Through The Eyes Of BEAUTY – Extract


“Princess, I want you to meet Beauty.” The shock that was running through every fibre of my body was something that I cannot describe. I stood in front of this girl, this little girl called Princess and her eyes ran up and down the length of me. She wasn’t smiling and she wasn’t extending her hand to shake mine. This was Percy’s one and only daughter. A girl who could not have been more than seventeen or eighteen and yet looked much younger. “Hello Princess, I’m pleased to meet you.” I was lying of course. I would have rather have been anywhere but in this place right now than in front of this girl who just poured her eyes over me in the most contemptuous way possible. “Daddy did you not tell this slut that she is not to speak directly to me, unless told to do so?” And that was the biggest flooring that I had had all day. That was the biggest flooring that I had ever received. This girl not talking to me at all. Just looking at me the way she was but talking to Percy, her father and saying the words that she was saying. Those words surely not right to be coming out of the lips of a girl so young. There was nothing that I felt that I could do or say. I just stood there, perched on top of high heels, towering over this girl who was looking at me as though I had been dragged in off the street by the family cat. “No Princess, no I didn’t cover the basics of your interaction yet. I thought you could do that tonight. I thought that you would be the ideal one to do that.” I’m not sure if I didn’t believe what I was hearing or if what I was hearing was so shocking, so terribly not right that I was just numbed by it all. “Good idea daddy. I think she needs to be prepared before mummy gets home. Mummy wouldn’t like it if she, if she tries to ‘talk’ to her in any way at all.”

I didn’t know what to do or what to say. Obviously, I was to say nothing directly to Princess. It had been made clear that I wasn’t to speak to her or address her in any way, but then she spoke directly to me as I stood in front of her. “You don’t speak to me. You are a slut. Lower than a slut. You need to learn how to behave like one and be like one.” I could feel the blush rising in me. It was coming from deep under my skin and rising to the surface. Surely I shouldn’t have to take this from a slip of a girl who was god knows how much younger than me? That was the worst thing, standing in front of this girl who had to crane her neck to look up at me. If she had been a little bit more forward in where she stood she would have vanished under the swell of my breasts. And there I was having to take this.

Percy didn’t say anything. He didn’t scold Princess for talking to an elder like that. One might have thought he would have done that but he didn’t. He simply stood back and watched. I didn’t know if I was supposed to acknowledge what Princess had said or not. I had already been told that I couldn’t speak to her directly. “What do you say slut? When I tell you something, what do you say?” Princess had taken a step back and she was looking up at me. I didn’t quite know what to say. Did I speak to her, didn’t I, what? And she was one step ahead of me. It was like she had done this type of thing before. Chillingly I felt like she had been in a similar situation to this before. “You say, ‘yes Princess, thank you Princess,’ do you think you can manage that, in that sexually addled brain of yours?”

There it was again, another sucker punch to my psyche. This little girl, and to me she was a little girl, really did think she was above me in every way except stature. I towered over her. I was an Amazonian over her. I should have been able to swipe her away like a little pest of a fly. And yet I couldn’t. I couldn’t do that and at the same time I felt so small, so insignificant in her presence. It was as though she had this way of being that would make any other female smaller than her. “Yes, yes of course Princess, thank you Princess.” And I was nothing if not a quick learner. But having to speak to this girl like this, in this submissive way, in this subdued way, dressed and made up like this - it was almost something that was too much for me to bare. It was almost something that was fucking with my head in a way that it had never been fucked with before. “Why don’t you leave us daddy. Just leave us for a little while. I need to put a female touch on this little get together if you know what I mean?” and Princess was smiling to daddy, I mean Percy, as she spoke. For some reason, I didn’t want to be left alone with her. There was something inside me that was telling me that I really did not want to be left alone with her. I was hoping Percy would say as much. Or that he would come up with an alternative to what Princess had suggested.

“That’s a perfect idea Princess. A perfect idea. You can prep her for when mummy comes home.” So that was my hope dashed and I felt more than deflated as a result. Percy didn’t even look at me again before he left. That kind of hurt me and I don’t know why. I knew there was something in him that was not right and not nice. Liz had told me as much and it was something I knew anyway. But it was like I was really in my place now. And where he might interact with me in the day, and at times, there would be times when he treated me exactly as he and his fucked up little girl thought I should be treated. Princess was bad enough. But I had ‘mummy’ in the back of my mind as well. Why was I thinking that Princess was simply a less advanced, a less established version of her mother? I had that to think about and to worry about. If I was in bits at standing in front of Princess like this, what would I be like when mummy came home to play? I don’t know what it was but things were closing in around me and I couldn’t stop them from doing that. It was like I had lost any semblance of control altogether. It was stupid - I was a grown woman, a mature woman. A woman with life experience and with sexual experience. And yet in this place, the family home of the man who had taken me to this other place in my head I wasn’t any of that. Or I was but I was in my place. I was a mature woman in my place and being treated and spoken to as though I was a lesser person. A lesser woman.