Excerpt from: “Nightmare in Diamond”


‘Of course, we are very pleased that Metropolitan Lifestyle magazine wishes to do an article on Korrector beds, Miss Grisham,’ Marco Schelling said in almost perfect English.  ‘I will be delighted to accompany you round our showroom, but I’m afraid I cannot permit you to visit our factory floor.  We must protect certain commercial secrets of our manufacturing process.’

Schelling was very like his factory just outside Zurich: spotlessly clean, neat and modern.  In the factory’s case, this included a great deal of tinted glass and steel and artful cladding, while for him this meant a slick expensive business suit, an impossibly closely shaven chin and designer glasses, from out of which deep intelligent eyes shone upon Lucy as she sat on the other side of his equally slick and modern desk.   

‘It sounds like you’re pushing the boundaries of technology,’ Lucy said. ‘I never imagined there were that many secrets involved in to making beds.’ 

‘Perhaps not in most beds, but ours are rather special,’ Schelling said with a thin smile of pride.  ‘There is nothing ours like them on the market.’

‘I can believe that,’ Lucy said.  She had to choose her words with care.  ‘In fact, over the last few years, I’ve heard some unusual stories about Korrector beds.’

Schelling looked troubled.  ‘Nothing bad, I hope.  We are very proud of our beds and construct them to the highest possible standards.’

‘No, nothing exactly bad, just very strange…’

‘As you pointed out, we only build beds, although superior ones, so how can anything about them be “strange”?’  Schelling asked mildly.

‘I didn’t think so at first, but then I began doing some serious research and now I think differently.’

‘In what way?’

‘For a start, Korrector beds are unusually popular with women and they are hardly ever passed or discarded. Then there are the stories from many different sources about strange dreams or nightmares, and certain sexual acts.’

Schelling spread his hands wide and shrugged.  ‘Well, many sexual acts are performed on beds.  That is the natural way of things…’

‘But not usually between women and the beds themselves!’  Lucy said dramatically.  ‘Some women love their beds more than other people, almost as if they’re alive.  Just what do you make them of?   Is there some chemical involved that might cause hallucinations?  Are they dangerous?  Is that why you won’t let me see inside your factory?’

Schelling smiled his cool knowing smile once again, which was beginning to get on Lucy’s nerves.  ‘I assure you that our beds are perfectly safe and fulfil all European and international quality and safety standards.’

‘That’s not an answer.  I know there is something strange about your beds, and I won’t rest until I’ve found out what it is.  I’m just giving you the chance to admit it up front.  If I have to find out the hard way that you’re hiding something that might be doing women harm, that would be very bad publicity for your firm.’

Schelling sighed and took off his glasses and polished them for a moment reflectively, before putting then back on and staring intently at Lucy.  ‘I suppose such forthright determination deserves its reward.  So, you want to learn our secret, Miss Grisham?  But are you prepared for the consequences, however shocking?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘This!’  He held up a small hand remote device and pressed a button on it.

Lucy shrieked as a dozen needles slid out of the padding of the chair under her back, buttocks and thighs, and jabbed into her flesh.  Jolts of electricity crackled through them and stabbed into her body.  Her back arched as her hands clenched helplessly onto the armrests, and then she passed out in shock.

* * *

Lucy blinked and shivered, tingling all over.  She was still dazed and dizzy and could not think straight.  She was still sitting in her chair front Schelling’s desk and he was still sitting on the other side of it smiling at her.  But something had changed.  Something was not right…

Then she realized what it was.  She was stark naked!

Galvanised by sudden horror, Lucy tried to move only to find that there were now rubber cuffs about her wrists, upper arms, neck, waist, thighs and ankles.  A rubber strap holding a rubber plug was stuffed into her mouth.  She struggled and moaned ineffectually.

Schelling got up and came round the desk and looked down at her naked body with approval.

Lucy was twenty-five.  She had brunette hair tied back in long ponytail, pale skin, a high rounded forehead and intelligent, brown, half-moon eyes set under level brows.   Her nose was neat and slightly snubbed; her mouth was composed with pouty lips contrasting with a firm chin and strong jaw line.  She had rounded pneumatic breasts tipped by pale nipples with domed crowns.  Her waist was tight and she had good hips and lean legs.  Her buttocks were well rounded.  Exposed between her parted thighs was a narrow trimmed “V” of pubic hair above the pale lips of her naked sex mouth.

Schelling stroked her cheeks and tweaked her nipples while she squirmed helplessly.

‘You are most attractive, Miss Grisham,’ he said. ‘If we are to have inquisitive reporters, then they might as well be pretty ones.’

She glared up at him, trying to contain her panic and confusion.

‘You wanted to know something of secrets, of the technology that goes into our beds.  Well, there you are being restrained by some of it right now…’ He pointed the remote at her chair and pressed another button.

The chair pivoted under her, tilting her backwards even as it raised its seat.  At the same time, the padding supporting the undersides of her legs split down the middle.   Each half swivelled outwards, pivoting at a point under her buttocks while bending under her knees and lifting her feet into the air.  Now Schelling was looking down into her open groin, which had been raised up almost to waist level.

‘Now that is a most satisfying and inviting view,’ Schelling said. ‘That is how attractive women should be displayed.  You are offering yourself for use, as is perfectly natural…’

As he spoke, he rubbed his fingers over the crotch of his expensively tailored trousers, where she saw to her horror that a bulge was forming.

Lucy felt sick tendrils of fear creeping through her and knotting up in her stomach as the shock and tingling of her stunning faded.  The worst she had imagined if her enquiries about the Korrector range had been rebuffed, was that she would have been shown the door.  Instead, now she was being sucked into some terrifying dark place beyond her wildest imagination.

Schelling opened his flies and his penis sprang out, stiff and erect.  ‘And this is also perfectly natural reaction to such an offering,’ he said.

He stood between her unwillingly parted legs, resting his hands on the upper curves of her straining thighs, and slid his shaft into her pussy.  She whimpered as he filled her.  He pressed another button on the remote and the chair began to vibrate under her.  At the same time, the seat mount began to sway back and forth, as if it was a rocking chair, impaling her pussy onto his cock with mechanical persistence.

As she rocked helplessly back and forth, by reflex her passageway clung onto his shaft, adding to his pleasure as she was impaled upon him again and again.  He worked the buttons of the remote and the rocking speeding up.  Now her breasts were beginning to heave with a heavy fluid motion in time with the pumping in her pussy.

Another press of a button, and she felt the needle tips that had shocked her earlier pressing into her now bare buttocks.  She yelped and bit on the plug filling her mouth as they began to deliver a series of short sharp shocks into her bottom in time with the swaying and impaling of her vagina.  In response to them, she clenched even more tightly about Schelling, adding to his pleasure.

‘I hope you’re enjoying this demonstration of our technology,’ Miss Grisham, he said as his cock plunged into her. ‘This is only the beginning… ahhhh!’

She felt his hot sperm filling her, and to her helpless horror, her vagina clenched tight about his manhood and gushed with juices of her own as a powerful, inexplicable orgasm burst in her loins and filled her brain and she sank into blackness once again.