Chapter One - Cindy


The Peon Estate is known to those in the right circles as ‘The’ place to send female slaves for training.  Any aspect of her training could be arranged and the experienced staff guaranteed satisfaction.  A new girl could be sent to the estate for an introduction to her new life of servitude or a partly trained slave could be tutored in the many skills and arts required of her role.  Slave owners frequently sent even fully trained slaves to the estate to undergo vigorous punishment regimes, either because they had misbehaved or simply for the pleasure of their Master or Mistress.

Two very powerful men were sitting in the sumptuous surroundings of the main office.  The darker of the two men, Master Peter, owned the estate and ruled with an iron fist.  His love of women was equaled only by his desire to dominate them, a true sadist who, in entrepreneurial style, had discovered a method of making a great deal of money from his favourite pastime.  The second man, Mister Reeves, sipped slowly at his Scotch and soda.  Reeves’ background and wealth were based in the South African diamond mines.  These had supplied his enormous wealth whilst the politics of his country had supplied his first introduction to domination.  From his early childhood he had enjoyed issuing orders to his parents’ domestic staff and, as he grew, so did his desire to dominate.  By the time he had reached the age of twenty-one, simply ordering black servants to do his bidding was not enough and he set his sights on owning European women, not as servants but as slaves.

Until now Reeves had enjoyed and taken pride in training his own girls; however, his latest acquisition, ‘Cindy’, had proved too much even for this experienced Master.  He was fifty two years old and for the first time felt he had met his match in the recalcitrant Cindy.

He had purchased the girl at a Middle Eastern auction some three months ago.  How a young American woman happened to be standing naked on an auction block attracting spirited bidding from the assembled traders is not important, what is relevant is that she, or it, now belonged to Reeves.

At twenty two years of age Cindy was in her prime, her very fine ash blonde hair fell to her shoulders where it curled under and appeared to sit and bounce like an animated frame for her face.  Unusually for a woman with her colouring, a bridge of light brown freckles chased across her small nose from one high cheek bone to the other and somehow added lustre to her pale blue eyes.  Her breasts were only of modest size, 34B, but their perfect shape and the firmness of her youth more than made up for any lack of weight.  She had been an athlete at college and had retained her slim waist; the smooth flare of her hips led to long well toned thighs and onward to firm calves and pretty size five feet.  Viewed from the rear her bottom certainly caught the eye, it was well rounded and firm without any hint of sagging and it virtually begged to be beaten.  Truly this was a woman any red- blooded male would wish to possess.

Four weeks ago Reeves had met with Master Peter’s second in command, Miss Catherine.  As the Master’s assistant, she always conducted negotiations with prospective clients regarding a slave’s acceptance for training. Her discussion with Reeves had included his precise requirements for Cindy and confirmed that all matters of discipline and training would be at the discretion of Master Peter.

Reeves had explained that, despite several beatings he had administered, Cindy she resolutely refused to recognize the principle that he or anyone else could own a slave.  He had managed to fuck her only once in nearly eight weeks, that had only been achieved by drugging her food and binding her immobile before she awoke.  When Cindy regained her senses she opened her eyes to see Reeves sitting on her chest trying to put his penis in her mouth and she had made a valiant effort to bite it off!  It was this incident, more than any other, which had convinced Reeves to seek professional help.

It was agreed Cindy would be sent to Peon for four weeks of intensive training, at the end of which Reeves would visit the estate to review her progress and future development.  Today marked the end of that period and Cindy would soon be presented for his inspection.

With a cursory snap of his fingers Master Peter summoned the attendant slave, Mandy.  She walked quickly to his chair and sank to her knees.

“How may I serve you, Master?” she asked, casting her eyes to the floor.

He didn’t even look at the girl as he spoke, “Two more drinks.”

“Yes, Master, thank you, Master.”

As Mandy stood, her naked body trembled from the pain it caused to her nipples.  The serving tray hooked onto her waist belt was supported at the edge furthest from her stomach by two slim silver chains leading to her teats.  Her bright red buds were firmly gripped by clamps so the weight of the tray was borne by her sorely stretched nipples.  When first Master Peter, then Reeves, placed their empty glasses on the tray, the extra weight not only pulled harder but made the clamps grip tighter.  As Mandy was not required to actually prepare the drinks, another slave would do that, she had her hands locked behind her and secured to her waist-constricting belt.  Without her arms to help her balance, rising from the floor was never easy, especially when trying to cope with the additional torment of her regulation four inch high heels.

Just as Mandy had returned with the drinks and taken to her knees in front of her master, a loud scream was heard from somewhere outside the room.  Master Peter merely raised one eyebrow. Reeves looked shocked before his face cracked into a broad smile of anticipation. The kneeling slave girl wobbled and visibly paled.

“Ah, that sounds as though Cindy is nearly ready for us now. Shall we take a look?” asked Master Peter, rising from his seat.

The two men walked away without a backward glance, leaving Mandy to wonder just how long she would have to remain in her uncomfortable position.  The weight of the full glasses on her tray was already bringing tears to her eyes and the thought that she could be left there for hours added to her misery.

As they made their way downstairs Reeves was impressed by the large slave quarters opening up before him.  He could see signs pointing towards other areas: ‘Gymnasium’, ‘Punishment Rooms 1-5’, ‘Isolation Cells’, ‘Electro Therapy’, so many images crowded his mind he almost fell over the step into ‘Punishment Room 2’.

They were greeted by an ear-shattering scream, “Aaaagggghhhh.”

Reeves’s eyes opened wide as he saw his property for the first time in four weeks.  Cindy was spread eagled naked to an X-cross in the middle of the tiled room.  Her trainer, Miss Karen, was standing next to her, dressed in a tight fitting white top which ended just below her bust leaving an expanse of firm flat stomach exposed.  She wore nothing underneath and her excitement could clearly be recognized from her engorged nipples.  Her short flared skirt swished at mid thigh revealing her well tanned shapely legs and high-heeled ankle boots of red leather completed her outfit.

Miss Karen had only recently qualified as a trainer but her natural ability and enthusiasm was obvious to see.  She greeted her boss and his guest with a cheerful wave and a broad smile.

“Just reminding this bitch to behave during your inspection, Sir,” she said.

Cindy’s head had drooped onto her chest and saliva dribbled from her mouth, it mixed with her tears as they rolled onto her heaving chest.  Three slim wires leading from Cindy’s body were connected to a small control panel placed on a stand adjacent to the cross.  One wire was attached to each of her nipples the third was clamped agonizingly, directly to her clitoris.

Karen already took a pride in her work and was happy to explain to Reeves how the machine worked.  In her eagerness to please her boss she had run quickly through the capabilities of the machine and was beginning to bore Reeves with technical details. Master Peter signaled silently to her to move on.

“So you see, Mr. Reeves,” she said, “this dial allows me to vary the power of electricity administered through any number of leads.”

“How much can a slave take?” asked Reeves.

“With the conductors placed where they are on this one, no girl has lasted more than three seconds at strength fifteen.”

“Fantastic! Can I see it in action?” his excited tone betrayed his eagerness.

With no thought for the suffering she was about to cause the restrained slave girl, she smiled courteously as she replied.

“Certainly you may, Sir.”

Cindy groaned and whimpered in fright as the meaning of this casual exchange penetrated her haze of pain.

“Oh please don’t, please, please, I’ll do anything you say, please don’t do it to me again, please, I can’t stand any more,” she sobbed.