They rushed through the apparently endless corridors of the house, Marja hauling the bigger girl along at a panicky run. "We're going to be late, I know it," she said several times.

Kristjana could not help marveling yet again at the sheer size of the place. They rushed through what seemed like a mile of hallways before they came to a stop at an elaborately carved wooden door that looked as if it had come from some ancient palace. Kristjana guessed that it was probably worth 100,000 crowns.  Marja turned the handle (was it made of solid gold, as it appeared?) and entered without knocking, pulling her charge in behind her.

Caine was waiting for them. He was seated in an upholstered wing chair, dressed in a scarlet robe decorated with embroidered representations of women bound in various ingenious and uncomfortable-looking ways. He looked up when they entered, put down the book he was reading on a side table and looked at his watch. "Ah, here you are, at last," he said in a neutral tone. "So glad you could find the time to come visit me."

The two girls winced at the sarcastic lash of his words. Kristjana started to explain that their lateness was her fault. "Please Mr. Caine, I…"

"Be silent, cunt," Caine snapped. "No-one gave you permission to speak. You will ask to be punished for that later." He turned to look at Marja, his face expressionless. "Well?" He asked.

"I am completely responsible for our lateness, Master, and I deserve to be corrected," Marja said.  Kristjana stirred, but remained silent when Marja looked at her and shook her head.

"I agree," Caine said. He looked at her thoughtfully for a few seconds. "Put your hands behind your back." He tossed a little bundle of cords to Kristjana. "Tie her up with these. The big loop goes around her neck, and the small ones on her wrists."

Kristjana straightened the cords in her hand. As Caine had suggested, there were two loops closed with slipknots at either end. She pulled the larger one open, and slid it over Marja's head and around her neck, then then slipped the other loop around her wrists and tightened it.

 "Make them both tighter," Caine ordered. Reluctantly, Kristjana adjusted the noose around Marja's neck until the cord was snug against the skin of her slender neck, then did the same for the wrists.

"That’s still not right," Caine said, rising. "I want the cord a lot shorter than that. This is supposed to be a punishment." He motioned for Marja to approach him and turn around. "Look," he said to Kristjana, "this is how it should be done."

He pulled the slipknot to shorten the cord between Marja’s neck and wrists, forcing her to raise her hands higher, first to the small of her back, and then between her shoulder blades, ignoring the girl's groans of pain.

"Oh, oh!" Kristjana exclaimed. "Please Master Caine, she can't breathe!" She knelt at his feet. "Anyway, it was my fault we were late, not hers. You should punish me, not Marja."

"I rather suspected that was the case," Caine answered, "and now you are going to see the result of your poor performance of my orders. The innocent Marja will suffer because of your dereliction. Perhaps this will make enough of an impression on you that you will start to become a competent servant. Now kneel down on the floor and watch the consequences of your actions."

A stricken Kristjana sank to the ground, her face white. As Caine suspected, being responsible the suffering of others was much harder for her to bear than being a victim herself.

Caine led Marja to stand below a pair of wires that dropped down from the ceiling. The wires were wound around a little overhead drum which was controlled from a switch mounted on the nearby wall. Caine snapped the switch down, and as an electric motor whined, the drum rotated, lowering two strands of wire. He flicked the switch to stop the drum when the wire strands were level with Marja's breasts.

Caine spent some time fondling and teasing Marja's nipples until they stood up hard and tall. Then he took one strand of wire and wound it around one nipple, so that the engorged button of flesh bulged out. Marja screamed and twisted in agony.

Caine ignored her, continuing by wrapping an equally tight ring of wire around her other nub. He flipped the switch on, and the drum began to turn in the opposite direction, pulling the wires, and therefore the tiny Marja, up by her nipples, until her little breasts were pointing almost straight up, and she stood balanced on the tips of her toes.

Caine bent low over the weeping girl to study her suffering. She stared back in mute agony. "Poor little Marja," he said. "You know what's next, don't you?"

"No…please…Master…" she begged through gritted teeth.

Caine turned away from her, back to the control box. He turned a knob.

"That makes the wires heat up," he explained to Kristjana. "Marja has very tender nipples, and she particularly dislikes heat on them, don't you, my dear?" He asked, turning back to the dark-haired, elfin girl.

"Ahh…ahh…Master…I…beg…you…" she hissed haltingly, until Caine produced a black rubber prod gag, and jammed it into Marja's mouth, effectively silencing her.

 "No, Sister Kristjana got you into this predicament, and she will have to get you out of it," Caine said.

"Oh, what must I do?" Kristjana blurted. "I'll do anything you want, Master. I can't stand to see her suffer so."

"You must please me with your lovely body, Sister," Caine said. "When you have satisfied me, then I will end Marja's punishment, and not a moment before."

Kristjana looked at the beautiful little brunette. Her face was distorted with pain, tears had begun to gather at the corners of her eyes, and she was writhing involuntarily in her distress. Kristjana briefly wondered how could anyone hurt such a lovely girl. "Yes of course, Master, just tell me what I must do," she said.

"As I said, you must please me," Caine answered. "You can start by getting me aroused."

Kristjana hesitated, unsure what he wanted. Caine said, "You better get started. It looks like Marja may accidently strangle herself if she isn't let down pretty soon."

She saw that was he said was true: the little brunette was increasingly unable to control the movements of her body, which were causing the noose to press ever more tightly on her windpipe.

Kristjana hurriedly dropped to her knees at Caine's feet. "Please Master, may I touch your…cock?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Certainly, my dear, do what you think is best," Caine said agreeably. He obligingly spread his legs apart to allow her hands to gingerly take his organ and fondle it. To Kristjana's dismay, however, he did not respond to her gentle squeezing and rubbing. He remained flaccid even after she forced herself to lower her head to take him in her mouth. She looked up at Caine in despair.

He smiled. "You must persuade me that you truly wish to be my sex toy, that you are filled with desire for me, in other words, that you are a hot little slut. Why don't you try using that fabulous body of yours? Be creative," he urged.

Kristjana thought furiously. She knew practically nothing about sex, except what little she had learned since she had come to be Caine's slave, but she did know that the sight and feel of her body made men excited. She remembered the frenzied reaction of the crowd at the auction house when she was exhibited in the nude for them. She quickly made up her mind, and began to carry out a plan.

She sat across Caine's lap, pressed her breasts, which were contained only by the flimsy material of the iridescent gown, up against his face, while capturing his head her in her slender white arms. "Do you like my breasts, Master?" Kristjana cooed in what she hoped was a seductive tone. She bent low over him, and kissed him on the mouth. He lips parted to allow his tongue to mingle with hers.

Caine looked both surprised and pleased. "Yes, you have excellent tits, my dear," he answered.

Kristjana pulled the neck of the dress down, exposing her superb globes. She placed her hands underneath them, then directed her nipples to his mouth. Words tumbled from her mouth, as if by their own accord. "Won't you kiss my nipples, Master? They ache for your tongue." She whispered.

Caine did not have to be asked twice. He drew the little pink nubbins into his mouth, nibbling and sucking them until they blossomed, hardening and swelling under this treatment. A pleasant warm glow seemed to come from Kristjana's breasts, and flow through the rest of her body. "Ahh," she breathed. "That feels so good, Master."

She shifted her position, while still keeping her nipples within Caine's mouth. She turned until she was facing him, then knelt across his lap, with her legs on either side of his. She pulled the bottom of the gown up out of the way, then lowered herself slowly until she could feel the stiffness of his rod pressing up against her nether lips from below. At least, Kristjana thought, I have aroused him.

She also realized that she had also succeeded in arousing herself. Her head was swimming with so much desire; it was making her dizzy. She reached down, and seized the fleshy stalk of his organ in her hand, and rubbed the head back and forth inside the lips of her sex.

"Ahh, you little bitch," Caine gasped in a voice half-strangled with lust. "Get your clothes off." He pulled at the gauzy dress so furiously that, as Marja had predicted, it was quite literally torn from her body.

Kristjana now fitted his cock inside her pussy, and began to rotate her hips on the warm pole, slowly at first, then faster and faster, gradually increasing the downward pressure. It felt slippery inside her; at least his cock slid in and out without any sensation of rubbing or chafing, even though the girth of Caine’s cock was so great she could barely fit it inside.

There was some sort of obstruction a short distance inside, Kristjana discovered to her frustration. She wanted his cock buried in her, wanted it deep inside, wanted it more than anything she could ever remember, but something was stopping it.

"Help me, Master!" She cried out. She hardly knew what was coming from her mouth. "Take me! Fuck me!"

Caine seized the girl by her slender waist. "Don't mind if I do," he said. He jammed her down on his rod with powerful hands, ripping through the barrier inside Kristjana's passage, and causing her to cry out momentarily in pain.

It felt to the former Sister as if she had been cut inside her sex, as if some flesh had been torn. She hissed in pain when the shaft of Caine's cock slid over the wounded area while the head probed deeper into her slot.

But in a remarkably short time, the pain diminished, and was soon forgotten altogether when it was washed away in overwhelming sensations of pleasure, as the naked Kristjana enthusiastically rode her master's thick cock. She threw her head back and cried out, "Praise be to Glawen above, it feels so good, Master!"

"You like it, do you?" Caine grunted. He took her nipples in his fingers, squeezing and pulling them, and that felt good too.

"Yes, yes, Gods, it's fantastic!" Kristjana answered. "I think, I think I'm going to…oh, oh, oh!..." she babbled, as she exploded in a huge orgasm, one that felt a hundred, no, a thousand times more powerful than the one she had on Caine's hand earlier in the day.

They continued to fuck for a long time.  Caine had discovered that the advancing years had not robbed him of the ability to obtain and keep an erection, but that it now took longer than ever to climax. He used his enhanced stamina to assist in the training of his slave girls, teaching them orgasm control while he fucked them. He now began to initiate Kristjana into this art, bringing her to the edge of an eruption, then ordering her to freeze. On the third occasion he did this, the girl was unable to control herself. She disobeyed him, and plunged herself down on him in a frenzy of overpowering desire.

Caine had expected this, and was prepared for it. He had a rack built onto the side of his chair which held various disciplinary devices. He reached down, and drew out a two-foot long metal rod with a double-pointed tip. He now drove the tip of the rod into Kristjana's belly, and pressed a trigger on the handle of the device. Yellow sparks leapt from the girl's abdomen, and she shrieked in shock and pain. At the same time, her pussy clenched delightfully on cock.

"I told you not to come without permission, bitch," Caine said.

"Eeee! Eeee!" Kristjana squealed, twisting from side to side in pain. "I'm sorry, Master. I'm so sorry, I couldn't help myself. It won't happen again, I promise."

"It had better not, cunt," Caine said. "Now start fucking me again. Long strokes, slowly up and slowly down."

Kristjana began again, was using all his arts to stimulate the inexperienced girl, to bring her to the brink again as quickly as possible. He noted that her nipples were particularly responsive, so he devoted considerable effort to manipulating them with his fingers, lips, teeth and tongue. His efforts were quickly rewarded: Kristjana was gasping for relief again only a minute or so after they had resumed.

"Don't come without my permission," he repeated.

"Yes, Master…I mean, no Master I won't, but won't you let me?" She begged, piteously.

"No," he answered. "Just keep fucking me."

Kristjana did her best. She did all she could to obey, but when Caine sucked both of her nipples into his mouth at once, then began to draw them back and forth across his teeth, she could not restrain her body's demands for relief. She detonated in another titanic climax, mumbling nonsense syllables, mindlessly writhing on Caine's cock like a wild beast, spewing her cum on his lap.

Caine reacted by grabbing Kristjana’s hair, and pulling her head down until she was bent over backwards in a semi-circle. While he held her in this painful and vulnerable position, applied the shock rod to her exposed flesh, on the tips of her breasts, her belly and her thighs, paying no attention to the frantic girl's screams and feeble struggles. "You will come when I give you permission, slut, not before," he said.

Kristjana's box gripped Caine with each shock, and it was this which finally caused him to come. By the time he climaxed, Kristjana's head, shoulders and upper body had flopped over backwards on the floor. This did not inconvenience Caine, who held the girl in position with a vise-like grip on her hips, while continuing to drive into the half-conscious slave like a machine. "Fucking bitch!" He grunted as he shot off inside her.

When Caine rose from his seat to free the suffering Marja, Kristjana was only dimly aware that the other girl's torment had ended at last. Before her consciousness fled completely, her last thought was to wonder whether sex with Caine would always be so strenuous. After that, the blackness took her, and she knew nothing more.