They entered a bedroom and there was a black man lying on the bed with his arms crossed behind his head.  He had an athletic stature with long pair of limps and appropriate muscles.  His head was a shaved skull and except for a pair of black briefs he had no clothing on himself.  His feature resembled that of the long-deceased actor Yul Bryner.  He was watching a program on the TV set when Dave and Howard came and stood a few feet from the bed.  Dave had a look of humbleness as he stood before the man’s presence whereas Howard stared with a mixture of confusion and bafflement at what he was doing there.  The blonde woman sauntered past them and came and sprawled on the bed beside the black man.  She caressed his thigh while he ignored her presence and kept his eyes fixed on the TV screen.  Then he looked at the watch on his wrist and he looked at Dave. 

“You’re four minutes late, pig,” he said.  His voice was surprisingly mellow but it bore an aura of authority about it. 

“I’m so sorry, Master,” Dave pleaded.  “I was rushing as fast as I could to meet your appointment.”

“Excuses I can do without, pig.  What matters is you’re four minutes late and that’s unacceptable.”

Howard’s eyes returned to the blonde.  He watched as she left the bed and went over to a tripod stand upon which a video camera sat; the position it occupied afforded it much of the room’s view including him and Dave.  Howard was growing uncomfortable the more he stood there.  He felt the urge to leave except he felt magnetised by the blonde vamp and somewhat squeamish by the presence of the black man who had barely moved an inch from the bed.

The blonde finished tinkering with the camera—Howard saw a blinking light emanating from it and assumed it was possibly recording—and then she returned to the bed.  Her hands pulled the pair of briefs the black man wore down his hips while he continued staring at Dave like he was impervious to her actions. 

She fished out the thick black snake that lay dormant within his briefs and held it upright.  Howard heard Dave continue to address the black Yul Bryner but their words sounded miles away from him as he was captivated by the sight of the monstrosity the blonde was stroking in her hand.  The man’s cock was about the length of her arm.  Dave was not aware that his mouth was open until he exhaled a pocket of air as he marvelled at the woman stealing first a kiss from its bulbous tip and to then rolling her lips over its tip.

“Assume your place over there, slave!”

Howard jumped at the man’s voice which sounded like the swift crack of a whip.  He thought at first that the command was meant for him, then he saw Dave drop to his knees at the foot of the bed facing the couple. 

The black man then looked towards Howard as he sat up on the bed and switched his focus to the blonde woman.  He helped her with getting out of his briefs and then forced her face towards swallowing his girth.  She exhaled and moaned as her head snapped back and forth while her lips pulled aggressively on his foreskin.  The man rested on his elbows observing her output.  Now and then he issued forth instructions of how to perform her task.

“Now run that bitch tongue of yours down my knob,” he casually goaded her.  “Yeah, that’s good . . . just like a good whore would.  Go all the way to my balls, now . . . yeah, suck on those nuts, bitch.  Do it for daddy.”

Lust burned in her eyes as she bent downward with her hair cascading over her face and attacked his testicles as he instructed; her rump jerked up and down and side to side like that of a bunny rabbit while she did.  Her face glistened with spit, pre-cum and sweat and her lips made slurping noise as she grasped his prick with both hands and forced her mouth down on him.  Now and then she swept her hair backward with one hand, groaning with lust as he went on licking his shaft. 

Howard watched her, mesmerised by the vigour she applied to the man’s hard-on.  He had seen women suck off men like this, but only in porn movies; never did he believe until now that women actually blew men off as the blonde was doing.  His thoughts went to April and he could not help imagining her suck off black men like this woman was doing.  He felt a slight disturbance growing in his crotch.  He looked over at Dave and saw to his shock Dave stroking his penis out of his jeans while still kneeling beside the bed.

The black man then pushed the woman backwards and got on top of her.

Howard moved away from where he had been standing and edged towards the foot of the bed where Dave was.  The black man was all controlling, all domineering over the woman.  He rammed his prick roughly inside her and she screamed as her cunt spasmed as he pounded her harder and harder.  Their bodies smacked against each other loud.  Even the bed groaned from their romp, especially when the man grabbed hold of the headboard and thrust his pelvis against her.  The woman’s legs kicked wildly into the air.  Howard could not help wincing from her screams.  It sounded as if the man was stabbing at her cunt with the raw intention of drawing blood.

“Fascinating, right?” Dave said to Howard.  “Don’t you just love the way he’s fucking her?”

“My God, Dave . . .” Howard could not come up with anything else to say.  His friend was sweating hard behind his glasses while furiously stroking his cock.  Howard felt like he was going insane. 

“Hey slave, get your white ass over here!”

Howard jumped once again and this time he and Dave looked towards the black Yul Bryner who was up on his feet while the woman lay curled up in near foetal posture with her hand massaging her cunt.  The man’s face was dotted with sweat; his erection stood like a tent-pole against his crotch.  Dave was scrambling to his feet while clumsily trying to fix his penis back inside his jeans.

“Don’t make me have to call for you again, slave,” he growled.

Dave adjusted his glasses on his face and neglected zipping back his fly as he rushed onto the bed.  Howard stood numb and mind-crazy as he watched Dave actually suck the black man’s cock as the blonde had done earlier.  The black man cradled Dave’s head while his mouth made evident slurping noise and gasps.  The picture could not have been any clearer to Howard as he watched Dave bob his head back and forth, making steady grunt noise as he gagged on the black man’s girth with his glasses pressing against the man’s pelvis.  Like the woman had done earlier, Dave was sucking the man’s cock with gusto. 

The blonde vamp came to her knees and the black man looked at her and seemed to remember what his mission was and gestured at Dave to get off the bed, which he did without question. 

The woman got into doggy position with her butt arched upward.  Howard could not believe the sight of the man’s cock, the way it fell between his legs thick as a beer bottle up-close.  He watched him lower himself behind the woman and even winced when the man’s prick made contact and the blonde hollered a screeching cry as he rammed into her.  Dave was back at his former stance on his knees and was excitedly stroking his cock to the action.  Howard became aware of his erection kicking alive inside his jeans.  So surprised was he to think that he was feeling aroused like any seasoned voyeur would.  His eyes went to Dave whose groans seemed to near match that coming from the couple and he saw that he had ejaculated on his hand.

The black man remained crouched over the woman, his hands pinned down her backside while he kept on feeding her pussy with his rod.  The woman squirted all over the sheets while he mercilessly fucked her, grunting with exertion till he finally pumped his barrel of cum inside her pussy.  Howard watched from the side lines as the man heaved and yet kept thrusting inside her till he exhaled as he then withdrew from her and she collapsed on the bed.  Dave came to his feet and came and helped the woman to roll over onto her backside.  He got onto the bed and lowered his face upon the woman’s snatch and ate her cum-filled pussy.

The black man tottered as he came off the bed, his feature glistened with copious sweat.  His gaze went to Howard whom he surprised by fixing him with a jovial-type smile.

“You got a name, white boy?” he asked.

His voice sounded raspy when he spoke, as if the shock of what he had witnessed had been too overwhelming that he had nearly lost the feel of his voice. 

“It’s Howard.”

“Nice to know you, Howard.  I’m Olu Shango.”