Snuggling naked together in the comfort of their large and soft bed, they were starting-off their weekend like they did most any weekend.  Spooning his lovely wife who was now seven months pregnant, Ken could sense Carrie’s growing excitement as she methodically wriggled her ass against his awakening manhood.  For the past several weeks, his adorable pregnant wife had become increasingly horny with each passing day.  He knew what she wanted, and he was more than willing to accommodate her. 

Expecting their third child, albeit 18+ years since the arrival of their youngest, he knew how Carrie’s surging hormones affected her libido.  And while it had been some time since Carrie was last pregnant, her desire and need for frequent intimacy in her latter stage hadn’t changed.  He clearly remembered how much she wanted sex, and more sex, right up to the final days before giving birth to their other beautiful offspring.  Being in her 3rd trimester, he knew Carrie would want him 2 or 3 times a day if she could.  So with their two teenage kids, daughter Kara (18) and son Daniel (19), sleeping in their bedrooms on the floor above them, they figured it was safe to get frisky. 

  While their impending new addition to the family was a surprise, it was a very welcome one.  A very young mother early in life, who had married her high school sweetheart and conceived very shortly after that, Carrie felt far better prepared for this pregnancy than the first two.  She remembered how surprisingly difficult it was to have children at such a young age, but she had none of those insecure feelings this time. 

Having escaped the harshest of the Talistaun’s rule by living in such an out of the way community, and by virtue of Ken’s highly respectable partnership at a local investment firm that handled billions of dollars in Talistaun investments; they felt comfortable with growing their family.  It certainly wasn’t ideal living under Talistaun rule, but the excitement of a new baby coming into the family made everything seem a bit more bearable.

Carrie, who was 37 yrs. old, stood 5’ 4” tall and weighed 110 lbs. before her pregnancy.  Her petite and overall sexy body sported a pair of stunningly firm and jutting D-cup breasts, which were capped with conspicuously large nipples.   Her long and straight dark brown hair framed her pretty face quite nicely, and made her deep brown eyes and long eyelashes look even more sexy.   But what was perhaps the most amazing thing about her current body shape was the way she carried her pregnancy.   Aside from her prominent basketball size belly and slightly swollen breasts, no one would have ever guessed she was expecting.  If you could block out just her mid-section from view, you would never think she was pregnant. 

Continuing to work her soft ass cheeks against her husband’s stiffening pole, she knew she had his full attention.  Moaning gently now, she rocked and slid the crack of her ass up and down his hardening shaft.  Feeling Ken’s pleasure pole rapidly getting bigger and warmer in the nestling crevice of her firm bottom, she knew her morning was about to get off to a fabulous start as her handsome husband’s pleasure wand came to life.

Standing 6’ tall and weighing 180 lbs., Ken had short, dirty blonde hair, bright and alluring blue eyes, and a sexy jaw line and chin, much like a movie star.  He was an avid runner who kept his slender frame in good shape.  More of a sleek and agile kind of athlete versus a more rugged figure, he was very fit with plenty of cardio endurance on his side.

Rotating herself forward a bit further, Carrie worked herself about until the tip of his crown was pressing at her moist womanly lips.  Gasping at the sensation of her husband’s probing cock; she knew it wouldn’t be long before Ken’s pleasure wand would be fully erect and working its magic.  Given the late stage of her pregnancy, Carrie mostly enjoyed being taken from behind.  She lusted after the way Ken’s bulbous crown pressed and rubbed against her sensitive g-spot when he took her that way.  Just the thought of it made her nipples stiffen and her feminine juices begin to flow.  She simply loved the way her pregnant body responded to being sexually aroused and taken by her handsome husband.  Undoubtedly a sexually vibrant woman by nature; there was something about being pregnant that made her want to orgasm multiple times a day.

There were even days when Carrie simply couldn’t bear to wait for Ken to get home from work.  Seemingly unable to suppress her needs, she would lay back on the couch while the kids were at school, slip her hand between her legs, and tease her own clit until she climaxed.

But this morning all was good with the world; she knew her lustful needs were about to be satisfied.   Still rocking and pushing her naked womanhood against Ken’s gently thrusting and throbbing cock, she gasped and groaned once again when she felt the head of his spear part her wet and defenseless lips.

Ohhhhhhhh, Yesssssss,” Carrie moaned in an exhale.  “Ohhh my god… please, please give it to me, babe!”

More than ready to comply with his wife’s wishes, he shifted himself a bit closer as his vein-ribbed cock slipped into her hot, wet womanhood. 

“Ohhh my g-g-god… yes,” she whimpered, as her body shivered in response to her husband’s large cock filling her womb. 

“Do you like that, baby,” he responded.  “Do you want more of that?”

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard…”

After pushing his big cock inside her as far as he could, he reached around her petite body and grabbed a hold of her large breasts. 

And as she rolled her head back in response to his groping hands, she knew what was coming next for her sensitive girls.  Ken had always been fascinated with her nipples.  And with her breasts beginning to swell with her milk, her nipples were even bigger and more sensitive than usual, and he loved that.   Preparing for what she knew was coming; she was rocking her horny pussy atop his cock when it did.  As if on cue, she felt his fingers grab her nipples and begin to gently roll and massage them.  It was like an electrical charge had just been applied to her pleasure buds, which erupted through her swollen clit.

Steadily thrusting himself in and out of his wife’s womanly tunnel with more and more enthusiasm, they were in perfect rhythm as they began to extract maximum pleasure from one another’s body.  Working together with the common goal of achieving a thunderous climax, they were starting to pant and moan as their glistening bodies worked harder and harder at achieving their goal.

There was just something about making love to his ‘very’ pregnant wife that felt like no other time.  She felt so tight and so unbelievably good.  Breathing hard and talking through his clenched teeth, Ken said, “Are you getting close, baby…  “I-I’m about to explode deep inside you, babe” as he pinched her nipples a little harder.

It took her breath away as the intense sensation of Ken’s pinching fingers surged through her nipples.  Carrie quickly began to quiver as she murmured in a panting breath, “Ohhhhh, yes, yes, I-I-I’m cumming…”

Feeling his wife’s body starting to convulse in an intense orgasm, Ken quickly followed suit.  Unable to hold back any longer, he released a loud grunting groan as he slammed his cock even deeper inside her hole and let it erupt.  

“OHHHHHH, YA BABY, TAKE IT, TAKE IT ALL,” he called out rather loudly as he thrusted himself in and out her with even greater ferocity.

Carrie could feel every shot of Ken’s hot thick jism as he fired into her already occupied womb.  Even she could feel the difference in their love making when she was so pregnant, and she loved it too.  While extracting every last ripple of pleasure they could as their bodies slapped together again and again, they finally reached their peaks and began to slow. 

Finally coming off the intense high of their climaxes, they now rested in each other’s arms for a few more minutes.  While gently kissing the back of Carrie’s neck, a few more shivers of pleasure washed over her.

“I love you so much, Carrie,” Ken whispered softly into her ear as he gently caressed her swollen belly. 

Delighted by Ken’s loving touch, she worked herself around to face him and responded, “And I love you too, sweetie.  And I’m so happy to be having your baby.”

Gasping a quick breath, she smiled and said, “Oooooo, did you feel that, sweetie?”

Gently kissing her on the lips first, he then replied, “Yes I did…  I’m guessing a soccer player.  What about you?”

But before she could answer her husband, he placed his lips over hers and engaged in a long passionate kiss.  Feeling her clit starting to swell again, she made herself pull away from Ken as she said, “I think we need to get up, my dear.  The kids are going to want breakfast soon!”

“Yeah, I suppose so,” Ken quipped.  “But can we jump into the shower together first, sweetie?”

Smiling, Carrie winked at her husband and darted for the shower room, while holding her ball shaped belly as she trotted along.




Arriving at the office nearly an hour later, Ken wasted no time getting inside to find his business partner, Joseph Riker, sitting at his desk with head back and his eyes closed. 

“Joseph… what the hell’s going on?  What happened?”

“I-I don’t know, exactly, Ken.  It’s still kind of confusing.  It l-looks like one of the senior Talistaun resistance members was captured… and m-may have been forced to give up some really big secrets... about us!”

“What… How can that be!?!  There wasn’t supposed to be any external connection to us at all.  We were told this exact scenario absolutely couldn’t happen!”

“I-I know, b-but look at this intercept that I received just before I called you.”

Holding out a sheet of paper with his shaking hand, Ken took it from him and began to read it:

** Confidential Priority Message to Slaver Team 2 **

* Zone 109 investment firm infiltrated by resistance.

* Preparing to bleed away billions.

* Could cripple N of T.

* Must act quickly.

* Seize Smith and Riker families immediately.

* Extreme measures authorized for delivery to punishment center 109.

* Disposition of Smith family will be as follows:

     - Ken – enslave as a bound laborer at the pony-slave training Ranch.

     - wife – intern at the breeding barn, currently with child.

     - son – enslave as a laborer in the diamond mines.

     - daughter – intern as a sex-slave in training.

* Disposition of Riker family as follows:

- Joseph & wife Gloria – enslave as pony-slaves-in-training at the Ranch.

** End of Communication**

Stunned, Ken was speechless as he looked over to Joseph with a look of terror in his eyes.

“I-I don’t know about you Ken, but there’s no way I’m going to allow Gloria and I to be captured and enslaved as pony-slaves for the Talistaun.  That’s just not going to happen!”

“Yeah, y-yeah, I-I know,” Ken struggled to say.  “I-I-I don’t understand w-what happened, Joseph.”

Starting to regain his thoughts now, Ken started to get agitated as he continued, “What the FUCK is going on here!  And what the hell does ‘extreme measures’ mean?!”

Shaking his head in disbelief, Joseph responded, “I-I don’t know, Ken.  But go home, pack up your family, and get out of town.  Go as far away as you can.”

Handing Ken a cell phone, Joseph continued, “Here, this is an encrypted cell phone.  When it’s safe I-I will call you.”

Taking the phone from Joseph, Ken slipped it in his pocket and asked, “Where are you and Gloria going?”

“I think it’s better that we don’t know where the other is going.  Just in case either of us is captured.  It’s safer that way.”

I suppose so, Joseph.  That’s good thinking…  Good luck to you and Gloria.”

“Same to you, Ken.  Take care of your family.  I would hate to hear of your capture and enslavements.  Be safe and be smart!”

Nodding his head in agreement, Ken turned for the door and nearly ran out of the building, with the intercepted message still in hand.




Kara was on her way to the sex-slave barn to begin her training!  The terrified teenager was just starting to get used to the frantic moans coming from the young women on display before her in the van.  For the first 30-minutes of the ride, Kara couldn’t take her eyes off the young women’s pussies as they endured the vibrating wand-balls that were pressing firmly into their vaginas.   About halfway through the 4-hour trip, she was sure she had witnessed the helpless girls experience several powerful orgasms, each more traumatic looking than the last.   Unable to escape the constant stimulation in their pussies, an unrelenting look of despair and desperation filled their wide eyes.  It was a look that Kara had never seen before.

Frightened and unsure what to expect, Kara feared the worst for herself and the other two.  Unable to look away from the suffering girls, she also couldn’t overlook how swollen and hard her own nipples had become.   But what was really becoming a significant concern to her was the warmth she was now feeling between her legs.   Freshly de-haired and sensitized, she was confused and troubled by her body’s reaction to her predicament.  Fearing how the male guards might react if they saw her in such a state, she instinctively knew that the three of them would be very tempting conquests for the men.

And then it happened… what she had dreaded from the moment she entered the van, two of the hunky men emerged from the passenger cabin and flanked Kara in her seat.  Gently touching her exposed body in several places, they took a few moments to enjoy the view, before lifting her off the seat slightly by her bound arms.  Next, one of them laid a long domed device on the seat beneath her pussy, and then gently lowered her onto it.  She immediately felt the slightly rounded top of the black rubber device press against her womanhood.  The thing was 3-inches wide and 10-inches long, and was covered with dozens soft rubber bumps on the top.  The bumpy domed top was a solid 2-inches tall and easily nestled itself into the folds of her most private area.

“Have you ever heard of a sybian, young lady?” the smirking man asked.

Shaking her head ‘No,’ she had a very bad feeling about the thing wedged into her pussy.

“Well, this going to be a real treat for you, missy.”

Holding up a remote control device for Kara to see, the man pushed the 1st of four buttons on the controller.  Immediately, the rubber strip between her legs began to vibrate.   Catching her off-guard, she grunted and groaned as she began to squirm atop the device.

“That’s setting # 1 – a small sample of the device’s vibrating power.  We’re going to let you enjoy that for a while.”

Retreating to the passenger cab area of the large van, Kara was left to ride atop the ribbed sybian in a similar fashion to the other two tormented girls on the vibrating wand-balls.

Unable to lift or shift her womanhood from the device, it didn’t take her long to feel the intended effects.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t rebuff the vibrating sensation between legs that was actually beginning to feel quite good.  And the longer it went on for, the more slippery things felt down there.  So, with her feminine juices coating the humiliating invader, she soon found herself compelled to gently rock her pelvis forward and back on the devious device.

It only took a few minutes for her stiffening clit to escape its protective hoodie and find the vibrating rubber bumps.  Quivering in response, a mixed sigh of pleasure and dismay escaped her as her breathing became deeper and more labored.   Slowly adjusting to the tool of torment between her legs, her beautiful eyes were now as big as saucers.

Looking across the van to the others once again, Kara quickly spotted their wide eyes now affixed to the sybian between her legs.  Feeling her sexual excitement steadily increasing, Kara was even more troubled when the girls across the way began to squeal and shake yet again, as yet another wave of orgasms overcame them.  Helpless against the vibrating wand-balls; the mechanical pussy pleasers were relentless in their magnificent torment.

Realizing she was doomed to a similar fate atop the device under her pussy, Kara fought as long and as hard as she could against the sybian.  Doing her best to deny the sybian its victory, she also knew it was a hopeless fight.  And when she suddenly felt the device’s intensity increase, she simply couldn’t keep herself from cumming. 

“That’s setting #2… just in case you’re wondering,” called out one of the guards from the front.

Helpless against it, her body erupted in a feverish quiver as a gasping whimper of defeat escaped from her gagged mouth.   Unable to control herself, her body was now in the throes of an orgasm.

When she was finished climaxing, the true depravity of her situation set in.  With the intensity of the sybian unchanged, she quickly realized just how she would suffer for the remainder of the ride.  Gazing across to her tormented co-riders, Kara had a whole new understanding of their anguish. 

Indeed, the remainder of the ride was both humiliating and tortuous for Kara.  In the hour before the ride ended, the guard had increased her sybian to level 3.  Forced to endure the increasing stimulation of her inordinately sensitive pussy, Kara’s panting body glistened with excitement as she strained against her tight bonds with every orgasm she experienced. 

Finally, the van came to a stop and the engine fell silent.  Anxious to escape the vibrating tools that were pressed firmly into their exposed slits, the three girls now welcomed their arrival at the sex-slave training facility.  Perhaps that was the true purpose of the devices all along.   Desperate to escape the devices between their legs, their pleading eyes stared outward as they awaited what was next.

Still enduring the torment emanating from the sybian between her legs, Kara watched as one of the guard’s approached and sat right next to her.  Staring as the man pressed one of the lower buttons on the remote, she exhaled with a welcoming sigh as the sybian slowed some.  Not only did she feel its effects lessen, but the noise it made on the seat beneath her also decreased, giving her a misguided sense of relief.

“I can see by the abundant moisture on your tool and seat that you enjoyed that little toy,” he quipped.

Next, she watched in horror as he slipped two fingers into the folds of her wet slit and found her clit.  Jerking about and protesting loudly into her gag, she was rattled beyond belief as he began to fondle her stiff climax button.