This book is about a teenager called Peaches. Peaches is a nineteen year old dancer, after her audition for the director, choreographer, and producer/backer of a show, she is left standing naked and in bondage (the three men had used the audition as an excuse to get this teenage girl to strip naked and to chain her up described in detail in the early part of the book). She is within earshot of the men as they discuss her audition, most of their talk is on how she looks naked and other sexual matters, not what you would expect from a discussion after an interview. The following extract from the book comes from immediately after those events.


After a lot of discussion, most of which Peaches felt was wholly inappropriate, they told her that she had passed the audition. She was relieved and happy. Then Dave said "But there is just one thing left to do."

He got another chain, about twelve foot long, and attached one end to a ring in the wall. The other end he padlocked to a metal ring on the metal collar she was still wearing. Peaches looked at him confused and asked "I thought you said I had the part, so isn't the audition over?" Dave replied "The audition is over. This chain is not for the audition, it is for your new role. And I did not say that 'you had the part' I said 'you had passed the audition'. There is no 'part'. I am afraid we mislead you slightly, we were not auditioning you for a part in our new musical, we were auditioning you for the 'role' of our captive. We are going to keep you here chained up as out prisoner.

Then the three of them left the room, leaving Peaches on her own, still naked, and still chained up. Helpless. She was left there for about an hour to consider her fate, to think about her new life as their chained captive.


When they returned about an hour later Dave said to her "Well you seemed to have a lot of stamina, I hope you have, because you are going to need it. We want to see exactly how tight that teenage cunt of yours is, so lie down and spread those skinny legs of yours.

The room did not have a bed so they made her lie on the floor. Remember, she was chained up, lying down on the floor really just involved 'falling over' and it hurt. Once she was lying down with her legs spread, she assumed that they would remove the chain that covered her pussy. But instead they just pulled it aside so that it dug into her groin, but left her pussy naked.

Then the men took turns at fucking her.

It was not pleasant sex, they were only interested in their own pleasure, and did not care if they hurt her. The fact that she was chained up meant that she was lying uncomfortably on her arms, which made matters a lot worse.

Chuck took her first. He was a heavy man and did not bother taking any of his weight off her, not through ignorance, not through laziness, but simply because he knew it would hurt her, and he wanted her to suffer. Peaches is a petite girl and his weight alone hurt her, but remember her wrists were handcuffed behind her back, so his weight was pressing her down on her own arms, which really hurt. To make things even worse, she was wrapped in chains, and his weight dug them deep into her body. Chuck was "well padded" so did not really feel the chains, but she had a lithe body, there was no fat to pad her body, and the chains dug directly into her muscle and bones. In short, by fucking her like this, he was not just fucking her, he was torturing her too.

Chuck was not quick, he took his time prolonging his pleasure, and prolonging her suffering. And when he eventually came, her suffering was still not over, she had two other men to satisfy as well.

Frank was next, he was the lightest of the three, heavier than Peaches, but thin for a man. He let his weight press down on her too. He may not have been as heavy as Chuck, and it may not have been quite as bad, but it still hurt, it was still torture for her. During the early part of the fucking, Frank kept moving her chains about, to stop them from digging into him, and this made some of them dig into her more, but he did not care, it was his pleasure that mattered, not trying to avoid hurting her. In fact, rather than trying not to hurt her, he was actually enjoying hurting her.

Frank was quicker than Chuck but still not quick, he took his time, enjoying fucking his captive dancer, and enjoying hurting her while he did so.

After Frank came Dave. He was very muscular, no doubt worked out a lot, but his muscles were padded by a thin layer of fat. Not a lot, he was still mostly muscle, but it was enough to soften his appearance, make him look less "macho" and more "middle age". Not that Peaches cared about his looks, he was fucking her in bondage, chained up, and in pain. It would not matter if he looked like Johnny Depp, this was still going to be unpleasant.