Chapter One


“And… action!” Boss said as he grinned into the camera lens positioned to the right of him, mounted on the wall on the far right corner of the room. “First training session with slave number “11,” formally known as Caroline.


Caroline was slipping in and out of consciousness. Her body slouched, legs apart, in the center of the room. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed and held apart with chains attached to the ceiling and floor.


Slowly she opened her eyes and with a start, realized that she wasn’t at home and in her own bed. As she became more aware of her surroundings, she realized she was on a raised platform in a large steel plated room.


The platform was thickly padded and covered with leather. Near her head was an upright post with eyehooks jutting from it about every six inches. The top hook was attached a thin chain that snaked toward her neck.


She traced the chain with her eyes until she reached the small padlock that connected it to the collar around her neck. Her favorite dress bunched around her waist, the top ripped open to display her breasts, the bottom section pulled up and tied around her waist with a thick rope.


With a scream, she tried to break free when she heard a man’s voice say, “Excellent, our new filly is ready to be broken in.”


In the next room, behind two-way mirrors a man sat at a computer in the control room. Two other men watched her, their eyes alternating from the view through the two-way mirrors, to the monitors fed by the cameras. The cameras were placed strategically to record the twenty-year-old woman’s movements with humiliating intimacy.


Caroline had no memory of arriving at Club 738. The last thing she remembered was sitting on the couch at Boss’s apartment, drinking champagne after meeting him in a bar. Her body ached, as she gradually regained consciousness.


Even with her eyes still closed, she could hear a strange grunting sound close by but she couldn’t identify what it was. With a cry, she tried to sit up and she heard the man’s voice again, “Slut, my cock is hard and I need some relief.”


The grunting sound she hadn’t been able to identify was coming from another woman. Caroline gasped in shock when she saw the situation a young Asian girl was in. She was crouched on her hands and knees. Her tiny ankles were bound to her thin thighs by a wide strap. Her knees were attached to each end of a bar keeping them spread wide and her hands were attached to each end of an identical bar. 


The girl’s breasts stretched away from her slim body by clamps attached by cords to a metal beam lying on the floor under her. She was blindfolded and a thin leather strap held a cock gag in her mouth. Saliva dripped down her face and chin.


Caroline could see the tears coming running under the girl’s blindfold, wetting her cheeks. What she couldn’t see was the eight-inch vibrating mechanical dildo that was constantly fucking her. into and withdrawn from her pussy by a motor inside the post. This was the reason for the continual grunting coming from deep in her throat.


With tears in her own eyes, she turned to the handsome man sitting in a leather executive chair next to the platform. Dressed in a black silk robe, his hair was dark, his features chiseled and his were thick and full red. She thought he was maybe in his mid-to late thirties but she couldn’t be sure.


Kneeling next to his chair was a stunning blonde, nude except for a collar around her neck and a leash tied to a hook on the man’s chair. She had her knees spread wide displaying her shaved pussy and her arms behind her back thrusting her large breasts out, presenting herself.


As the young Asian girl grunted to another orgasm, Caroline cried with hatred, “Why are you doing this to me? Where am I?”


Picking up a remote control from the arm of the chair, the man stopped the dildo’s in and out motion, leaving it buried to the base in the attractive Asian’s pussy. It still vibrated but at a lower speed than before.


“Caroline, don’t you recognize me?” Boss asked in mock horror.


He did look and sound familiar, but she was having trouble placing him.


“Now my feelings are hurt. You don’t even recognize the man you went home with last night. The man you wanted to fuck. What kind of a slut are you, Caroline?” He paused as recognition began to crawl across her face.


“Ah!  Now I see you recognize me.”


“Let me go. You won’t get away with this! People will look for me and track me down! When they do, you’ll go to prison.” She paused, “If you let me go. I won’t tell anyone. I promise!”


With a sadistic laugh he said, “I’ve already got away with it! You’ve been missing for three days but, they won’t track me down. You’re already inside Club 738. There’s no escape.”


Caroline’s heart sank when she heard what he said. “What are you going to do to me?”


“Well, just like the little slut over there, I’m going to personally train you as a Club 738 slave.  She’s progressing well. Soon she’ll be just like Bella here.” He reached down to tweak and pinch the brunette’s erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Bella thrust her chest forward and moans came from both her and the Asian girl.


“Yes, I have very special plans for you. How did you like the orgasm I gave you last night? I bet you’ve never felt anything like that before.”


Caroline didn’t respond, she just tried to avert her eyes from him, embarrassed.


“You see, to train successfully train a Club 738 slave, I condition her to enjoy, even crave, the things I do to her. I train her mind, her thinking, her behavior,” he said and a whimper came from the Asian girl.


“You’re crazy. You can’t do this!”


“You don’t believe me? You don’t think that I can control your body? Even after our session at my apartment. I guess you need another demonstration.  Stand up straight!”


Caroline had no recollection of what had happened at his apartment but she was determined to resist him.  


“Now, my slut...” he said, moving close to where she hung restrained, bringing a leather whip with him. “Perhaps you could scream for me?”

Caroline glared at him and tried to look away. Boss’s hand reached out, grasping his palm around Caroline’s long golden mane.
“Call me “Boss” he commanded her.
Caroline tried to spit in his face, but her mouth was too dry. Boss grinned and let go of her hair.  He raised the short whip up high and brought it down over her exposed breasts with a resounding “whap.” The ripped dress offered her breasts no protection and her body jerked with the pain, but she bit her tongue and didn’t cry out.
She looked down and saw the red welts forming over her chest. He brought the whip down again... and again, watching as her beautiful body thrashed against the chains that bound her. Still she didn’t cry out.
“She’s stubborn for a natural born slut,” he said before looking into one of the camera lenses in the corner. 
“Yes,” he muttered, as he opened his robe displaying his huge, fully extended cock, his eyes never leaving her body. 
“Slut, it will go easier on you if you submit. I’ll tell you now, you’ll never see your old life again. After I’ve broken you, you’ll be branded and trained as a slave here at Club 738.” He trailed off and began to whip her again, great stinging blows all over her body.
Boss attacked between her spread legs with such ferocity, Caroline finally opened her mouth and howled with the pain. Still he didn’t stop. He continued to whip her jerking breasts and her tones belly, watching as the tears began to flow down her lovely face.  
He whipped her until finally, the pain and exhaustion were too much, and she slipped into the comforting darkness.