BLACK OWNED – excerpt


William by this time was almost in tears. But this was the time that he had dreaded the most. He didn’t say anything else. Maybe he was trying the pause the inevitable again. Or maybe he was waiting for Annie to respond. “William, it sounds like he’s taken everything already. It sounds like you don’t have anything else to give…” and Annie’s voice trailed off. It trailed off as though she was thinking as she was speaking and then her thoughts were overtaking her voice. “You mean ME? You mean this fucking cunt wants ME as well?”

It was true, Annie’s voice had raised an octave or two. And yet at the same time there was a hope in there that she was wrong. That her mind had come up with the wrong thing.  But William wasn’t in there quickly putting her right. He wasn’t being quick to correct her or tell her she had it all wrong. He just hung his head as though in shame. “William look at me, answer me. Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me what I just said isn’t right?” Annie was pacing the kitchen now. Now she was properly focused. Now she knew that this shit was real. “I can’t Annie. He wants you as well. He doesn’t only want you, he is going to have you.” And once again William stopped. Annie didn’t mind that pause this time. She was trying to work it all out in her mind. Ok, William had to liquidate everything and turn it into cash for this man known as The One. He had to resign from his job and go work for him - she got that. But what she wasn’t getting was what she could do for the man, The One. She didn’t have any job skills. She couldn’t be of use to him in any way. She was having a very hard time fitting the final piece into the puzzle. “But William, what the fuck could a man like that want with a woman like me, I mean…” for the second time her voice trailed off as it seemed that yet another penny had dropped in her mind.

“You’re going to be his bitch Annie. He’s going to use you, use you for all sorts of things, sexual things. Perverted things. And other things.” William could barely get the words out of his mouth because he knew that at long last Annie was beginning to get it. Annie had gone another shade of white as her mind began to work overtime. Then she tried to hold it together again. “William, I get that you’re in trouble and in debt to this guy and that you have to do what you have to do to pay this debt back. But me being part of it isn’t going to happen. It really is not going to happen.” There was more hope in Annie’s voice than conviction if the truth were known. It was like she was speaking empty words. Like the words that she had spoken meant nothing. That they were a waste of breath. “I wish it was as simple as that Annie. Honest to god if I could turn the clock back.” William left words hanging and this was where Annie should have hit the roof in some sort of supercharged anger. But she didn’t.

Annie wasn’t angry because she was trying to deal with the reality of what William was telling her. She was never ANYONE’S bitch let alone this fucking black man’s. The racist element hadn’t really hit her yet either. It was beginning to. She had been busy in her mind coming to terms with the fact that the wealth was gone and that her lifestyle was gone. That had been the first shocks to the system, her getting her head round that. If that had been just it, then she would have left William. She was sure of that. There would have been no way that she would live her life without the necessary funds and without the necessary kudos that life with William had given her. She thought, and then tried it with William. “He can’t do jack shit with me or to me William. I’ll just pack a bag and leave, now. He won’t know where I’ve gone. He can do what he likes with you and all of this. But me, I’m gone.” Annie sounded authentic. She sounded like she could do that. It sounded like she would do that. And that would have hurt William a little bit. Just a little cut into his psyche that his wife, the love of his life would even think about just packing a bag and leaving him to it. Leaving him the wolves as it were.

“I wish you could do that Annie I really do. I’d want to send you as far away from here as possible. But that won’t happen. Go take a look out of the front lounge window. There’s a black Merc parked just down the road, towards the main road. They’re watching us honey. The One gave me a couple of days to get my shit together and explain things to you and then they’re closing us down. They’ve already got my passport and when they take you, they will have yours as well. They’re closing us down Annie and I’m so, so sorry.” Annie listened to William and she left him there. She went to look through the lounge window. Sure enough there was that black Mercedes car. She couldn’t identify who was in the car, but she could see two figures. And it was about this point that it all started to come crashing down around Annie’s feet.




Annie didn’t so much as scream as ‘squeal’. She had to squeal because it was the only outlet that she had. The thing about Annie was that she had pale, very pale white flesh and the black cock just looked more monstrous because of that contrast. That is, it was monstrous, but there was something wrong about the size of it in comparison to the woman herself. First impressions were that she should not have been able to take that cock. Not all of it anyway. She just should not have been able to absorb the thickness and the length of it inside her. But at the same time there was a feeling that she didn’t have a choice in the matter. She squealed again and there was a wet, ‘popping’ sound as the giant bell end of the black cock, clicked past her outer vagina and into her depths. She sucked in air and held it - like she was holding her breath. And then she let it out with a whoosh as the enormous dark-skinned man went about getting the rest of his cock inside her. And he wasn’t doing that all in one. Rather he was making a meal of it, sliding himself into her slowly. Making sure he got a good comfortable, tight fit inside this little white woman.