She sighs and I see her smile as her cuffed hands shift once before she lies quiescent on her belly beneath me. “That's a good girl, you lie still.”

“Yes sir, I will.”

“Good,” I breath. Then I hit her, hard. My palm cracks into the fleshy part of her left cheek like a gunshot and she gasps as her hips rise. Firmly I push her down with my knee and I hit her again, harder. My palm smacks into the same place and she moans as her taut buttock whitens. I reach down and smooth my palm over the spot, then pull all the way back and drive my hand hard across the up swell of her other cheek. She gasps as the crack echoes in the room and instantly I smack her again, the same spot as the first two, and again I hit her there, and again even harder with my other hand. She wriggles and again I pin her with my knee, one hand on the back of her neck. She whimpers a little. “Behave.”

“Yes sir,” she whispers quietly at the scold.

“That's it girl,” I tell her, and I pinch her butt hard with one hand, gather up the flesh and squeeze hard until she can't help but shift under me. Instantly I let the flesh ease free of my grip and see it bright red. I smack her again on the other cheek, and then again where I hit her at first, which makes her sigh. I lean over her and softly lick a slow trail up the slope of her thigh and across the underside of her buttock until I reach the smacked part. I trail my tongue up over this raised reddened place and lay a kiss on the middle of it. Then I take it gently in my teeth and nibble just lightly, before I tongue it thoroughly until it glistens with my saliva.

“Beg for it,” I command.

“Please,” she whines.

I smack her hard, again and again and again. I count in my head watch her hips rise as the fifth and sixth hard blows fall, push her down and hit her even harder. At eight she cries out and I pin her neck with my other hand, force her head flat as her bound hands rattle. On the tenth she sobs and I stop, smooth her bruised flesh with my hand, stroke and pet her gently. Then as she relaxes, I hit her other cheek again, smack it hard with a wide sweeping blow.

Lenora grunts and I instantly hit her again, and then again. Leaning down I kiss her, where it is red. “You have such an ass, my Luscious. I can't get enough of it,” I say.

I see her smile and I hit her again, smack my palm across the upraised swell of her bum so it skips off with a sharp noise. I continue to smack her until her red cheeks blaze under my hand, a high heat, and she squirms uselessly beneath me as I hold her down and smack her again and again, hard pounding strokes right across the curve of her shuddery cheeks until she sobs once sharply and I know she fights not to cry.

“That's my pet,” I say as I lean down and kiss her ass cheeks, first the one most assaulted, then the red blaze of her other cheek, which trembles under the brush of my lips.