Taking her hand from between her captive’s legs, she put a small stool down right in front of Dena and sat on it. Dena was not surprised that it put Nicole’s nipples at the exact height of her mouth. Nicole twisted forward slightly, ensuring that her left nipple was only millimeters from the edge of the ring gag. “Now move forward and start sucking and licking. You know you don’t want to fight me.”

Dena did indeed wish to fight. She had a strong desire to bite the bitch, but the ring gag took that possibility off the table. The only thing that would happen if she resisted was that Nicole would press her nipple into her mouth and Dena would remain motionless, but she would end up servicing it anyway after being punished. She certainly didn’t want any more suffering, so she moved the slight bit forward and took Nicole’s entire nipple, as well as some surrounding breast flesh, into her mouth and started to suck and move her tongue over her hardening nipple.

“That’s very good, you slut,” she moaned. Dena twisted her hips a bit in a hopeless escape attempt, but did not stop licking and sucking. Nicole’s fingers drifted through her hair gently, as if soothing her. It did actually feel nice; it was the only thing on happening to her that wasn’t causing physical or mental anguish. When one of Nicole’s fingers drifted down and started tracing her ear lobe, Dena felt a pang of pleasure and moaned because of it.

“Yeah, you like that. Such a good, obedient cunt,” Nicole responded. Dena once again marveled at how such extreme humiliation could excite her so quickly and with such severity. It was like a light switch or a faucet; all anyone had to do was flip it on, and Dena’s cunt started to run. She saw Nicole starting pinching her other nipple and she burned with shame and disgust at her arousal even though it grew like an out-of-control fire. It was like an ongoing nightmare from which she could not wake up.

She heard the men behind her talking, but their conversation slowly petered out until the room was silent save for Nicole’s moans and Dena’s sucking mouth. They disappeared from her mind until she felt a hand drift over her still-red ass cheek; at that point she could sense them standing close to her.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Robert said.

“Yeah, love a bitch being forced to suck another chick’s nipples,” the second agreed.

“Her tongue is really good,” she heard Nicole say as she breathed heavily. “You’re going to have to wait a minute until I’ve had my fill, but whoever gets her mouth is going to enjoy it.” Dena felt a large, thick finger enter her cunt.

“Yeah,” said another voice, “well her cunt is pretty tight too. And she’s soaked!”

“I know,” Nicole responded, panting harder. “I wanted to make sure she was ready for you guys. Neither of you are exactly small, and I figured she should be really wet for you. This sounded like a great way and,” she let out her own little squeal of pleasure, “I’m having some fun too.”

She recognized Robert as the next speaker. “That’s cool, but what are we doing about her ass?” he asked. “Do we get to fuck it or will the plug be enough to make her feel like a three-hole slut?” Dena groaned, debased by the clinical discussion about the invasion of her back passage.

“Give me a minute,” Nicole barely managed to say, “and then I’ll let you know.” The voices grew silent, but hands began to touch all parts of her body. Nicole’s fingers remained entangled in her hair and continued to trace pleasurable trails on her ear, which others started sliding over the tops and insides of her thighs, squeezing her tits, or over her ass. She couldn’t keep track of where or how she was being groped; all she knew was that she felt like a whore forced to stand still while being pawed at by horny frat boys.

Nicole’s hands gripped her hair tightly, both pulled Dena forward a bit and pushing her own body forward, filling Dena’s mouth with more breast flesh and nipple. The pain in her scalp spurred her to suck harder and push her tongue forward, rubbing it roughly over Nicole’s now-erect bud. Her entire body began to rock rhythmically, her movements becoming more frequent and more intense, until her entire body tensed and she let go with a scream.

Dena had never known any woman to orgasm only from nipple stimulation – admittedly, she’d not discussed it with anyone – but apparently Nicole was different. It amazed her, but it wasn’t really relevant; what it did mean that she could get on to the unwelcome but required tasks of taking care of all the men in the room so that they might decide to finally leave her alone. Despite her arousal at being used, she still wanted to nothing more than to be free of the restraints, gags, collars, and punishments. She could consider just how much they turned her on at another time. Right now, she wanted only to gain her freedom, and obeying and performing as well as she could seemed like the best way to achieve that goal.

Nicole backed away, her breast coming free of Dena’s mouth with a loud pop! from the built-up suction. The stool was removed and she was suddenly looking into Nicole’s sweaty, satiated face. “You have no idea how much I enjoyed making you do that,” she gloated, her voice soft and silky. “It so much better to have someone who isn’t willing.” She ran her hands over Dena’s cheek, almost tenderly. “Now you’ve got a new challenge,” she said, rising and looking behind Dena.

“Here’s what I’m thinking, guys. That plug not only gets a lot bigger,” she said, ignoring Dena’s yelp of concern, “but it also acts as an enema nozzle that we can seal.” Dena’s yelp of concern became a cry of near-panic. “So, I’ll pump it up and fill her ass up with four quarts of warm, soapy water, and then you can fuck her. She’ll hate the plug worse than anything you can do to her.”

“Fuck, yeah,” one of the men said.

“Great. You guys decide who gets which end while I start setting everything up.” Dena, realizing (but not surprised) that she was being ignored, started struggling. She didn’t see how the plug in her ass could get any larger without tearing her apart. Additionally, the corset already had her squeezed so tightly that even now, just barely bending forward, she couldn’t take a deep breath. With an excess of liquid added to it, she couldn’t imagine how much more discomfort it would cause her.

To the shock of no one, Dena didn’t loosen one rope or lock; she was still in position, waiting unwillingly, as Nicole returned with several items. The first appeared to be a simple three-leg stand, about six feet tall, with a hook on the end. She hung a rubber enema bag from the hook and, taking the end of the long nozzle that exited the bag from the base, walked behind Dena. She felt Nicole manipulating the base of the plug, apparently attaching the hose to it, before Nicole moved the stand a little further backwards to get the hose from dragging on the floor. Dena could see that the bag as full to bursting.

She felt more activity at her anal invader, and belatedly realized Nicole was putting the pump in place to enlarge the phallus. Without giving it much thought, she wiggled her hips in an attempt to dislodge it, but accomplished nothing. She did, however, attach Nicole’s attention.

“Are you wiggling that ass because you want me to pump up your plug before you get your enema?” she asked, a huge smile in her voice. “Don’t concern yourself, I’m starting right…. now!” Nicole squeezed the bulb and the already broad end of the plug expanded greatly. Dena cried out upon feeling the ribs and nubs as they distended her tender flesh, but had barely returned to silence when another pump repeated the procedure, this time inflating the device to its maximum capacity.