Dante guided her to the couch, laid her back and began licking her clit to a loud orgasm, looming over her and ramming his cock inside her before her own orgasm had subsided. His cock moving into her while still in orgasm made it that much hotter, and she felt another building quickly, wondering if she was starting a stream of continuous orgasms, something that had only occurred with her a couple of times. She hoped so, and as if on signal, she felt another orgasm rack her body, closing her eyes floating away with the sensations.

“My slut like this cock?”

“Your slut loves this cock.”

“My pussy?”

“Your pussy, take it.”

“Oh I’m taking it baby, fucking it, filling it.”

“Yes, fill it. Give me that cum,” Simone moaned as another orgasm built on the previous one.

“You like being a slut don’t you?”

“I love being your slut,” Simone said.

“I want you to be more slutty, will you do that for me?”

“Yes,” Simone said.

“Open your eyes,” Dante said, and Simone did, the light of the room blotted out by a huge black cock hanging down in her face. “Suck it,” he said.

In her drunken haze and her rolling orgasms Simone was in a fog, not realizing if she was sucking a black cock it was impossible for another cock to be fucking her pussy. The realization came to her as she struggled to get her mouth around the cock at her lips. She started to protest and pull away, her eyes wide, but she felt a heavy hand at the back of her neck, pulling her forward on the cock. She was choking for a second before with his hand full of her hair he pulled her head off his cock to allow her to breath.

Dant…” she started to plead but again her head was pulled down on the cock, again at the back of her throat, with the sensation of Dante fucking her faster taking over her consciousness. It was as if she was floating between consciousness and sleep, unable to resist and letting her body hover in the air, even as she did another orgasm emanated from her pussy, and her head was pulled off the big cock in her mouth, gasping for breath the reality came quickly.

Dante had pulled out and moved beside her on the couch, and she looked up and shivered at the huge massive man looming over her. What was happening? She started to scream, but looked to Dante.

“Here, here baby, just relax, my main man came in and couldn’t resist wanting some of that fine pussy, and I like to share with my brother, and you’ll do this for me won’t you? You’ll be slutty for me?”

It was coming too fast for Simone. She was sobering fast but not fast enough, especially considering that the massive man had moved between her legs and was spreading her apart, his hands under each knee, moving forward on his knees with his big cock moving closer and closer to her open pussy, still dripping with Dante’s cum. She was unable to speak, and Dante went on.

“You’re being a good slut for me now baby, you’re gonna love this, just let it flow.” Dante kissed her, groping one breast as he did, his body over one arm preventing her from moving it to resist the large man.

“No,” Simone’s mind was screaming, but she was unable to utter the word. She felt Dante’s friend cock at her pussy. She had no idea a cock could be that large, and she yelped as he tried to enter her.

“You’ll rip me apart,” she final screamed.

“No, no, it will be alright, let it flow,” Dante repeated. “You are gonna love this. You said you would probably take more black dick, I’m just helping it along.” She felt the cock move further, hurting, not believing that she was not tearing as he pushed harder. “OK?” Dante asked.

Simone gave a half-nod, “Please go easy,” she said.

“There now missy, relax,” she heard a deep booming voice say. “Woman’s pussy can expand to expel a kid, taking this dick ain’t such a difficult thing, just have to relax and let your body adjust to me stretching this tight white pussy.”

Simone realized that there was no stopping what was about to happen. She could say no, but it wouldn’t change anything. She knew there was no way the man with his cock an inch inside her pussy was pulling out now. She grunted as she felt more of his cock go into her, and as he did, the pain eased. He put more cock into her and the pain went away, replaced by an orgasm building on the ones Dante had started. She started moaning and writhing under the big man, looking at him for the first time. He was smiling down at her, at least 6’ 8”, and broad, and thick. “Shaqille” she thought, thinking he resembled the basketball player.

“Look down, watch my dick take that pussy,” the big man said and she did, not believing that her pussy could take a cock that big, not believing that it felt this incredible as well. The sight of that large black tube of flesh disappearing into her body, filling her so full she could not imagine how her insides were adjusting to the man.

A massive orgasm shook her, one so strong that she blacked out for a moment, awaking to find Dante’s cock in her mouth while the big man was pounding her so hard that it caused the couch to scoot at right angles to where it had formerly stood. She was aware of someone moaning in pleasure before she realized it was herself, and she again looked up at the man fucking her, beads of sweat glistening on his coal black skin, her body adjusted to his cock now and the pace picked up, knowing that soon he would be cumming.

The thought of condom had never entered her mind, if they even made them that big, she thought. She hoped he was clean, maybe she could ask him to pull out, but even as she thought it she felt warmth spreading through her belly, a warmth like she had never felt before, and as rough had he had been he gently rose off her and withdrew his cock, smiling down at her open pussy.

“Now by God that’s a load of cum in that white girl,” the man said, as Simone hesitantly lowered her hand to her pussy, touching it, feeling the gaping opening of her pussy.

“Don’t worry girl, it’ll close up for the most part. Pussies are amazing things how they can stretch and snap back.”

“Shit, I’ve fucked some of the women you’ve fucked,” Dante said. “It may snap back but it ain’t never the same.”

Simone shuddered, suddenly feeling like a piece of meat with the two men talking like that, as if she wasn’t there. The large man went into the bathroom and re-emerged wearing silk boxers. Dante remained nude.

“Simone, although you’ve already been introduced, let me introduce you to my partner, Solomon King.”

Solomon extended his hand and took hers. “Charmed,” he said.




Simone did not speak; she was shaking as if freezing. She felt tears welling as she looked at Dante. “What have you done? Why?”

Dante said in a quiet voice, “Baby just letting you enjoy some more black dick, big black dick. I saw you cumming, you can’t say you didn’t like it.”

“I didn’t say…”

“You didn’t say he couldn’t.” Dante interrupted. “You had plenty of chance to object. Thing is girl, you were so were so drunk and into it that you liked it. I was here. I saw. You wanted to be slutty. That was damn slutty, especially the way you kept cumming on that big cock.”

“I think I might need to leave,” Simone said. “Where are my clothes?” She looked at the chair where she had laid her clothes, they were not there.

“After a while,” Dante said. “I appreciate you doing what you’ve done fucking my homey here. You said it was my pussy—ain’t mine if I can’t share it.”

“Yes, I said that, but I thought I meant…”

Dante interrupted with a laugh. “What, that I love you, that you mean something to me other than a good fuck? Get real girl. You like this black dick, I like that white pussy. You get off giving up that white pussy to a black man. You can’t lie to me. I just gave you to expand your horizons, so to speak. You can’t say you didn’t like it. If I had asked you would have resisted—now you’ve had a great fuck and another brother had enjoyed that nice white cunt.”

“Asshole,” she spat. “You know what just happened.”

“Yeah, you do too. You were cheating on your husband with a black lover, in the middle of a fuck, and another black man came in and you jumped right in and you just opened them legs wider, welcomed a new dick inside you and you liked it. You started cumming like a rocket. Shit girl, that pussy is still dripping cum from all this.” Simone looked down, he was right.

“You’re shocked that you did it without putting up a protest. You are shocked that you took a black cock that big. You are surprised how much you enjoyed it, at least you will when you think about it. And you’ll want more of it.”

“Like you know how I think and what I like,” she said.

“When it comes to white pussy, I’ve been here before.”

Simone felt used, and she was distraught because Dante had indeed spelled it out—it wasn’t romance or love, it was a cheating wife fucking another man. She looked at Solomon.

“You’re not saying much.”

“I’m waiting before you all get through,” Solomon said. “I’ll have plenty to say and do in a few minutes.”

“I’m through talking to Dante. Talk to me now.”

“That may not be the conversation I want to have just yet,” he said. “Why don’t you come over here and suck my dick. I think I can get it up for another round.”

“No.” Simone said.

“I don’t like women saying ‘no’,” Solomon said, a determination and sternness in his voice that shook her. He was imposing in size and in voice.


“Dammit girl I told you to come over her and suck my dick,” Solomon said.

Simone glanced up at Dante as if she expected him to come to her support. “Best you do what the man said,” Dante said. “Free advice.”

“Fuck you.” Simone said.

“That’s basically the point,” Dante said. “I agree.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Did you come on this big black dick?” Solomon asked.


“Your pussy tear or get a good stretching?”


“Every had a bigger cock?”


“Ever had a better fuck? Be honest girl.”

“No.” Solomon pointed down to his cock. “Get that cunt over her, suck my cock a little and I’ll give you another good fucking, and don’t disobey me again, understand?” Solomon looked over at Dante. “Girl is a sub; she just hasn’t discovered that about herself. I can see it.”

Simone hesitated but on her knees moved to Solomon’s cock and took it in her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Solomon said.

“Push through this girl’s resistance and it makes her hotter. She gets off on going beyond what she would normally now, ain’t that right? Hell, her pussy gets wet at the more thought of being nasty.” Simone looked up at Solomon, his cock still in her mouth, locking eyes with him and nodded.

“You want more of this big black dick don’t you? Your pussy feels empty right now and you want it filled?”

Again Simone nodded. Everything he had said about her was true. She couldn’t believe how accurate he was. Her pussy was soaked from his dominance. She didn’t know what was coming over her. “Say it, ask me to fuck you.”

“Please fuck me again with that big black cock. I want it. I need it.” Solomon smiled, stood and took her hands to help her up. “Let’s try a bed this time,” and he led her into the bedroom.