Chapter One


Pain was heat. There really wasn't a lot of difference when you came right down to it. Or so Zoe thought. Zoe had never really felt a lot of pain, of course. She'd never had a broken bone, or anything similar. The pain she felt was from cuts, like the ones she was idly making along her arm as she sat slumped in the corner of her darkened room.

Yes, there was a sharp sting, at first, but then nothing but... heat.

And heat was everywhere in Nevada, in Vegas.

Of course, she didn't live in the Vegas the tourists loved to visit. She lived in the Vegas of grungy trailer homes on the edge of town. The tourists never came anywhere near her, and she never went downtown. Why would she? Everything there was way too expensive for a girl without money.

She had started getting her own welfare checks when she turned eighteen, and her mother claimed to have thrown her out on her own. That was a lie, of course. But if she gave her mom half her miserable welfare she got to stay in her own bedroom and be left alone.

It was hot in the trailer home, because the air conditioning wasn't very good, but that was still better than the heat outside during the day, especially in summer. And there was precious little shade in east Las Vegas, and precious little to do for a girl without money.

Unless, of course, she wanted to use other coin. She'd used that other coin on many occasions, but hated it. She didn't like people, especially men. She didn't even like herself. So having some slobbering guy pawing and groping and licking at her like an animal, all hot and sweaty and smelly, was very far from her idea of a good time.

She always made it a condition that they never tried to kiss her on the mouth.  That was just too gross to contemplate.

That night, it was steaming hot out. She was broke and she'd stayed inside all day. Now as darkness lay across the roads, and the cicadas sang in the night, she felt she was going a little stir crazy, so decided to go out for a bit.

She wore almost nothing when she pushed her way through the screen door and out into the dusty yard. It was too hot to bother. She had on a pair of very short, very low-slung denim cutoffs and a midriff baring black tank top without a bra. She was not flat chested, but she was nineteen, so her breasts needed little support.

She wandered down to the parkway which led to the airport, which was still busy with traffic, strolling along and smoking a cigarette, her last, since she was out of money. She had a lot of bad habits, but didn't care. She doubted she'd live long enough for them to be a bother anyway. She was a cynical jaded pessimist.

There was a motel along a side street about eight blocks up. She'd been there before. It wasn't much of a place, but the rates were cheap, and it had a pool which the health department required they keep clean even if almost nobody used it.

It was a U-shaped motel, with cars parked in front of the small square windows and heavy steel doors. Half the inhabitants were long-term guests who worked as janitors or security guards, or parking lot attendants. They were either working at this time of night or in bed. The other half were whores with their tricks. Both had better things to do than go swimming.

The lighting in the U-shaped courtyard was minimal, of course, since management put very little into maintenance. She pushed her way through the overgrown bushes at the entrance, and cut across the darkened drive.

The pool had a chain link fence around it, and the gate was locked, but it was only a chain link fence, and she was young and reasonably athletic. She had little difficulty climbing it and dropping down onto the cracked pavement on the other side.

There were some lights showing in the surrounding windows, but no one inside would be able to see into the darkness here anyway so she slipped off her shorts and peeled off her tank top, leaving them at the side of the pool, then padded to the edge and sat down, letting her lower legs slide into the cool water.

She slid off the edge into the waist deep water, feeling a small rush of pleasure as the cool liquid rose along her overheated body. Then she ducked beneath and launched herself forward, turning and twisting in the water before coming up for air with a low gasp of breath, water streaming down her face.

She couldn't swim, so stayed in the shallow end, where the water never rose above her shoulders. But it was still enjoyable, both cooling off, and the almost sensual feel of the water caressing her naked skin as she pushed herself through it.

She was alert to any sounds of approaching cars of footsteps, of course, but heard nothing. She dove under water again, pushing off the far wall, arching down, then up, then down, then up again. She came up for water with a gasp, then ducked under and kicked her feet to push her along through the water, coming up back where she'd started.

Except there were now male legs in the water, going all the way up to the knees curving around the edge of the pool. She gasped in alarm, eyes widening, and started to jerk back, but a huge hand came out of the darkness and closed around her throat!

She instinctively grabbed it with both hands, and it pulled her up, right up out of the water as if she weighed nothing! Her legs scrambled for purchase, and her knees found it on the concrete on the edge of the pool, but that just left her right in front of him, literally atop him, straddling his long tanned legs as he pulled her further forward until her naked flesh was sliding along his thighs.

“Put your hands down,” he ordered in a low, menacing growl.

She could still breath. The hand around her throat hadn't squeezed tightly, but now it did so, and she surrendered, dropping her arms to her sides, gulping in air as he loosened his grip and looked her up and down.

She wasn't particularly embarrassed. She had been seen naked by a lot of guys, after all, not always willingly, and she knew that she had little to be ashamed of as far as her body and looks went anyway.

“Nice,” he said in approval.

He was naked, as well, though he was harder to see in the darkness.

“What's your name?”

“What does it matter?” she panted.

He snorted in amusement, and his right hand rose to cup and fondle her breast, then roll the nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“It matters because I asked.”

He pinched her nipple sharply, and she winced, feeling the sting, then... the heat.

“Zoe!” she gasped.

He eased his fingers back, returning to stroking her throbbing nipple.

“A lovely name,” he said. “Why are you here, Zoe?”

“Because it's hot,” she said.

He tightened his hand around her throat warningly.

“Don't be a smart-ass,” he growled.

“I-It's hot!” she protested. “My air conditioner isn't working very well.”

“So buy a new one.”

She snorted disdainfully and he tightened his hand again, so that her eyes bulged.

“You will show respect, girl,” he said in a low growl.

“G-Got no money!” she gasped.

He eased his grip. “Money?” he snorted. “You're sitting on your fortune.”

His right hand kneaded her breast then slid down her body, between her legs, and found her clitoris, stroking it almost idly as his index finger traced the line of her sex.

Then the other hand pushed her back, and her slender body slid down his thickly muscled legs until she fell over the edge into the pool again. He let her go, then reached back behind him to a pair of black pants and took out a wallet. He took a bill from it and placed it on the pavement next to his hip, looking at her.

Zoe licked her lips anxiously. He was a large man, very large, and the pool was completely fenced in. If she tried to get out of the pool at some other point and maybe climb out, well, it wasn't likely she'd succeed if he said otherwise. And even if he let her go, what then? Was she supposed to run down the street naked?

She glared at him, then at the bill. She came forward again, trying to see it in the darkness. He held it up obligingly and she frowned. She could see some bearded guy, but she didn't recognize him. She moved close enough that she could see the number on the corner in the light of the moon. It said 50.

She licked her lips as he set it down and then came forward to the edge. The pool was about waist high, so, rolling her eyes warily up at him, she bent over, reaching for his cock. It was soft in her hands, but felt like a heavy mass.

And it began to pulse, to thicken in her hands. She felt a wave of distaste as her fingers massaged it, but when it hardened she felt better somehow. The softness of the flesh stretched across his shaft felt cleaner, smoother.

She took a deep breath, then bent over, squeezing the thick shaft between her hands as she licked at the underside of the head. She opened her mouth and took it inside, then started bobbing up and down, licking as she did.

“Put your hands down at your sides,” he ordered.

Zoe rolled her eyes up at him in annoyance. She'd done this a lot of times, after all. She didn't need any instructions. She was used to holding the cock in place as she bobbed up and down. Still, the man was big and mean looking, from what she could see.

She released it, her hands on his thighs as she bobbed up and down. Then, as she'd feared, his big hand gathered in her wet hair and pushed down. She immediately put her hands around the shaft again to keep herself from being pushed down too far.

“I said to put your hands at your sides, bitch,” he growled.

She hesitated, then reluctantly pulled her hands back. She had much more of him inside her mouth than she usually preferred. After all, it was the head that mattered. But guys always wanted more of it inside her mouth than she wanted to take.

He pushed down on her head and she felt his cock pushing deeper into her mouth, almost making her gag. She tried to pull back, and when that didn't instantly succeed, reached quickly forward and wrapped her hands around his cock again.

He made an impatient sound and then made her cry out as he used his grip on her hair to pull her up out of the pool, up across his lap rather than straddling it.

Crack! His hand slapped sharply against her bare bottom.

“When I tell you to do something, bitch, you do it,” he said.


The hand slapped down a second time, then he grabbed her wrists, jerking them up and back behind her. She heard a tearing sound, then some kind of cloth was being wrapped around her wrists and tied in place.



The hand slapped stingingly down across her bottom again and she gasped in pain.

“Learn to do what you're told, bitch,” he said.

He pulled her back and her lower body slid back into the water, but now her wrists were bound together behind her back! He pulled her mouth down onto his cock, holding the shaft himself as her open mouth enveloped the head and slid down.

“Suck me, bitch,” he ordered.

She did her best, licking energetically along the underside of the head as he used his grip on her hair to pull her up and down again and again.

“That isn't the way a real man wants his cock sucked, baby,” he said.

He pulled down, his hand big, heavy, and irresistible, and Zoe's eyes bulged as the head pushed into her throat! She tried to throw herself backward, but he had her in a tight grip, and all her lower body could do was thrash around in the water as he forced her lips down, down, down to the base of his shaft!

“That's how you do it, baby bitch,” he growled, holding her mouth jammed in place as her head pounded.

Her stomach roiled and her chest burned as her head pounded harder, and Zoe twisted and writhed in place, unable to do anything to pull herself back even as dots danced before her eyes. Not until he drew her back by the hair. His cock came out of her throat and she gasped, gulping in ragged breaths of air as he fondled her breast.

“You gotta learn, you lazy bitch,” he said almost in amusement.

He forced his cock back into her mouth and then shoved her down as she gurgled helplessly, the long, slick shaft pushing deep into her aching throat! Zoe thrashed and twisted again, but to no avail as her lips were pressed firmly around the base of his shaft.

“How do you think you're gonna make anything of yourself if you don't try for self-improvement?” he asked.

He pulled her back and again she gasped for breath, dazed, head pounding and more than a little dizzy.

“You got the equipment, bitch, but you have to learn how to use it,” he said.

He stood up, and his hand in her hair dragged her up out of the water, lifting her as she cried out in pain, until her knees scraped up over the side of the pool and found purchase on the cool pavement.

He stood before her like a shadowy tower of male flesh, his cock like a club, a weapon pointed at her face. She tried to close her mouth but a sharp slap to the face made her gasp, made her cry out, and open her mouth so he could shove himself in again.

He pulled her up the length of his shaft to the base again, then both big hands held her head in place as his hips began to move, pumping his cock in and out, up and down inside her throat.

Zoe twisted and writhed in helpless, dazed discomfort, but he was remorseless, and her body began to go limp from lack of air as he pulled out again to let her breath.

He snorted in amusement, then reached down for her arm, pulling her to her feet. He bent over and heaved her over his shoulder, dropping her belly down across his left shoulder like a sack of potatoes as he turned and padded back to the gate.

She'd thought it locked. It was always locked, but not tonight. He went through it as she was still gasping for breath, still drawing in ragged, desperate gulps of air.

Crack! His hand slapped her bottom sharply.

“I'm gonna teach you a few things, baby bitch,” he said as he walked effortlessly along.

He walked between a pair of cars, carrying her nearly limp body easily, then unlocked a door and stepped inside. He closed it behind him and snapped on the light, but all Zoe could see was his bare back, and his buttocks down below – at least until he heaved her up and forward and she fell heavily onto a big double bed.

“You look even better in the light, bitch,” he said, looking her up and down as her chest heaved.

He reached for her hair again, using it as a handle, dragging her upper body over onto its side and raising her head up and back. He flipped her onto her belly with her shoulders on the edge of the bed and her head forced down and back by the hair, then pushed himself into her mouth once more.

It was a stomach churning and nightmarish, at first, for Zoe. He stood before her and fucked her throat, his long, thick shaft sliding smoothly up and down through her lips, across her tongue, and down her throat.

At first she gagged repeatedly, coughing and choking and fighting to keep her stomach from overturning. But gradually, it got easier, as if her gag reflex was worn down, as if her body and mind grew numbed, to the point she simply lay there, drooling and occasionally gasping as his cock pumped long strokes in and out of her mouth.

He drew back, his cock still hard.

“Good. You're learning,” he said. “Someone who can't learn has no business even existing. Even a dog can learn if you beat it enough.”

He put a knee into bed, then the other, twisting her around by the hair as he moved in to sit with his back against the headboard, dragging her around and forward, then up. He grabbed an arm and slid her up across him so she straddled his long legs and his cock lay pressed against her belly.

It was startlingly large and thick in the light!

Zoe's wrists pulled against the cloth binding them as she gulped in air, ignoring his hands moving over her body, at first. They slid up her sides and pulled her further in, so that he could mouth her breasts. His mouth opened wide, taking in the center of her breast, and she gasped as his teeth closed together in a painful bite.