was going to get it; always be careful what you wish for, he sneered.

‘Arch your back and stick out your arse.  Let me get a good look at it.’

When Allison obeyed, Courtney ran his hands over the contours of her cheeks, obviously delighting in the shape of each buttock and the deep valley between them.  Her cheeks were perfectly symmetrical and firm to the touch; her skin beautifully smooth.   He pinched and kneaded the flawless girl-flesh.

He muttered to himself, totally absorbed.  A connoisseur viewing a new specimen of nubile womanhood, milky white orbs to relish and desire.  He sounded like he was slavering over her and she imagined strings of saliva hanging from his mouth and dripping onto her up-turned arse.

Courtney, groaning in his state of ecstasy, then applied some gel and used his fingers to open up the tight little rosebud of her rear-entry, the wrinkled hole yielding to his rough jabs and probes.

Allison winced with the pain and whimpered in canine style; it was involuntary, not a deliberate dog imitation.  When he shoved in the plug, she felt her sphincter resist but he pushed up further and harder so that she felt she needed to shit and she prayed she wouldn’t.  It was already an uncomfortable feeling and she dreaded being shocked in such a sensitive part of her body.

He was still talking enthusiastically about his equipment, the speed settings and the range: he could take her outside and still use it effectively.  It was clear the equipment fascinated him in a macabre manner almost as much as the flesh it was designed to control.

When he was satisfied the plug was properly in place Courtney demonstrated the reward setting and Allison felt a sensation like that delivered by a powerful vibrator.  She’d used vibrators before but never in her anus.

‘Now I’m going to show you the punishment mode,’ he explained, ‘but on the lowest setting.  You need to remember that the dial is set at 2 just now and the power can be increased to a maximum 10.  Ready, Amy?’

Allison felt a fierce electric shock shoot up her rectum.  Its power made her lower body convulse.  She whimpered again, trying to suppress a scream.  If this was a mild shock she would not want to endure the maximum or anywhere near it.  

He ordered her to shuffle round the room on her hands and knees while he followed behind her with his iPhone-  her plugged arse was always the main focus as he made his little video.  Allison felt her eyes mist over with tears; he could use this vid to humiliate her anywhere and anytime he wanted, send it to a hundred porn sites that accepted ‘amateurs.’

She crawled into the kitchen after him where he took down a bag of dog biscuits from a shelf.

Dived into a cupboard and fetched out a bamboo cane.

It was clear to Allison he’d prepared carefully for her visit.  She only had herself to blame, why had she fallen for his story, why had she agreed to pose like a dog in the first place. 

Courtney took his bag of biscuits and sat in an armchair.  He told Allison to sit on her haunches and beg like a dog.  He threw her a biscuit and she tried to catch it in her mouth but missed.  She felt an excruciating shock in her rectum; much more severe than before so he must have turned up the voltage.  She howled with the pain and he laughed.

‘Make sure you catch the next one.’

Allison was sweating, her hair plastered to her forehead, large tears began to ooze from her eyes.  She tried to concentrate hard, trying to anticipate his next throw but he kept her waiting.  She dreaded another shock.

‘Up, up!’

She raised her limp arms higher.

‘Pant like a dog.’

She obeyed. 

‘A dog’s tongue would be hanging out.’

She stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and tasted her salt tears.

He threw another biscuit and Allison caught it.

She felt a brief surge of pleasurable vibration in her back passage.


He sent a biscuit skittering across the floorboards and she crawled after it as swiftly as she could.  She had to try to pick it up with her mouth which she found difficult.  She knew he would punish her for taking so long.

Sure enough he pressed the punishment button again; the shock made her lower body twitch so much she dropped the biscuit.

This time he kept his finger pressed down on the button and Allison went into paroxysms of pain, writhing on the floor as if she was fitting.  It felt like fiery worms had invaded her rectum.  He must have increased the power to the 10 setting.  Finally, he lifted his finger.   It was some time before she could even lift her head and look at him through tearful eyes, her anguished pale face awash with tears and snot.