The Office Bitch:
Dominated By The Tranny Executive

J.S. Lee

Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction.

All characters are 18 or older.

He wrapped his lips tightly around her cock and pumped and bobbed his head up and down as he listened to her sighs grow louder and louder as he sucked her in deeply.  She was a beautiful woman, he kept telling himself, a gorgeous woman with luscious tits and her ass bounced like a girl's when she walked by, it made complete sense that he would be throbbing in his pants as he continued to taste her.  Once his lips were at the bottom of her shaft, he could feel the head of Victoria's cock at the opening of his throat and he moaned on her flesh.  It didn't matter how he tried to console himself, there was no excuse for how excited he had become with his mouth stuffed full of her pink penis.


“Yes, Harrison,” her hands played in his hair, she rocked her hips back and forth as she pushed deeper inside him, “why don't you unzip your pants and touch yourself like you do at home?” was it only a suggestion or was it a command?  How did she know what he did as he stared at her in his dark living room?  “I know you've cum before while you think about my big dick down your throat,” she was panting as she spoke and Harrison convinced himself that he must do as she asked, he had come this far.  He unzipped and never took his mouth off her satiny flesh while he pulled his smaller cock out of his underwear.


He stroked himself to the same rhythm that he sucked her, up on his erection when his mouth slid up to the tip of her and back down when his lips were snug around her base.  With the other hand, he grasped her testicles and felt that they had drawn up tightly and he listened to her cry as he kneaded them back and forth.