Excerpt from “Nightmare in Rust”


It was all over in less than a minute.

Vicky was walking back from an evening at the cinema with Trish and Zara through Chelmhurst’s West Street car park to Zara’s car, when two men rose up out of the shadows in front of them.  Their faces were concealed by black balaclavas and in their hands were guns. 

One man grabbed hold of Vicky, closing a big gloved hand over her mouth, while the other snarled at Trish and Zara, jabbing his gun menacingly.  ‘If you don’t want her hurt, take your phones out… do it, bitches… now throw them… now run!’

And they ran.

Vicky was kicking and struggling frantically with the man who held her.  His companion gave her a punch in the stomach that briefly drove the wind out of her.  Between them, the men dragged her stumbling into the corner of the car park and pulled her through a gap in its boundary hedge into a narrow back of shops cul-de-sac lane where a transit van was parked on the curb. The side door of the van slid open, she was bundled inside onto an old mattress, and the door was slammed shut again.

‘We’ve got her… go, go, go!’ one of the men shouted, banging on the partition separating the rear of the van from the cab.

The engine growled into life and the van drove off.

* * *

Inside the back of the van, a terrified, bucking, twisting Vicky was pressed face down into the sagging, musty mattress by the weight of the two men. 

A cloth hood was pulled over her head.  A rubber ball was pushed into the fabric of the hood over her mouth, forcing a fold of it inwards and stifling her screams.  There came the rip of repair tape being pulled off its roll, and a strip of it was bound about her head over her mouth, holding the ball in place.  Her arms were pulled round behind her back and her wrists were crossed and taped together.  More bands of tape went about her knees and ankles.

As the men bound her, rolling about on the mattress with the swaying of the van, their bodies pressed hard against hers and she could feel their erections growing.  Then the weight on her back eased as they moved off the mattress and she could moan and squirm and twist about freely.  But her struggles were now completely futile.  She was bound and helpless and being carried away to who knew where.

‘Where’s her bag… get her phone!’ she heard one man say urgently.

‘Got it...  taking the battery out… there, they can’t trace it now…’ the other assured him.

‘Fuck, we did it!’ the first said, as though amazed at their success.

‘Yeah, piece of piss,’ the other replied, trying to sound laid-back.

Vicky squirmed around and kicked out blindly with her bound feet, striking a shin purely by chance.

Oww!’ the man she had hit exclaimed.  ‘Want to play rough, do you, bitch?’

He took hold of Vicky and pulled her over his knees.  He lifted her skirt and tore down her panties and tights as far as her bound knees.  Then he slapped her bare bottom hard half a dozen times, making her flesh ripple, until it stung and burned.  She bit on the ball stuffed in her mouth while her tears soaked into the fabric of her hood.  As she sobbed and yelped, she felt his erection growing under her groin.  He laughed.

‘Let me have a go,’ his companion said.

She was passed over to the other man who enthusiastically added his hand prints to the ones already burning on her buttocks.  Temporarily shocked into submission, Vicky lay still, not want to bring any more pain down upon her.  The man pinched and fondled her burning bottom cheeks and then slid his hand between them, fingering her pussy.  She tensed in fresh horror.  No, no…

‘What’s her cunt feel like?’ the other man asked.

‘Hot… soft… a little bit slippery… I think she’s getting turned on!’

‘Let me feel…’  Another hand explored the intimate folds and recesses of her groin, making her shudder.  ‘Nice.’

‘I want to screw her right now!’ the first one said suddenly in a strained voice

‘Me too… but it wasn’t in the plan…’

‘I don’t care, I want to fuck her!  Is she virgin?’

Stiff fingers explored the mouth of her vagina, making Vicky flinch.  ‘No.’

‘Then it doesn’t matter, as long as we don’t damage her.  Remember, she’s worth a lot of money…’

Vicky was pushed down onto her knees with her bottom up and her face pressed down into the mattress.  The man straddled her bound legs and opened his flies.  Then a hard cock sprang out, rubbing against the inward curving slopes of her thighs and the pouting flesh purse of her vulva.  He took hold of her hips and thrust and she gasped as he entered her.

For a minute, he frantically pumped away inside her, grinding her face to and fro across the mattress. And then she felt the hot blossom of sperm in her as he groaned with satisfaction.

He hardly had time to enjoy his pleasure, before he was pulled aside and his friend took his place behind Vicky’s up-thrust bottom, wiping her clean with a paper tissue.  Then his cock was rammed up into her and pumped away with vicious desire, bruising her pussy even as her face and breasts were again rubbed into the mattress.

Unable to see or speak or resist, Vicky’s whole attention was focused on the strange man’s penis thrusting frantically into her like a road drill, even as she was still struggling to accept what had happened to her.  She could not believe it! Yet his cock was real and undeniable; huge and irresistible.  It was filling the space in her pussy and in her mind: overwhelming her, dominating her…

The shaft spouted inside her and she squeezed hard upon it.  And then an inexplicable, humiliating thrill coursed through Vicky as she was caught up in a shockingly intense climax.  And for a few seconds nothing else in the world mattered.