Excerpt from “Ponygirls at Work”


The Merry-girl-round


Not far from the coconut girl shy, there was a traditional Merry-girl-round.

A pair of naked slave girls standing on either side of its central post, which also incorporated an old-fashioned hurdy-gurdy music box, turned hand cranks to which their wrists were cuffed, which rotated the simple suspended frame that carried six conscripted ponygirls round in circles.  Some were already feeling dizzy and would have preferred trotting along the open road pulling a carriage as nature intended, but today they had been reduced to the status of fairground attractions. 

They were bent over with their arms and legs splayed out in traditional rocking horse style.  Small leather saddles were strapped onto their haunches and brass and leather bridles were strapped about their heads, which were held up high by broad leather collars buckled about their necks.  Horsehair tails jutted out from between their buttocks.  Their hands grasped handles that were bolted through the middles of rigid hollow sleeves that were mounted on heavy springs bolted to the floor of the merry-girl-round.  Their feet were buckled to stirrups which also rested on heavy springs.

As the merry-girl-round rotated, the girls’ hips began to heave up and down as if galloping in slow motion, accentuated by their sprung hand and foot mounts.  This motion was provided by dildo tipped rods plugged into their vaginas.  These passed down under them through slots in the floor and fastened to the rims of wheels that turned beneath it along a board track to stop them cutting into the grass.  As the wheels turned, the rods were cranked up and down, driving the girls’ hips.  Once in motion they appeared to gallop round and round.

Of course, many people paid for the chance to ride them.

The clambered onto the saddles and took up the reins and when the merry-girl-round was full, the slave girls in the middle began cranking and about they went.  The ponygirls’ hips continued to rise and fall sensuously beneath them.  In fact, the ponygirls were not carrying their riders’ full weight on their backs, or through their plugged pussies.  That would have been impossible to sustain in such circumstances.  Some of it was carried by sprung steel strips stitched into the saddle straps that passed under their bodies that were supported by brackets connected to the pumping pussy rods that rose and fell with their hips.

That didn’t matter to the riders.  They enjoyed the sensation of riding naked women’s bodies while they rocked back and forth on their sprung limbs.  They could reach round behind them and slap their bare straining flanks and buttocks.  Flicking and pulling on the reins also had an effect.  The reins passed through the cheek rings of the ponygirls’ bridles and then ran down to their dangling breasts and their nipples to which they were clipped.  These could be jerked about by their riders, making the girls wince and whimper and chew on their bits.

But despite their awkward postures, the girls soon began to get aroused.  Even if they were only playing, they were ponygirls and it was impossible to ignore the churning of the plugs inside their pussies as they were pumped up and down.  Their juices began by trickling slowly down the pumping rods, and then begin to fall in a series of steady drips.  Soon the perfume of their arousal filled the air within the merry-girl-round and everybody could smell it.  They could also see the growing excitement in their flushed cheeks and engorging breasts and hard nipples.

Of course, the game was to be mounted on a ponygirl when she came.

A few well timed slaps and jerks on the nipple rings brought them to an orgasm.  Then they shuddered as they galloped along, spurting out their juices while onlookers cheered.  The successful riders beamed and bowed proudly, patting the heads of their living mounts. 

Finally, the merry-girl-round came to a stop and the riders clambered off.  Helplessly the flushed and soiled girls waited for a new batch to pay their money and mount them for another ride to nowhere.