“If you’re a good girl Tara. I mean if you are a real good girl then I may, I ‘may’ let you cum. But not yet.” There it was again. The good girl thing again. I heard the words but they were just grating on my nerves. Geena’s words were shredding my nerves. I didn’t think she understood how desperate I was to cum but then I knew that she did understand at the same time. Fact was that I was on the edge. On the edge of cumming yes but also on the edge of madness. I didn’t know how much longer I could go without spilling into orgasm. “Anything Geena, anything. I’ll do anything.” What I was saying was huge but I meant every single word of it. I would do literally anything just to be allowed to cum. There was this pause and I heard Geena let out a huge sigh. I didn’t know what that was all about at the time. But I know now that me saying that would have been a huge gratification for her. Like a sexual kick. Me in this state and promising that I would do ‘anything’ to be allowed to cum. “I know you will Tara. I know you will. But for now, what I want you to do, is just ‘push’ push with your ass and eject those beads I put up there one at a time. Take your time. Just do one, then stop then wait for me to tell you to do another. Do that all the way until you don’t have any left. But you are NOT allowed to cum. I repeat you are NOT allowed to cum. Think you can do that for me sweetie? If you do it - if you manage to do it exactly as I have just told you - well then I will consider letting you cum.”

That was what registered the most - that Geena would consider letting me cum. That if I did as she was telling me then she would consider letting me cum - so there was hope there. What did not register was the task at hand. How hard it would be to push those beads out and not cum. How difficult that would be. How ‘impossible’ it would be actually. I only got to know how hard it would be when I came to eject the first bead. I had to struggle to stop squeezing and to adjust myself into the ‘pushing’ out of that first bead. The first bead being the last one that was put inside me. Geena was behind me - she was right down there and she was holding the end of the string that the beads were all connected to. And she was watching. I was pushing but I soon learnt that the pushing action was creating more pleasure, more edge of orgasmic pleasure than the squeezing of my anal muscles created and that was making me whimper. The first one came out pretty easily but I was still panting. But the fact was that each subsequent bead was harder and harder to push out. That was because I had to push each one further down my anal tract to my anus. It took more effort. It took more of a push and therefor it gave me more and more intense pleasure. And that was the thing. It was the more intense pleasure with each bead that I ejected. It made my progress slow. In my mind I wanted and needed to get those beads out of me quickly so that I could follow up on the possibility of being allowed to cum. But my progress was slowed because I had to recover between each bead that I ejected out of me.

And that was the thing, I did have to recover. I was panting, and drooling. The drool was spilling from me at both ends. I doubt that I looked dignified. In fact, I know now that I didn’t. But I didn’t care. I just didn’t care. And I know that I was sobbing by the time the last couple of beads left the confines of my anal tract. That last but one bead nearly saw me spill into a forbidden orgasm. It took me a long time to recover from that one. A long time before I could go through the motions of ejecting the very last bead. But I failed on the last bead. I got so far into the ejecting process, and then I just couldn’t stop myself. It was like my body gave up - like my mind gave up and I came and came and came. That orgasm reached new heights in intensity and I almost passed out. I didn’t quite pass out, but almost. And when I became compos mentis again, I knew that the orgasm I had had was forbidden. It should not have happened. And as I came down from that orgasm realisation was dawning on me that I would probably have to pay dearly for that unauthorised orgasm.