Zelda was understandably upset at Alvin’s refusal to join her in a day of shopping, but in the end she simply wrote it off as him lacking the same intensity of interest in the activity that she possessed. It made it that much easier to agree to leave him behind at the house while she went about her daily routine with just Victoria at her side. Alvin was, however, good enough to see her and Victoria to the door. He stood there and watched as the two of them climbed into Zelda’s car and started out down the long driveway.

“Alright,” Alvin heard a voice call out just as soon as he had gotten the door closed in front of him. He turned around to find that scruffy character Marty standing behind him in the distance. “For a moment I didn’t think you’d go through with it,” Marty said to him.

“I’m not sure I should’ve,” Alvin replied, straightening the glasses on his face. “What’s the point of all of this anyway?”

“Just come on,” Marty said, turning his back to him and stepping away.




The two of them eventually found their way out to the back of the house where the Allcock’s pool resided. Although they had been walking at a very slow and gradual pace he still found himself having to take a moment to catch his breath when he saw that they were slowly approaching one of the lounge chairs sitting poolside with a deep blue two-piece bikini set resting in it. The closer that they got to the chair the better he was able to take notice of the overly voluptuous curves of the body that the skimpy outfit was struggling to contain. It was Mrs. Allcock sitting out there alone by the pool when the two of them came casually walking up. Alvin trembled with a tinge of nervousness when he saw her slowly crane her head over in their direction and tip down the shades covering her eyes to take a look at them.

“What are you boys doing here?” she said, reaching over for the drink that she had sitting on the small table beside her.

When Alvin was able to tear his eyes away from the rolling hills and tight curves pushing against the clothing that Mrs. Allcock wore he turned them towards Marty and the devilish grin that he could see spreading across his face.




The car that Zelda drove was moving back up the driveway and came to a stop in front of the front door. She instructed Victoria to wait in the car for her while she ran inside for the purse that she had left behind. She knew exactly where she had left it, and after moving into one of the sitting rooms on the lower level of the home she went straight for the couch cushions that it was stuffed down in between. Zelda reached down and grabbed it up. She was just about to stand upright and turn to leave the room when she caught a glimpse of the pool house across the way outside of the window in front of her.

Or more specifically rather it was the picture of Marty that she had caught a glimpse of in the pool house window that had distracted her. Zelda wasn’t aware that he had even been at the house today and was now growing even more curious as to what he was doing in their pool house alone.

Zelda wandered out poolside to get a closer look. Staring through the window, she could see Marty inside sitting on one of the couches in the front room. And apparently, he was anything but alone.




“Gaaah!” Marty cried out loud as he brought his head up from the back of the couch and looked down at the head slowly bobbing in his lap.

Mrs. Allcock whimpered out a light chuckle around the broad stalk of meat lodged into her mouth. She swiveled her head around and drug her lips up the length of his shaft with a sloppy slurp until she had completely freed him from her mouth. The horny milf rose up from her knees and turned around to lean back against the arm of the couch next to Marty. Alvin, who had been standing at her back the entire time admiring the view of her completely naked lower half had only managed just now to raise his glance up above her waistline. “You let this scumbag drag you into this?” Mrs. Allcock said to him. This time it was her eyes that had dropped down low, seeing as how Alvin, much the same as Marty, had long since lost all of the clothes that he had come in here with. Mrs. Allcock, having still managed to retain the use of her bikini top, was now the most fully dressed out of all three of them. “Guess you’re just a bad influence on everybody,” she said to Marty while still keeping her eyes trained on the raging erection that Alvin carefully handled. “Well, I hope you’re ready for this,” she said, turning her back to him and leaning forward to place her palms down on the arm of the couch. “It certainly looks like you’re ready. So get fucking!” She ordered, still looking back over her shoulder at him.

Alvin couldn’t speak for the rest of his body but the heavily swelled piece throbbing in front of his waist certainly seemed determined. It practically pulled him the few steps across the carpet to where Mrs. Allcock was standing with her back to him. His palms still had a slight tremble to them when he placed them down on the two rounded curves that made up her hips. Staring down with wide-eyed wonder at the valley in front of him, Alvin gradually slid his palms back across her skin until they were pressed down firmly into the soft padding that made up each magnificently shaped half of her backside. Despite his eagerness, Alvin was still forced to pry his glance away from her ass and take one more look ahead at the face that Mrs. Allcock still had turned back around in his direction. Instead of returning the look back to him her snarling grimace remained fixated on the precum drooling crown of the trembling erection hovering just behind her butt cheeks. After that Alvin didn’t waste any more time in pushing his hands forward just hard enough to get the divide in front of him to gape open wide enough to give him a view of the quivering shutter that her two bulky cheeks had been conspiring to hide. He released one of his hands just long enough to grab up his heated shaft and angle the ballooned up end low enough to touch up against her pucker. One easy shove forward with his hips and the slippery solution that coated his engorged shaft took care of the rest.