And that had followed her in to work the next day. In The Firm’s basement Nate was sating himself with Alice. But this wasn’t a normal scene. This wasn’t Alice gratifying Nate’s black cock in the way she would have wanted to - or in the way she would have preferred to. This was different. This was Nate simply using her mouth as the tool with which to pleasure himself. That is, he was using her mouth as the entry point but he was using her throat as a sex organ. Sliding his thick meaty cock between her lips, into the warm wet confines of her mouth and then deeper. Deeper down her throat.

Alice was on her back, on a low bench. She wasn’t tied, she wasn’t secured in any way. One had the impression that she could have just got up and walked away any time that she wanted. Except we all know that she couldn’t do that. We all know that there was no possibility of her doing that. We all know that Alice was controlled. She was controlled and under the ‘spell’ of Nate. That and she was being blackmailed by him - blackmailed even though had had never said what the payment was to be. She was on her back on that bench with her head hanging down over the end edge of the bench. This apparently afforded the perfect angle for Nate to slide his cock into her mouth and then down her throat.

Ever since that orgasm the night before Alice had been so hungry. She had thought she would be allowed to pleasure Nate’s cock with her sexuality or with her mouth, or both. He could even have her ass. She hadn’t cared. That orgasm had left her wanting more. But not just some more, a lot more. So having her mouth and her throat used like this was not what she had envisaged. It was not what she had preferred. She had never had her mouth brutally fucked like this before. And that was the thing. She had never had her mouth used like this before. Nate was timing his in-strokes, because what he was doing was fucking her mouth. He was fucking her mouth and her throat. He was timing these full length thick cock strokes with her breathing. Effectively, when that cock was down her throat like that, her airway was cut off and she couldn’t breathe. So she had to time her intake of breath when his big swollen cock head was in her mouth proper. And then she had to hold it when he was sliding that big thick cock down her throat and to her gullet.

He had told her, “I don’t want you to suck. I don’t want you to use your tongue. I want you to keep your hands limp at your sides an I just want you to keep your head back at that angle so I can use you. I don’t think you’ve done enough yet to worship my cock by sucking and pleasuring it as it should be done. But you have done enough to have your mouth and your throat used like this.” And with that he slipped his cock in again. All the way in until his full heavy balls were up over her eyes and upper face. Blinded by big black balls. But on a temporary basis.

Alice had done everything that Nate had wanted her to do, plus some more. She wondered what she would have to do before he considered her worthy of ‘worshipping’ his cock. That was what she wanted to do. She had wanted to suck and taste that cock in her mouth. She had wanted to make a meal of it. And she was sure that he would have been pleased with what she could do for him. She had learnt that slowly and completely was the best way to suck a black cock. The best way to suck and pleasure Nate’s black cock. But she wasn’t getting it that way.

One cannot probably imagine what could have been going through her mind at having this cock slide in and out of her throat like this. Her mouth there just as a vehicle for the cock to get to her throat and her throat then used as though it was a sexual organ in its own right. As though her throat was some kind of oral vagina. It was something that she had to get used to. It was something, just a little thing that Nate would use her for. Nate would never make love to Alice. He wasn’t the make love kind of guy. One has to remember that this was Nate - sex offender. A man whose crimes were so obscene and disgusting and shocking that the details could never be let known to the public. So to see Alice’s eyes bulging like they were about to pop or like they were about to squirt tears because of the pressure in her throat, would be disturbing. Then to see her snot and drool leaking when the cock head was in her mouth and just before it was sent back down her throat and cutting off her breathing again. This was probably a tame session for Nate. One that was just the slightest work out for him.

He was in no rush to pleasure himself in Alice’s mouth and her throat. He could do it to his own agenda. He was in no rush. And Alice would simply stay where she was for him. There would have been no thought of her getting up and leaving. There would have just been an acceptance that she couldn’t do that. There would have been the acceptance that she had to stay like that, naked on her back on the bench and with her mouth open and ready to take that cock. There would have been no pleasant chat, no conversation. There would have been no kisses and cuddles. There would have been nothing to tell Alice that she was anything other than a ‘thing’ for this whiny effeminate voiced man to pleasure himself on. One had to think that this was the intention. One had to thing that after her night with her parents, and with the tawdriness of that, the sleaze of it, the ripping apart of the family of Alice - now it was all a different kettle of fish. This would have been designed to take a little bit more away from Alice. As she lay there she would have been. Thinking that she had done everything this man wanted and now he was treating her like this. And he was doing that because he could. He was doing it because he was Nate. Nate the sex offender. Nate the undocumented sex offender.

At one point Nate was at Alice’s head and he was holding it tight, his hands to the sides of her head. It was like he wanted to hold her head in a vice like grip and fuck her face. Like that was the object of what he was doing. Hold her tight and just slowly and completely immerse that thick black cock into her throat. That was another disturbing sight - Nate doing it this way. But what made it look even more disturbing was the bulge in Alice’s throat. When that huge cock was down her throat, because her head was held back and tight, there was the bugle in her throat visible from the outside. And from that bulge it was easy to tell how far down her throat the cock head was. And it was like a real live thick snake was being fed down her throat. And there would have been her lips. Freckled and usually full but in this instance they were stretched thin from having to stretch round that cock. And the drool and the dribble that seemed to ‘spill’ from her mouth on every out stroke. As though there was too much drool and too much cock to keep in her mouth at once. Something had to give and so there was this continuous spilling of drool and spit and that in connection with the wide bemused eyes that were also teary. Alice looked like she was a victim that had been taken to this place against her will and now she was scared shitless into doing what was expected of her.