Carmella went to her desk, then keyed the videoconference onto her computer.  The other participants in the project she had set into motion were all present and waiting for her, which, in her mind, was exactly as it should be.  She first dispensed with some mundane matters then turned her attention to the actress, Shannon Donahue.  Shannon had been hired to play the part of the TV reporter.  When initially planning the project, it was conceived that the reporter would, by design, interact frequently with Craig’s slaves, and would very possibly interact with Craig himself.  While direct interaction with Craig was not critical, it could be extremely useful and therefore would be sought if at all possible.  With that in mind, hiring a very good-looking actress was an obvious choice.  So the selection criteria ranked sexiness and beauty over talent.  The rationale being that even if she didn’t come across as an ace reporter, that would explain why she was an unknown as far as TV fame was concerned.  But, there would be no hiding or disguising her physical attractiveness, and that could be used as a draw.  Shannon’s phenomenal beauty and sexiness aced out all the other applicants for the role.

The actress chosen was a virtual unknown.  She had previously landed two minor roles that featured her body more than anything else, so she saw this as an opportunity to display her acting talents, and to her credit, those were more than were needed for this assignment.  She was 5’ 7”, 105 pounds, and measuring 38DD – 22 – 34.  On top of that, she was also drop-dead gorgeous with long blonde hair.  However, to Carmella’s delighted surprise, she had also shown signs of being able to think on her feet to a far greater extent than initially anticipated.  She had proven her worth by deviating from the script and successfully winging it when need arose.  Such need had arisen twice so far.

The scheme involving the need for an actress had grown out of Foo-Foo’s research into Craig’s life.  When Foo-Foo first reported the number of slaves Craig had in his household, Carmella’s reaction had been somewhat acerbic.  “This guy collects slaves like other people collect coins.  He must have a two inch dick, so he needs all these slaves around him to bolster his ego.”  Some time later, when she thought about the situation more rationally, she realized there might be opportunity in his situation.  Further thought and planning had resulted in the creation of the scheme that was now in operation.