Viagra Bounce Extract

Well here I was with my third “Viagra bounce” but this one was much different. With the massive hard-on came a splitting headache. The pain from both caused me to start moaning and rolling around. A voice pushed through the pain saying, “What's wrong? What's wrong?”

“Fuck it hurts!”


“My head, my dick, it hurts.”

I felt a hand check out my cock. It was very soothing. “Damn your harder than last night.” The pain lessened.

I moaned, “Make it go away.”

“How?” The hand disappeared and the pain came back.

I groaned, “Fuck!” and I started to beat my meat. When I did, the pain diminished some, and I started to get some relief again. As I continued whacking off, I got more comfortable by lying on my back and relaxing. It wasn't long until I felt someone crawl over me and then they used my hand to guide my cock into a tight wet hole.

As the hole slowly engulfed my pole, the pain started diminishing. And as more and more of my dick disappeared in that velvety hole, the less pain I felt until my eyes were able to focus on who was sitting on my dick.

It was my saving angel, Ashley!

The pain was completely gone when we were completely coupled. Ashley started rocking her hips when my dick had been swallowed by her tight pussy. As she rode my stick, my hands checked her out.  She had a very fine ass, tight stomach, but her breasts were the best! I couldn't get enough of those full and firm 38Ds. My eyes shifted from her tits, upward to her eyes. They were beautifully green and I had a touch of guilt when they reminded me of my wife's.

Her rocking had increased and my eyes shifted down to the union of her pussy and my cock. I watched her shaved snatch rocking in front of me. I saw the lips of her pussy surrounding the root of my dick. It was too much stimulus, I grabbed her full hips, grunted, and started bucking my cum into her. Before it went dark again, I saw my angel smiling at me.