‘One!’ the warden yelled. The prisoner stepped forward and was made to stand in the centre of the yard with her hands on her head. As Mia watched two guards stepped forward, each carrying a flogger, Mia was suddenly reminded of her interrogation at the hands of the governor and the warden. She swallowed as the floggers were raised and the governor started the stopwatch. The floggers fell simultaneously front and back. Mia didn’t need to watch to know that the leather strands would work their way down the slave’s back and front before travelling back up again. When the prisoner could take no more and collapsed to her knees with a sob, the stopwatch was stopped and the time recorded. As she was dragged back to the line, the next slave was brought forward.

It was impossible to tell for sure but Mia was quite sure that both Vicki and Roxanne had posted impressive times. Roxanne had certainly lasted longer than Vicki – but Mia suspected that Vicki’s fall to her knees had as much to do with the sudden wetness between her thighs as the floggers. Mia was called from the line and made to stand as the others had. She lifted her hands to her head and closed her eyes. She had no desire to win this stupid competition but she knew what Thomas expected of her and she was in no doubt that if she didn’t perform, things would get far worse. Time lost all meaning as she quivered beneath the blows and soon nothing existed but the floggers and the burning of her flesh. She felt her knees weaken and almost fell but was stopped by a voice that echoed around her mind – She can take more. She was aware that no one else had heard him – his damn voice was in her head! With every blow that fell she just said over and over again – one more, just one more. When she did finally fall to her knees it was several seconds before she realised that the beating had stopped.

Breathing heavily, she didn’t hear the results as they were announced and was only vaguely aware that some of the slaves in the line had taken a step backwards. Slowly she looked to the side to see Roxanne and Vicki standing beside her.

 ‘These three shall go through to the next round.’


The three of them were given water to drink as a frame was wheeled into the yard. Impressive looking – made of expensive wood and metal – it had fixings for three people to stand vertically within it. When it was decided that they had had enough time to recover, the three slaves were fixed into the frame – their hands above their head, ankles spread and a thick band placed around their waist. The need for the band around the waist was made clear when locks were opened and the frame was turned until the slaves were held horizontally – facing the ground. By means of a winch, the inner frame that held the slaves was then lifted further off the ground until they were at chest height. Three guards then stepped forwards and attached tight clamps to each of the slave’s nipples. With the clamps attached, chains were added and then the guards stepped back to await further instruction.

 ‘A simple test,’ the governor announced, ‘just say Mercy when you have had enough.’

The guards stepped forward again, this time to add large weights to each of the hanging chains. All three slaves gasped in unison as their breasts were cruelly stretched. The frame was then lowered to give each guard access to the slaves. They fucked them harshly, rocking the frame with the power of their thrusts and sending the chains swinging. Vicki was the first to climax, her juices splattering the ground beneath her. Mia groaned at the sound of Vicki’s pleasure and, despite the agony at her breasts, felt her own climax quickly building. Suddenly the guard who was fucking her reached his hand down to rub her clitoris and Mia’s juice joined the growing dark stain beneath them.

When the guards had finished, three more guards appeared to add more weights to the chains. Then they too enjoyed the slaves. It was during the next cycle of guards, as Vicki climaxed for the third time, that she screamed for mercy. The governor immediately ordered the guards who were fucking Mia and Roxanne to stop. The two slaves groaned with unspent arousal as the men pulled free. They then had to wait until they had both pleasured themselves in Vicki’s soaking pussy before all three of them were released from the frame.

The weights had been removed but the clamps and chains remained – no doubt to serve for the third and final round. After being given a few minutes’ respite, Mia and Roxanne were ordered to the centre of the yard. Made to stand facing each other, the chains at their breasts were lifted and joined together. The slaves were then forced to step back until their breasts were at full, painful stretch.

 ‘Twenty lashes,’ the governor announced, nodding to two guards who approached with thin, braided whips, ‘unless one goes down. Begin.’

Mia stared into Roxanne’s eyes as the first of the twenty blows snapped across their breasts. Both slaves winced but neither made a sound. By the tenth blow they were both hissing through their teeth and although they were gasping by the last strike, neither had fallen. With neither slave surrendering, two guards stepped forward and slid their thick cocks into their welcoming cunts. They were made to stand with their hands on their heads as they were fucked – the movement causing their joined breasts to stretch and pull apart. Both slaves stayed standing following noisy climaxes from the two guards. A fresh pair appeared and this time whipped their buttocks before sliding their cocks between them. The guards each held a vibrator and – turned to full – they moved it round to slide it between the slaves’ throbbing cunt lips. Roxanne suddenly threw her head back and screamed in abandon as she climaxed. The sheer pleasure sent her to her knees and Mia screamed as the action yanked the clamps from her nipples. Seeing what had happened sent Roxanne senseless with desire and she rolled onto her back, begging a nearby guard to fill her. He snatched the vibrator from his colleague and slammed it into her wide pussy before sliding his cock in alongside. He rode her violently as she writhed beneath him. When he was done, she was rolled over and beaten for her insolence while Mia was taken to the governor’s office to be enjoyed by him for the final time.