The leather mask shrouded Marcus Von Traum. He lurked behind it. Thick lines of tension seemed to play under the leather. Von Traum touched the mask. It was in place.

The proceedings could begin. Marcus Von Traum smiled, although no one could see the curl of his lips. His mouth was hidden behind the mask. He laughed once - a short burst-which was amplified through the large stone room.

Wall-speakers cast the man's laugh to the assembled men. It was followed by an amplified voice. "Gentlemen. Now that we are in proper form, I shall explain what will transpire. I'll explain it once." The steely eyes looked at the leather strapped men. Von Traum continued slowly. "The women will be brought out soon. They will be marked and the games will begin. I am in charge. You must know that as much as the women. They will obey my wishes and you gentlemen may join in only at my request." He stared at the men, walking slowly forward. He pulled his high leather gloves up to his elbows.

Then he paused. He was close to the men. His voice boomed out from the speakers. Von Traum paced before them. He strutted as he walked.

"The woman that I pick will be my companion for a year. She'll share my lust as well as my sorrows." Von Traum stopped and spoke to the men. He slapped the sides of his thighs. The leather pants cracked under his strong hands. Von Traum was smiling again.

The men before him were silent, respectful. Von Traum stood. His legs were encased in strong leather pants that flared out at the bottom. The crotch was seamed in a circle. A small tab hung from one end, where the seam could be opened. Von Traum's hands slowly began moving toward that circle. Just as they reached the centre of his crotch, the fingers lashed for the tab and the circle open. Von Traum's cock fell free.

A loud bell sounded over the speakers. A door opened. All the men turned to watch. The contest had begun.

From a far end of the large stone-arched room, a line of naked women walked slowly toward the men. The leather clad men moved back to comfortable seats at Von Traum's command.

Only the host was left to greet the women. He stood at attention. Only his hands were fondling his prick instead of remaining at his sides. The women came forward. They smiled as they passed in turn in front of the leather-clad admirers.

Von Traum watched each woman as she passed by. His eyes were greedy. They drank in every line of feminine flesh. He measured the softness in the bodies. His fingers yanked on his prick. It grew hard as he played.

"STOP!" He shouted at the women in a loud voice. They halted, instantly. A line of white flesh stretched from one end of the room to the other. Von Traum cracked his gloved knuckles and walked along the line.

"Is there anyone here who wishes to leave? There will be no way of fleeing the estate once you are branded." The man cast his eyes to the array of cunts.

The women shifted in their places. But no one left. Von Traum chuckled to himself. He raised two fingers into the air above his head. Immediately, from a far corner, two men came running with a white-hot poker. The end had been bent into an infinity sign.

Von Traum took the branding iron and waved it once around his leather covered head. The smoke spun from the iron. He walked the length of the line, pausing now and then to stare at a woman. He was already testing their resolve. His eyes burned like the branding iron. A few women quivered slightly, but they all waited patiently.

"Who will be first?" He cracked his voice.

The women fidgeted and suddenly one stepped forward. She was a tall redhead. Her slender head was held high, and her long hair flowed like copper. She stood three paces in front of the women.

Von Traum and the two helpers proceeded to the woman. The leather-masked man faced her. His assistants bound her slim arms to her side. They clutched her tightly.

"Spread your thighs. Shove your cunt out at me." The woman reacted instinctively. She thrust her hairy pussy in front of her. Von Traum leaned forward and sniffed the strong muskiness that rose from the auburn-coloured pubic hairs.

The poker still steamed. Von Traum aimed for the cunt itself. A strong whiff of smoke filled the area. The branding iron rested on the woman's cunt. Then it came away. The infinity sign had been burnt onto the cunt. The woman relaxed her muscles, collapsing into the arms of Von Traum's retainers. They carried her away. Von Traum returned to the front of the line. The branding iron was taken from his hands for re-heating. He pulled up his gloves. The first branding had been good. Now the women were a bit more apprehensive. But they still held their places. Von Traum spoke into the small wireless microphone.

"I'm pleased that you all want to join me. From the moment you are branded, you are an official candidate for Miss Masochist. I will be the sole judge. The winner will be crowned by me, and will live here for a full year. She will serve me, and she will take her pleasure with me."

Von Traum paused as he received the branding iron again. He walked to the head of the line and menaced the first cunt. The iron burnt his symbol into the human flesh. The woman screamed with the pain, then she bit her lip to hold back her emotions.

One by one, Von Traum made the women part of his personal fold. Once branded, they were marked as his. He could then proceed to treat them as chattels. And they would enjoy it.

Von Traum had spent the better part of the year selecting his candidates for this gruelling contest. He had had preliminary sessions with each woman. They had all tested well, and he knew that they liked the humiliation ... the torture he was about to give. They had begged to participate in the upcoming contest and Von Traum had consented. Now they were assembled and he made his way down the line. He marked each cunt in turn. The pubic hairs smouldered as the hot brand was applied.

Each woman reacted with undisguised horror. But each feeling of horror seemed to be wiped away as he applied the mark. His leather pants crackled as he tingled with passion. Von Traum certainly felt passion. His cock was vibrating each time he walked about. His hands poked the brand with unerring accuracy to the centre of each woman's pussy.

The rising smoke covered the iron shaft. The metal pole seemed to disappear into each cunt. When the smoke cleared, the women were all ready for the contest to get under way. They had spread themselves about the room to rest. Yon Traum paced back and forth nervously. The branding iron had been replaced with a long leather whip and he tapped the shank against his legs. The hall was silent, expectant. The men watched from their seats, their own hard cocks free. They too had undone their front pieces. Everyone watched Von Traum as he surveyed the scene. They waited for his words.

"I have picked a number of interesting tasks for you to perform." He addressed the women. They picked up their heads to listen. "Soon, I shall ask you all to leave the room. Then one by one you will re-enter at my command. At that time you will be given a task to perform or a duty to endure. I shall command, and you shall obey.

"Any deviation from the orders shall be met by my whip." The male lifted the long thong over his head. It cracked in a sharp line in front of him. The end flicked close to a woman's toe and she huddled back against the wall. Von Traum laughed and the men echoed his cry. "Now leave the room." His voice was stern and the women reacted quickly.

The naked women filed from the room. Von Traum shut the door behind them. Then he turned to the men again. "I trust your cocks are beginning to feel hard enough. Soon I shall stiffen them even more." He threw his head back and laughed aloud.

The men murmured amongst themselves. They stopped as soon as Von Traum began speaking again. "The first woman to p join us will be Felicia Sparrow. What is in store for her you will soon see." He cracked his whip and the door opened. A pair of large male hands shoved Felicia into the room. All eyes were on her ripe form. She caught her balance and walked slowly for- ward. Her slender figure bloomed with succulent tits. Her hips were round and fleshy.  Felicia's thighs shook slightly as she approached Von Traum.

"Hello." She spoke sweetly to him.

"Stand there." Von Traum proceeded to walk around the woman. He looked her over. His fingers itched inside his gloves and he had to work to hold himself from grabbing the woman.

"You slut!" He shouted at her. "You cunt! Who do you think you are, speaking to me before I address you? You bitch! I should smack you with my whip. Or with this!" His leather-gloved hands shot out and whacked across her face. The woman was knocked to the ground. She braced herself on the floor. Von Traum stood over her, his fist opening and closing.

"Get up. Hurry up, move." The woman tried to stand, but her movements were too slow for Von Traum.

He grabbed her arms and lifted her. The whip dropped. Von Traum released the woman's arms.

"Now see what you've made me do?" He brandished his fist in front of the frightened woman. "Pick it up." Von Traum pointed to the alien lash.

The woman bent over to get it. Von Traum placed the heel of his leather boot on her back. She fell flat on her face, cracking her chin on the floor.

"Slut ... clumsy slut." Von Traum laughed as he bent to help the woman up again.

In their seats, the onlookers slapped their leather thighs or fingered their hard pricks.

Von Traum was flushed with pride. His little show was proceeding well. The guests were enjoying themselves. He lifted the fallen woman to her feet. She tottered back into place. She rubbed her chin. Her arm crossed back and forth in front of her bare tits.

"Give me your breasts!" Von Traum barked the order. The woman dropped her chin and thrust her breasts out at the staring male.

The host grabbed the two boobs with his thick gloves and rubbed the hard leather along the smooth flesh. The woman seemed to tighten her body into place. Von Traum stroked back and forth. His fingers circled the ends and he squeezed the nipples. Long spiralling points of lust radiated up from his fingertips.

"Kneel!" Von Traum yanked on the hanging tits. He pulled the woman to the ground. She was on her hands and knees, her tits hanging from her chest. Von Traum walked quickly away. He retrieved his whip once more. Standing behind her, he whooshed the whip around his head. The sound ripped through the air. The woman cringed, waiting for the expected lash. The whirring sounds continued faster and faster. Von Traum menaced her with the whip. At the same time he felt his cock grow bigger. Just the thought of bringing the hard cracking whip onto her naked flesh made his prick tingle. Gathering his balls in the palm of his hand, he let them flop against the leather front of his pants.