Chapter One



It was another mid-week loft party and Leila was bored.  Not only was she bored with the party, she was bored with her life. Her low paid job as a gallery assistant wasn’t as glamorous as she had hoped and the men she dated were mostly passive artists and musicians, or just uninspiring.


Leila had no problems finding lovers; she was attractive by anyone’s standards. But when they left her apartment after a night of post wining and dining sex, she was always relieved to see them go, leaving her aching for something deep, passionate and raw.


So who will I fuck tonight?” Leila wondered, scanning the crowd for someone to ease her loneliness. She was horny; the combination of the drugs, champagne and the erotic black and white photography on the walls of the loft apartment were making her body warm, very warm.


The photographs displayed every possible sex act and were characterized by intense male dominance over his submissive female partner. One photograph, hanging in a dark corner, showed a woman firmly fastened with cuffs to a frame while one man invited another to take her from behind.  As Leila stared at it, she felt the crotch of her thong moistening.


A voice close to her ear startled her. “I see you like that one, don’t you?” he said.


 “Yes,” she admitted, somewhat reluctantly. “It makes you...”


“Aroused?” he enquired.


Leila nodded; embarrassed he had noticed her fascination with the erotic images.


“It’s because the men are taking what they want and the woman is receiving what she needs,” he said in a vaguely foreign accent. She looked at the handsome, well-dressed man more closely. He was tall, muscular, with dark hair and eyes and probably in his late 30’s.


Without any warning, he pulled Leila into him, kissing her hard, grabbing her buttocks, and pressing her hips hard against him. She could feel the large bulge of his cock pressing against her stomach. She started to protest his failure to ask first, but his tongue forced its way between her lips and she melted into his body and kiss.


“I can tell you need a strong male hand,” he smiled, pulling away after their long and probing kiss, “someone who can give you what you need.”


He pushed her gently but firmly against the wall and cupped her large breasts in his hands, kneading them, looking directly into her eyes as he did so. Leila felt almost faint with arousal at what this handsome stranger was doing so boldly. Running his hand up her leg, he lifted her skirt, pulled her damp thong down, and plunged two thick fingers inside her wet pussy.


The thought that someone might actually notice what they were doing in the corner of the room made his finger fucking even more arousing for her. She knew she wanted this man.


Leila felt his breath right next to her ear. His voice was low and smooth and she was sure no one could hear him but her


“You need to be taken,” he continued, stroking her wet lips with one hand and squeezing a breast with the other. “You need to be used and disciplined, and trained to please your master with your body. Don’t you?”


There was a hint of danger in his voice and the hairs on the back of her neck rose.  Leila was hungry, afraid, willing, and ashamed but she was ready. Her heart picked up pace again and she felt his body press harder against her when he moved forward. His heat lingered on her skin, almost burning.

Now he had three fingers inside Leila’s dripping pussy. She moaned with pleasure, knowing she needed to feel his thick cock buried deep inside her.


“Yes,” Leila managed to whisper.  She was a bit afraid of his game, but too aroused to break the spell he cast. “I want to feel you inside me now! Please!  We can go to my apartment. It’s not far from here.”


“No, it’s better if we go to my place,” he said, smiling warmly at her, “you have a great deal to learn, my dear.”


Leila didn’t know what he meant, but right then she didn’t really care about the nuances of role playing. She just knew that this powerful, handsome man, who took what he wanted instead of asking, aroused her more than any man she’d ever met did.


Their eyes met once again and Leila saw the unspoken cue to follow him. All she knew was she had to follow. She trailed behind him to the elevator in a daze. The heels of her shoes felt thin and unsteady as she tried to keep up behind him.

When the door closed, and they started the slow descent, he unceremoniously ripped open her blouse, sending the buttons flying across the space.  Then he released the front hook securing her bra.  Her heavy breasts fell out and she began to insist that they wait.


“Let’s wait,” Leila managed to moan.  She was in heat but knew they would be at the ground floor soon.


His look warned her not to interrupt. He unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor before ripped her thong down her legs easily. Leila now stood there, as the elevator creaked along, wearing only her stockings and garter belt. He fondled her breasts almost roughly.


“I like these breasts,” he said. “They’re like udders ready to be milked.”


Just then, the door opened and, to Leila’s extreme embarrassment, two couples stood there staring at her naked body.


The handsome stranger just laughed and winked at the men, “She couldn’t wait until we got home, wanted me to take her right here, she’s a hot bitch. I’m sorry you guys are already taken care of. I could use some help with her!”


The men laughed nervously, still leering at Leila’s naked pussy, while their dates tugged at their arms. Leila blushed as he led her from the elevator and out to the empty street where his limousine was already waiting. An even taller and more powerful looking black man in a chauffeur’s uniform held the door for them, openly evaluating Leila’s near naked body as he did so.


“Excellent choice, Boss.  She’s got a great set of natural tits.”  


Leila was more than a little offended that her date’s employee boldly referred to her breasts in such a crude way, but her friend seemed not to mind at all, reaching around her for one and weighing it in his palm.


“You’re right, James, they’ll attract a great deal of interest.”


He shoved her toward the black chauffeur, who grabbed her other breast and squeezed it hard. Leila tried to pull back from his mauling, but the handsome stranger held her firmly in place.


“Tell him to stop it! Leila said, offended now and starting to struggle against the hands, which grasped her. “Just because I wanted to sleep with you doesn’t mean I want to be handled by your driver!”


“You’ll be handled by anyone I choose,” the man said matter-of-factly, “because we all know you’re a horny bitch, hungry for the right kind of discipline.”


He turned Leila around so she faced him and forcing her thighs apart, he inserted two fingers inside her wet pussy. The black chauffeur had moved in behind her now and grabbed a breast in each hand, massaging and squeezing them roughly.  The sensations made Leila weak with pleasure arousal, despite her anger.


The handsome stranger spoke again, his fingers stroking in and out of her pussy, “We all know you don’t care who it is who fucks your wet cunt, do you?”


Leila didn’t reply, still unsure as to whether she was irritated or turned on by all this, and he repeated the question as James pinched a nipple hard to elicit a response. Leila was forced to

admit that she didn’t really care at that point.


She was hotter than she’d ever been in her life and James seemed to know that her biggest weakness was having her breasts handled and mauled, because he continued doing just that, mashing them against her chest and twisting the nipples between his thumb and forefingers.