The cage was large enough for Kristi to stand up without hitting her head against the intricately cast bars forming the top of the cage. Her head ached and she awoke slowly, due to the drugs still in her system.


Black Stud had injected her with a strong dose designed to make her unconscious long enough to take her from the club and load her into the limo. The last thing Kristi remembered was being at her friend’s birthday party at a club then feeling dizzy after slow dancing with a sexy, muscular black man. She had seen him watching her for a while.


The handsome black man had walked up behind her as she stood at the bar waiting for her drinks. He had leaned into her as he massaged his thick, hard cock against her buttocks in time to the music as she stood there.


Turning around, she’d looked into his eyes and seen something; something dark, dangerous, and heavy with promise, and secrets. Black Stud had stared into her eyes as he slid his hand up and down her ass cheeks.


He was dressed in a navy suit; the shirt had maroon pinstripes, French cuffs with ruby cufflinks. Kristi knew they were real too. He looked like he had just posed for a magazine cover and that he knew he owned the world.


Kristi had felt it. It had started at the base of her spine, the real base, deep inside. It was a tightening at first. She moaned and bent over slightly as the feeling spread through the whole of her pussy and spread out into her clit.


She could feel her muscles contract, forcing blood and wetness into her pussy. Quickly, her juices spread up the whole length of her pussy, from the entrance to her clit. Her whole body was straining and she was starting to pant as she felt the fires building inside her pulsating, hot, wet pussy.


“You like it when men take what they want and give you what you need,” Black Stud said, speaking for the first time. “Have you ever experienced the forbidden thrill of a black man?”


Kristi looked at the handsome, well-dressed black man more closely. Without any warning, he pulled her around and into his body. Kissing her passionately, he grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her hips hard against him.


She could feel the huge bulge of his cock pressing into her belly. She started to object but his tongue forced its way between her lips and she melted into his body and kiss. Slow. They moved slowly, as if they were moving through thick fog.


His eyes were black, huge and shining, his lips, so soft. They kissed and she felt as if she was on drugs. The only thing was their mouths, their lips, and their tongues. Everything else was fluid and before she knew what was happening Black Stud had broken away first, grabbed her hand and was guiding her through the crowd towards the dance floor.


As they moved slowly and rhythmically to the music, she thought she’d felt a sharp pinch on her thigh as Black Stud massaged his huge bulge against her inner thigh, but she soon forgot about it, losing herself in arousal.


It was only a short drive to Club 738 and once inside the heavily guarded and CCTV monitored building, she was taken to the basement, and transferred into one of the cages in a large, dimly lit room.


From the viewing room, Black Stud watched her. Kristi was a beautiful young woman, just turned nineteen. She had pale white skin, with a few freckles dotted on her nose. Her long blonde hair reached down past her waist, and matched the neatly trimmed pubic hair between her legs.


Her breasts were impressive for such a young woman and she was regularly asked if they were real. Her waist was slim, but her hips were wide, giving her the appearance of a woman more mature than she was. This was one of several reasons she was chosen as a white fertility slave at Club 738.