I broke away and she slowly removed the covers revealing she was completely and fully nude.

Her body was fucking amazing and my dick was already harder than it had been in years. Her skin was so soft and smooth. It was tanned, but tanned just right. Not too dark and not too light. Her tits were so perfect, they looked fake, although they were 100% real.

Her entire body was tight and firm. You could tell she took great care of it. She reached over and began to unbutton my pants, pulling them down to reveal my hard dick pointing right at her.

She grabbed my dick, opened her mouth wide and swallowed it whole. She began to suck on it as I had to fight to keep my composure. She was giving me the best blow job I had ever received in my entire life. It felt so good, I could barely stand as my body was weakening and my knees were buckling. I had to grab her head, just to keep myself from tumbling over.

She had my dick throbbing and aching to fall right into her pussy.

So I dropped down on my back, grabbed her tight ass legs, spun her around with her pussy right in my face. It was so small and pink and there wasn’t a single hair found anywhere on her entire body.

I shoved my tongue into her pussy as we laid there 69’ing each other like two professional porn stars going at it.

Her pussy was wet already and me licking her out made it even wetter. I gripped her so tight as things were heating up even hotter than before. We were passionate and she was sucking as I was licking.