Simon unbuttoned her blouse.The other men formed a tight circle around them.Laura loosened herself as he pushed her blouse apart and then cupped a feel of her breasts hiding behind her lace bra.Those came off in a matter of time.Her cheeks turned rosy with a blush and she chuckled as she felt Simon undo the buttons of her jeans and eventually pushed it down her hips.One of the men held onto her as Simon knelt to undo her sandals before helping her extract her feet one after the other out of her jeans.The whole time the blindfold scarf remained over her eyes.Next came her panties; Laura offered no resistance to that either.

I watched Simon run his hands over her legs as he came slowly back to his feet.His hands slid behind her back and Laura uttered a gasp as he clutched and pawed her buttocks.My hand was in my pocket feeling for my hard-on.My penis got even harder when Simon kissed my wife.Laura opened her mouth and kissed him back.That was the clincher to let me know she was definitely down.

The other men began feeling over her body.Simon turned her around.I watched them take turns kissing her, smooching her titties and grasping her pale-complexioned butt.Laura cooed and moaned and chuckled the entire time; I knew she was enjoying herself, but fighting not to let it all out.

Everyone carefully got out of their clothes; everyone except me though.Simon pushed Laura to fall to her knees and then slapped her face with his cock.Laura opened her mouth and he playfully teased her with it before allowing her to suck on it.

His other buddies all stroked their penises inches from her face.They all waited their turn for her to mouth to come to them.Her foreplay started out slow, but as time went on Laura loosened up and gradually picked up the pace.In no time she was slobbering gobs of spite while rolling her mouth and tongue over every black cock that got thrust at her face.Her hands too got busy stroking whichever penis she could grab on to.Two of the men fell to their knees and played with her tits and fingered her pussy.Laura gave mewling responses and gasped aloud from the attack.Already I had my penis in my hand and I was masturbating with love to the action.

Simon ended the foreplay exercise when he helped Laura to her feet and helped her get onto the bed on her arms and knees.One of his buddies went to the front and Laura instinctively found his cock and brought it to her mouth.She grunted a mouthful when Simon shoved his cock, which to me looked as thick as a beer bottle, inside her.I looked on, unable to take my eyes from the way length of his shaft seemed to disappear inside my wife.That as well listening to the lengthy groan coming from Laura and wondering if she would be able to take him.Simon grabbed her hips and pulled her backward to take more of him.

ďUrrmmmhhh, Uuurrrhhhmm . . . Uhhh

Laura groaned aloud amid choking on a mouthful of Black Cock while Simon kept on ripping into her pussy.I remained where I was stroking my cock and watching the other men crowd behind Simon, awaiting their own turn.Simon eventually pulled out of her and smacked her ass one last time before moving aside for another of his buddies to take his place.

Just like that, the men changed places.Each man had at least two minutes tops fucking the shit out of Laura from behind while another man went and knelt in front to offer his cock to shut her mouth up.Not that it was enough to quell her groaning frenzy.They smacked her buttock, yanked a fistful of her hair, and grunted equally along with her, but neither broke the cardinal rule of talking aloud.

As for myself, I went on playing with my penis and didnít stop until I realized Iíd splattered semen over my hand and down my pants.I was all blush when I saw this and made quickly for the bathroom/toilet to clean myself.I could still hear Lauraís throaty cries while I wet my hand to brush cum off my pants.So eager was I to hurry back to see how things were going, I nearly tripped on my feet as I stepped back into the bedroom.

Laura was resting on the bed now, though with the blindfold still shielding her eyes.I knew she could whip it off if she wanted; I was glad to see her still keeping with the fantasy part.

The men were all ganged up on her: one ate her pussy, others feasted upon her tits while she stroked anotherís cock and sucked another one.I watched Laura writhe against their activities upon her body; the men were worshipping her body like she were a Queen whose essence they wanted to have.I whipped out my cell phone and took snapshots of her.

The one eating her pussy mounted her.I dropped to my knees to have a clear shot of his cock sliding into her warm hole.Her pussy seemed to part ways for him and she whimpered aloud when he fell on top of her.The man worked his hips and pelvis and got down to fucking Laura harder.