In the gym Justine was trembling with effort, sweat glistening on her skin, her hair hanging over her face in rats’ tails. Her arms were straight out sideways, her hands holding plastic buckets into which Igor and Ivan were loading glass marbles one at a time. She struggled to balance because her legs were strapped tightly together, the bulbous head of the large vibrator clamped firmly between her thighs. Her clitoris was taking a pounding from the vibrator and she was in a state of almost incessant orgasm. Should she lower her arms the twins were waiting to help her with sharp slashes from freshly cut willow wands which stung like fire. There was already a collection of livid stripes under her bare buttocks, in the creases at the tops of her thighs, and she fought bravely to avoid more. At a nod from Igor nurse Yimi touched the remote control and stepped up the power of the vibrator even further, as simultaneously more marbles were loaded into the buckets. There ensued a loud moaning from Justine’s throat which rose to a scream as the willow wands struck and her orgasm finally peaked at the same time. She fell to the floor, writhing and sobbing, still unable to rid herself of the infernal buzzing against her clitoris. She arched her back as marbles rolled away in all directions, then slumped into a motionless heap as Yimi touched the ‘off’ button. “Good!” Said the Russian twins together, and strolled away to their supper. Yimi grinned after them, then began unstrapping Justine’s legs and massaging life back into them. Justine groaned, but smiled weakly.

“Those two certainly know how to work a girl,” she said, in her unmistakably Regal accent. “I wish I’d known about them years ago, could have cut to the chase and spared the parents a lot of grief.” She laughed to herself, and her laugh couldn't completely hide her bitter irony. Justine was a member of a very important European family indeed. All her life she had been photographed and written about, but as she grew into puberty it had become almost impossible to keep her wanton predilections a secret. Somehow the family had found out about the Cane Academy and its successes and sent their wayward daughter to M. Canne for treatment. The girl had suffered from insatiable drives. No male member of staff was safe, and eventually the story was bound to come out and make a mockery of a great ruling house. As she became an adult the girl had turned to drugs and prostitution in ever more wild attempts to achieve peace from a tortured body and mind. When she arrived at the Academy she was thin and undernourished, careless of her habits and appearance, depressed and feeling worthless. M. Canne had devised a care plan which involved a lot of physical exercise and sexual stimulation, but which required hard work and effort to earn the orgasms all the girls he treated craved. Now Justine was undergoing a strength building program, forcing her to work hard under trying circumstances. Several evenings a week she could be found in the gym sweating it out, tits bouncing and legs kicking high, until she could take no more. The motivation for all this effort was twofold. Carrot and Stick. Lack of maximum effort brought sharp pain, acceptable effort brought artificial stimulus, but to earn her deepest desire, a real, live, throbbing cock inside her, she had to break all expectations. The Russian twins worked with her naked and erect. She could see her goals, she was sometimes even allowed to touch them, but so far she had not earned them. By all accounts they were worth earning, her friends in the dormitory had told her that much. Yimi had described her own initiation from the two huge pair of Russian special forces veterans, and Justine had drooled at the prospect.

At about the time Yimi was showering and caressing Justine, Teri was squirming on the end of her rope, the heavy leather belts smacking home all over her body. She was covered in deep red welts across her breasts and buttocks, down the length of her thighs and across her shoulders. Her legs flew wildly, displaying flashes of deep internal pink. Panting, and wanting her, the two men stood back to admire their handiwork. Teri hung, heaving in huge sobs of air, waiting for what might come next. They lowered her, and Joe dragged the coffee table closer again.

“On there, face down!”

Moving stiffly and breathing heavily, Teri lay longwise on the low table and took the opportunity to rest and gather her strength for the next ordeal. She had lost count of the ruined orgasms she had been through, and the snake coiled in her belly was growing ever more demanding. Soon it would burst out and send her heavenwards, but not yet, not yet. She suppressed a painful smile when she recognized the canes in Bert’s fist.

Sharp, blazing agony to follow the belting. She gritted her teeth. Not against the pain, but against the desperate urge to release the snake and cry her ecstasy to the heavens. She must make it last, make the ultimate release wait until no further control was possible.

“Grab these!” One of the men said. They had knelt either side of her, their erections close to her hands. She grasped both, gripping tight, wanting them inside her, but not yet. Not just yet!

They took it in turns, ignoring her gasps and cries, whipping their canes down hard until the thin stripes met and crossed in network of fire and Teri’s tears flowed freely. Her mind and body were a confused mess of extreme sensations, all demanding release.

But the men weren't finished with her yet!

“Open your legs!” Joe demanded, and Teri squeaked as two sets of fingers began to masturbate her. She kept a tight grip on the cocks she was holding, feeling them throbbing and twitching in her hands. Once more her inner snake was writhing, her climax was building, but surely this couldn’t be it? Not yet, surely?

She was almost, almost at tipping point when the two men stood up and left her bereft yet again.

“Turn over!” Joe commanded. Teri rolled over and opened her legs expectantly. 

Bert produced a large pot of grease. “On your feet, girlie,” he growled. “It’s fucking time!” He handed her the grease and laid himself on the table. He indicated his erection. “Grease it thoroughly, girl, it's going up your arse!”