The main part of this book tells of how four men spent a weekend re-enacting the cruelties of the Hellfire Club on two women volunteers. Here are a few extracts from the first day of that re-enactment:


Jane’s Introduction To The Hellfire Club


The men opened the wardrobe door. Both women were sitting, cowering in the corner, both still wearing their collar and lead, and both with their hands still tied behind their backs.


The men leered at the women and one of them said "Let's take the big titted one first". He grabbed Jane's lead and yanked her out of the wardrobe. Then the wardrobe door was closed and locked again, leaving Karren locked in, alone, in the dark.


They dragged Jane into the centre of their playroom and tied the end of the lead to a hook they had attached to the ceiling, even though it was loose, with a big loop, she looked as though she was about to be hung. Her wrists were still tied behind her back. Calvin said "Let's have a look at those big tits of hers." The neck of her top was “off the shoulders”, so it was easy for Calvin to pull it right down to her waist, making her naked from the waist up.


To the men's delight she looked scared. And in truth she was terrified. Unlike Karren this was the first time she had been alone with these men. True they had gang fucked her in the toilet of the bar the previous week but that had been in a crowded bar, and people had seen them go in. Now she was alone, tied up, and genuinely helpless. The fact that she was tied as though about to be hung made it worse, it reminded her that these men could kill her if they liked. And she knew practically nothing about them except that they were sadists. That did not help much.


The stupidity of what she had done finally came home to Jane, and she was truly terrified, and the fear was making her feel sick.


The men did not know exactly what she was thinking at the time, but they could tell from the look on her face and the fact that she was trembling that she was very scared, so they just stood there looking at her for a while, enjoying her fear.


*          *          *


Karren’s Introduction To The Hellfire Club


Karren had been locked in the wardrobe in the dark listening to Jane's cries and screams. When she was pulled out of the wardrobe, dragged into the same room as Jane, and saw her standing there, tied up in bondage with thorns digging into her bruised tits and a small puddle of her vaginal juices on the floor between her legs, Karren new exactly what had been causing Jane's screams and crying.


And Karren expected to be forced to suffer the same cruel treatment.


But she was wrong.


What she was going to suffer would be worse.


Calvin removed Karren's lead, but left the collar round her neck, and untied her wrists. "Strip for us pretty one" he said.


*          *          *


Nighttime At The Hellfire Club


The men tied the women's wrists together then led them outside.  Karren’s home was the flat above a shop, she had the top two floors.  She also had a garden out the back.  To get to the garden there was an iron staircase, like a fire escape, that ran from the first floor to the garden (Publishers note: In some countries the "first floor" means ground floor, but not in England, there the first floor is "first floor above ground level").  Because the garden area was also used as a loading bay for the shop, or at least it had been when the shop was open (the shop had been closed since before Karren moved in), it was surrounded by a high wall, just slightly over two stories high.  Behind the house was a warehouse with no windows in it. Although the house was the last one in a terrace, it was slightly deeper than at the next house along, this meant that only one window on the next house actually overlooked the garden of Karren's home.  And that window only overlooked about half the garden, so the men could be certain, if they stuck to the rear half of the garden, that they were not overlooked.  The stakes they had set up earlier in the garden were in that part of the garden.


They led Karren and Jane over to the stakes and make them sit between them - one woman between each pair of stakes.  The men then tied the women's ankles to the stakes, so that their legs were apart and their pussies exposed.  Their wrists were still tied together, so they were helpless and unable to move (see cover picture).  Although it was dark the moonlight and street lamp meant it was bright enough for them to see, however they lit the torches for effect. The torches were old fashioned medieval type torches, which meant they were sticks with burning rags wrapped around them, not electric torches. And they had been placed close enough to the women to make the heat uncomfortable for them.


One of the men had brought with him a jar of honey and a jar of jam.  They took handfuls of each and filled both women's pussies with both honey and jam. They also ran a thin trail of jam and honey that ran from their pussies out between their ankles and a couple of foot away from their bodies.  The men then explained to the women that insects would find the trail and follow it up to and into their cunts.  The men told the women that the burning torches would probably keep the insects away for a while, but once the torches had gone out they would have no protection and they would find their vaginas infested with all kinds of creepy crawlies.  They also told the women that they had better not shit themselves because the shit would attract more insects who would probably then crawl up their asses to get it.  Then the men left the women and went back inside the flat.  They then went to bed, one of them in Karren's bed, one of them in spare bed, and the other two on put you up beds that they have brought with them.  The women they left tied up outside all night.


The women were terrified at the thought of insects crawling up their pussies.  They will also determined not to crap themselves as they were just as afraid of insects crawling up their asses.  However the powder the men had sprinkled on their food was laxative, and they had used plenty of it.  Added to that was the fear the women were feeling at the thought of being violated by insects.  So it was not long before Karren had to shit.  And not long after that so did Jane.  So when the torches and finally burnt out both Karren's Jane not only had vaginas full of honey and jam, they also had shit filled asses.


And it was not long after the torches had gone out that insects really were attracted to the smells.  Jane was the first to feel anything, something small crawling about inside her pussy.  Or rather several small things crawling about inside her pussy, but it took her a few minutes to realise it was several things instead of just one.  She managed not to scream, but only just, and she was unable to stop herself moaning in misery.  Karren asked her what the problem was her reply was simply "There are things crawling about inside me." A few minutes later Karren felt it to, tiny insects crawling about inside her pussy.  Although Karren also managed not to scream, she yelped in horror.  The women had to spend the night like that.  They did not get a second of sleep, as they could feel the little insects crawling into, around inside, and the out of their pussy, presumably harvesting the honey and jam that was up there.


*          *          *


As well as describing in detail the re-enactment of the Hellfire tortures, the book also tells how Karren spent an evening in Mandy’s pain lab, where Mandy spent hours experementing on Karren’s naked body, seeing how much torture she could inflict on her.


The Pain Laboratory


Mandy said nothing to Karren at first, she just looked her over then said to herself "I guess she will do." Then she told Karren to follow her, and led her out of the room and along a short hallway to another room.


Since this new room had a bed in it, Karren assumed it was Mandy's bedroom. It was in fact her spare bedroom, she had kitted it out as her "pain lab" in the optimistic hope that Karren was going to allow her to use it. Mandy's optimism was about to be rewarded.


What little bondage equipment Mandy owned was in this room. They were all antiques (or so Mandy thought, but they could have been fakes). She only had four items, a very old electric shock device, a whip that had been used on a slave ship, a piece of hosepipe that had been used in the 1920's by American police to beat a confession out of suspects, and an ornate iron pair of pincers with wooden handles. These items were laid out on a small wooden table.


Also in the room was a wooden chair with leather straps attached so as to restrain whoever sat in the chair. A bed, with no mattress on it, instead a wooden board had been placed where the mattress should have gone. This too had leather straps attached to it. One end of the room held a desk, and a second chair. Neither of these were adapted in any way, they were intended for Mandy to use. But the desk was covered on official looking files and also held a petty cash tin. One file had Karren's real name on it. Finally, the room also contained a set of bathroom scales.


Mandy led Karren into the room and pointedly locked the door behind her. Then she left Karren standing near the door and sat down in the chair behind the desk. Mandy picked up the file with Karren's name on it, and read through it for a few minutes, ignoring Karren. Eventually she looked up and said:


"Let's get the legal stuff out of the way first. You are [Karren's real name]. You have agreed to take place in these trials for the sum of ten pounds. You are aware that the trials will be humiliating and painful, and may even lead to your death. In the event of your death the ten pounds will be paid to your next of kin. Is this correct?"


Karren replied "Yes", then Mandy opened the petty cash tin, took out ten one pound notes. This was the late 1980s, although pound notes were still in circulation, it was some time since the mint had stopped printing them (they had been replaced by pound coins) and Karren wondered if Mandy was imagining that they were in the past. Mandy handed the notes to Karren saying "Here is your money. If at any time you cannot continue with one of the tests you can hand back one of those notes, that test will stop, but you will have lost ten percent of your money." Karren assumed this was simply part of Mandy's scenario, and the act of paying her was part of the game, but by saying "If at any time you cannot continue with one of the tests you can hand back one of those notes, that test will stop." Mandy had been telling Karren that handing back a note was her "safe word". Unfortunately Karren did not realise this, but it would not have mattered if she had, Karren would never have used a safe word!


Mandy then opened one of the box files on her desk, took out a piece of paper and handed it to Karren with a pen saying "Read that, then sign it."


It was basically a fake consent form giving Mandy the right to experiment on Karren, and absolving Mandy from liability if Karren was injured or killed. Karren signed it.


Karren returned the signed form to Mandy who placed it in Karren's file, then said "Would you now please undress." Karren did as she was ordered. She was still wondering if Mandy was a lesbian or just a sadist so while she stripped she watched her reaction. Mandy was obviously turned on by the striptease, but Karren could not tell if it was because she liked to see women get naked, or simply because she enjoyed humiliating people by making them strip.


Once Karren was naked Mandy walked round her, studying her naked body carefully. Then she got out a tape measure and measured practically every part of her body. After that she made Karren get on the scales and weighed her. All these measurements were carefully recorded in Karren's file. Then Mandy sat back down in her chair and said "Before we test your pain threshold we have to first soften you up by humiliating you. Please sit on the floor facing me, spread your legs, and masturbate.”


*          *          *


This book also tells how Jane coped with the periods between re-enactments by allowing a sadistic student from the local University to keep her as his prisoner for a weekend.


Jane’s Becomes Dave’s Captive Prisoner


 The door was opened by another boy, presumably another tenant in the building. He looked her straight in the breasts and said "Yeah?" Jane said "I am here to visit Dave." The boy said "Wait here!" then disappeared upstairs. She heard him bang on a door and say "Dave, that slut you told us about is here." She winced a bit as she realised that Dave had boasted about her to his mates. She did not hear Dave's reply but it must have been something along the lines of "Show her up." Because the boy came back and said "Go up, Dave's is the first door on the right." She followed his instructions and found herself in a bedroom about ten feet by ten feet. There was a bed with a small bedside table, bookshelves, wardrobe, chest of draws, two small cupboards, a table, a sink, three chairs (one an armchair, the other two dining room chairs) and a TV (yes all squeezed into a 10X10 room). Dave was sitting on the bed leering at her.


"OK" he said "If you are staying here there are some ground rules. I have the room the way I like it and my life the way I like it. No tart is going to mess that up for me, even for a weekend. Understand?" Jane nodded and Dave continued. "The bed is mine, you sleep there." He nodded to a wooden board, about eighteen inches wide and six feet long, lying on the floor. There was a small but fullish hessian sack at one end to act as a pillow. Jane would later find out that this "pillow" was filled with rocks. "There are no spare blankets, you will have to sleep without. It gets cold here at night, the heating automatically switches off at ten, but as you are staying rent free you will have to get used to the cold."


Dave then got up and pointedly locked the door putting the key in his pocket. Then said "Two rules. Rule one: You do everything I say, when I say it. Every fucking thing. Rule Two: When you are in my home you are to be naked at all times. Agree?" Jane glanced at the locked door and asked "And if I don't agree you will throw me out?" Dave replied "No. I'll beat the fucking shit out of you until you do agree! That door is locked. Everyone in this house knows you are my property, so you can bang on it and scream as much as you like, no one will come. You are not getting out unless I let you out. Understand?"


"I understand."




"I agree."


Then remember rule two and fucking strip off!"


As she stripped naked for him, Jane felt her pussy becoming moist. This was going to be a great weekend.