Chapter 1


Buttoning up his white drill shorts as he rose from the bunk in his cabin, the Captain looked down at the naked brown-skinned girl who was nervously gazing up at him. Her large dark eyes glistened with tears. Her breasts heaved rapidly as fear set in.

She was beautiful really, he thought. Really beautiful. But, having had her for more than a year, he had become tired of her. It was time to plough fresh fields.

He saw her moisten her lips.

'Master,' she gasped. 'Master is bored with me? I no please master any more?'

She was smart, all right. But he couldn't afford to let her know he was thinking of replacing her. Not yet, anyhow.

He placed a hand on her forehead.

'Silly girl,' he said. 'What makes you think that?'

He watched a tear trickle slowly down her cheek.

'Maybe master like whip me?'

She turned face down on the bunk, raising her bottom to give him a better target.

'Master whip Tona? Tona bad girl. Must get whip.'

Her bottom rose higher still.

'Master no send Tona back to Labia? Please, master, flog Tona. Tona beg master give flogging. Master happy when Tona shriek. Make much noise. Please, master.'

She jerked her buttocks up and down.

'Master want give Tona big hard-hard? Tona suck-suck. Make master happy. No send Tona back.'

He grew uncomfortable. He was certain she had guessed what he was thinking. But the little bitch still knew how to make him want her.

His hand strayed towards the short bamboo cane. Perhaps a couple of strokes would remove her suspicions?

He shook his head. It wouldn't be the first time he had caned her, but somehow it didn't seem to be right at the moment. Flogging had led to a passion-session in the past, but now he wanted something different. A change. A fresh, unbroken piece.

'Whip Tona!' she wailed.

Her voice was muffled as she buried her face in the sheet and lifted her bum still higher. Yet he felt he could not slash that soft, shapely bum. To do so would set back his plan.

'Prison-party ashore, Cap'n.'

The bosun's shout had never sounded more welcome.

'Got to go now,' the Captain said hurriedly. 'Wait here until I get back'

As he left the cabin he heard her wail.

'Tona no go back. Tona kill herself.'

Silly, dramatic bitch, he thought.

When he arrived on deck, the Captain saw both gangways had been run up from the quay. A line had been formed at the end of each, one consisting of frightened-looking, naked women, the other naked men with drooping penises.

Between the two lines, looking up at the ship, stood a smart-looking young officer wearing spotless white drill shorts and a crisp white short-sleeved shirt with a breast pocket, whose black lace-up shoes gleamed in the brilliant sunlight of Colombo harbour. The young officer was  carrying a whippy bamboo cane tucked beneath one arm and was accompanied by an older grey-haired black-uniformed warder with a mouth like a granite tomb who was carrying a bull-whip which he seemed to be impatient to put to use across the back of anyone foolish enough to annoy him.

'Permission to come aboard, Cap'n?' the young officer shouted.

'What's your cargo?'

'Seventy-two males. Fifty-six females. Bound for penal colonies Labia and Sere.'

'Carry on, bosun. Lieutenant, come aboard. Meet me in my cabin.

The Captain turned and without waiting for anything further, went back to his cabin.

Tona was still crouching face down on the bunk when he returned. He ordered her to squat in the corner.

'Master ...' she began.

'Be quiet, or you'll really be sent back to where you came from.'

The young officer entered and the two men shook hands.

'Anything of interest?' the Captain asked.

'Nice piece of honey-pot,' the officer replied. 'Never had it so far as I can tell. Also something really special - one male unused rosebud. Personal guarantee. Tried it meself.'

'Oh? Did you make it?'

The young officer laughed.

'Like 'em slacker me'self. Easier to piss in.'

'Hundred the two!' the Captain said briskly.

'Impossible. Five hundred.'



'Make it two-seventy-five.'

The young man shook his head and turned to leave.

The Captain made a gesture to stop him.

'Wait! Two-fifty plus this one here,' he said, pointing towards Tona. 'Last offer.'

Tona, cowering in the corner, shivered.

The men shook hands.

'Done,' said the young officer. 'Although I don't know how I'm going to explain why I'm one male short.'

As they spoke Tona rose from the floor and rushed past them through the door.

'Stop her,' yelled the Captain.

The sound of running feet slapping the deck followed by a loud splash showed it was too late.

The two officers ran to the side of the ship away from the quay. They were just in time to see a spreading stain of blood followed by a dark fin cutting through the water.


Chapter 2


In the shade of a cave in the cliffs of Labia, two women were curled closely together. A third, a tall black woman, squatted on her haunches, rubbing her prominent clitoris as she watched. All three were naked

From within the cave came a sigh which was accompanied by a moan.

''Trisha! Trisha!'

The moan was repeated in a shuddering, drawn-out tone.

The black woman squatting in the cave entrance pushed her pointed pink tongue between her teeth and wetted her lips. A humourless smile appeared on her dusty face as she heard a different voice, deeper in tone.

'Lick it, white cow. Lick!'

The moan turned to a plea.

'I can't. Please. No more!'

'You can ... and you will.'

The black woman turned to face the embracing women, her smile growing broader as she heard a sharp smack followed by a loud shriek.

'No such thing as "can't", white cow. Lick. It's your last chance.'

'Maybe we should give her 'The Treatment'?' the watching black woman laughed softly. 'Maybe I should rip her up with my fingernails? She needs a finger or two in her pussy.'

'No! No! I'm licking now ... Licking.' It was the terrified voice of the woman who had been called "white cow".

'How 're you liking it, Trish?' the black woman asked.

'Fine,' came the deep-voiced reply. 'Ain' gonna never use any more dock leaves. Reminds me of home. My mamma was always most partickler about usin' the right paper. This is sure better than paper! Lick harder, white cow! You wanted to run away with us ... now you gotta pay.'

As the woman spoke she leaned further forwards and pulled her bum-cheeks farther apart to let her white companion who was licking push her tongue further in.

The squatting black woman raised the length of sharp-edged elephant grass she had been plaiting, and swished it down hard on the white woman's bared bottom.

Three times the length cut into the white woman's bum-cheeks, each time making her squeal, a squeal which was muffled in the flesh of the deep-voiced woman's bum as her searching tongue strove to clean up her black mistress.

Her teeth scraped the side of her mistress's anus. A shudder of delight wracked the black woman's body.

'Yes,' she gasped. 'Comb me. Comb me, Vinny.'

The cruel sharp-edged elephant grass swung down on the white woman's bum again. This time her teeth closed on the black woman's exposed anus-hole, drawing a shrill gasp as the teeth bit hard into the tender flash.

'Aah! Aaah! Yes ... Bite! Bite hard! Bite hard, white cow.'

A different voice broke into the little scene.

'Got ya! All three of ya. Havin' it off, eh? Mistress Stride will be pleased to see you again.'

The inmates of the cave sprang apart, and the black woman with the elephant grass gave a shrill curse.

'The Head Wardress!' Then in a whine she continued, 'Didn't mean no harm, mistress. We was jus' foolin'.'

'Governor Stride takes an interest in all her prisoners,' the Head Wardress said. 'She'll be most interested to hear about your little preference for foolin' And when she's finished with you, I'll attend to you myself ... Personally.

'Guards, shackle them ... close together, one behind the other. Close ... so they'll feel the fear running through them and the sweat trickling down their tits to their cunnies.

'And put the white girl between the two black ones. Like a sandwich - cunt touching arse, and arse touching cunt.

'Forward - MARCH!'