Courtney shivered as Boss’s hand moved around her waist, up across her toned belly then squeezed her breast. When she felt his fingers twisting her tender nipples, tingly feelings exploded through her body.


At first she felt embarrassed letting a strange man touch her in such intimate way as they sat perched at the bar, drinking cocktails. She wanted to tell him to stop but he unbuttoned her blouse.


Lowering his head, she felt his soft mouth sucking on her exposed nipple as his tongue circled, and wasn’t so sure anymore. As she sat on the barstool, her breasts tingled and her nipples hardened. The sensations deep in her pussy caused her to squirm and press her thighs together.


Boss felt her tremble and squirm and knew she was beginning to feel aroused by what he was doing to her breasts. Turning his head, he gave an almost imperceptible wink to the bouncer. Placing his hand gently on her knee, he slid it slowly up her thigh until he was rubbing her mound through her tiny panties.


His caresses increased the sensuous feelings surging through her pussy and she couldn’t resist the need to relax her legs, giving him more access to her crotch.


Feeling her resistance to his hand relax, Boss knew his target was getting turned on. Sliding his fingers between her thighs, he pressed the silky fabric of her panties between her pussy lips. He rubbed it over her clit until he felt her responding to his stimulation by forcing her pussy harder onto his hand.


Pinching her nipple, Boss shoved two fingers inside her with no preliminaries. As he stared into her eyes, a cruel smile played on his lips.


“You know you’re in trouble now, don’t you?” He said as his thumb strummed heavily on her swollen clit. “You like this. You want more, don’t you Courtney?”


Courtney lowered her head submissively but Boss reached out, grabbing her by the chin with his thumb and forefinger. Tilting her head so she looked back into his eyes he said, “You’re so soft. I want to hurt that softness and exploit your weakness.”


Clenching his fist, Boss thrust upward, driving her into the back of the bar stool as she felt the heat from his body closing in on her. His scent was heavy, masculine, and intoxicating.




His breath was right next to her ear. His voice was low and smooth and no one could hear him but her. The hairs on the back of her neck rose. She felt his body lightly brush against hers when he moved forward and the heat lingered on her skin, almost burning.


“Follow me.”


Courtney was aroused, afraid, willing, and a bit ashamed but ready. She turned around, and saw him moving away from the bar and into the corridor and followed him, as if in a trance.


“The car’s outside.”


Boss’s car and driver were already waiting at the main entrance. With a motion of his hand, he guided her to the backseat and a couple of seconds later was at her side. She felt his hand under her cheek again, lifting it so she had no choice but to stare straight into his eyes.


His kiss was long and passionate, but not brutal. It was only the beginning and Boss wanted dominance now, pain later. He ended the kiss and smiled at her. “I have a surprise for you,” he said before a long pause. “Say goodbye to your innocence, beautiful.”


The air in the car felt warm, the cocktails, the heat from his body and the hum of the tires against the roadway made her feel drowsy. She settled back in the seat and half dozed as his hand gently massaged her shoulder and stroked her breast.


Suddenly, something flashed past her eyes and she felt something tighten around her throat. Boss reached over and roughly tore her blouse open. When Courtney realized what he was trying to do, she didn’t know whether to relax and enjoy it or fight back.


The sensation around her throat tightened, making it harder to breathe. Boss then reached across her body and roughly squeezed her heavy breast and pinched her nipple. He then did the same to her left.


“Your creamy white titties are making my driver’s big black cock hard, Courtney. Does that make your pussy wet?” he grinned as began pulling and squeezing her breasts.


First, he pulled them up as hard as he could and then mashed them together until he could rub her nipples against each other.


“They’re making it hard to drive.”


Pinching her nipples hard, he noticed a tiny teardrop run down her cheeks and drop onto her exposed breasts.


“I think a sexy bitch like you likes making black cocks hard, Courtney?